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    I had my bloodwork done here are the results, please let me know what they mean, I'm getting into this Hypercoagualtione thing.

    PT 10.0 normal 8.8-12.8
    APTT 29 24 - 40
    INR. .9 2.0 - 3.5

    Homocysteine 5.9 4.6 - 12.4

    Does this tell you anything about hypercoagulation and the way my blood is clotting. My INR is low what does that mean, I'm taking 2 baby aspirin a day for preventive measures.


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    I think you're smart to start thinking about hypercoagulation. Unfortunately, the tests you've had done aren't sensitive enough to pick up all the pertinent problems. The INR is used to monitor people on anticoagulant therapy with warfarin. I'm surprised your level is so low, but really don't know what to make of it. This is just another reason you need to work closely with a physician who is in a position to really get to know you and try to figure out what clinical significance any laboratory abnormalities may have (meaning what difference does it really make to your health).

    I've had quite a bit of luck helping people with CFS and/or FMS to improve by focusing on the possibility of coagulation problems. It takes only an understanding of basic science (including an appreciation of the intricacy of the coagulation cascade, but not necessarily a comprehension of all the details, thank goodness) and a willingness to think outside the box. HEMEX Labs has an informative web site, and Dave Berg, the director of the lab, was wonderful about answering all my questions; I know he'd be just as helpful to your doctor. Another way to look at this problem is as a non-overt form of DIC (fortunately it’s not severe enough to cause bleeding problems, but maybe that’s why it’s eluded our attention for so long). If your doctor wants to contact me, I’m a board-certified family physician practicing in Washington State, and can be reached at yahoodotcom (mail4sujay). Good luck in your search for better health.