Sujay, Madwolf - Need advice on side FX of liver BX.....

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    As you can see, I'm not a newbie, but I do not often post on the main board. I do come to visit and get lots of excellent advice. I'm hoping that someone can answer this problem for me.

    Last Thursday, I had a liver biopsy and I'm having an after effect I never expected. All weekend, I was experiencing slight fever and chills, but am afraid to go to doctor. I'm developing a phobia of hospital procedures, after all the pain that has been inflicted upon me. I am taking milk thistle and Vit C in the hopes that I can avoid medical intervention.

    My main concern, though, is the debilitating hot flashes that keep sweeping over me. I'm 53 and have gotten rid of menopausal hot flashes, so I reallllly do NOT want this horrid condition returning to haunt me!

    I know some of you have had liver biopsies -- anyone experience this, or have any ideas as to why I am?


    P.S. To update the situation - I went to ER last night (Tues) and was tested and found to have no signs of infection, my lungs were clear, my ECG flatlined (in spots!LOL), and absolutely no idea as to why the hot flashes and intermittent fevers. Thus, I'm still anxious to find someone here who can shed some light.

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    Can't ANYONE answer this question for Dorothyanne???

    Where are our medical professionals, experts on procedures, etc???

    Klutzo? where are you ??????????????

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. dorothyanne

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    came home more frustrated than ever!! Imagine that!! LOL

    First of all, blood testing ruled out infection. And chest x-rays were normal. That's all I know for sure -- except the doc found my ECG has abnormal changes on it from that of the last one done!! Just what I need -- a screwed up heart to go along with my screwed up liver!! Any time now, I'm going to have a major cry as I'm becoming overwhelmed.

    Now as to the fever and hot flashes -- this is something I'm going to have to figure out on my own -- so PUHLEEEZE help me!

    I must admit that I have not been using my naturally formulated progesterone / estrogen creams for awhile, so will do so immediately. My hot flashes were eradicated a year ago, so I'm wondering if the 2 pokes in the liver upset my hormone balance -- and has thrown me back into peri-menopausal symptoms!! (After all, the liver is involved with all the hormones.)

    I need help from you folks in solving this as I'm certainly not getting it from the docs here.

    Hope everyone has the very best day possible.

    Love and gentle hugs, DA
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    ....this one is WAY out of my area of knowledge. The only thing I feel safe commenting on is the progesterone cream. Some women have symptoms from low hormones for the rest of our lives, not just while going through menopause. I went through menopause starting at 37 and finishing at age 44. I am now 52 and I need progesterone to be a halfway nice person. So, you may still need it. If you feel well enough, check out the website of Dr. Russell Roby who has an interesting theory about FM and progesterone. I am on the progesterone drops he recommends.
    Are you going to see a Cardiologist about your abnormal EKG? That's what I would do, and ASAP.
    Also, go ahead and have that good gets rid of built up toxins and stress hormones that were released into your system during the ER visit and all the stress around it. It would be very understandable to cry after something like that.
    Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
    You might want to edit this post and address it to Sujay,as she might know a lot more about this.
  5. dorothyanne

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    I'm back to using my progesterone cream religiously again, and praying it makes history of the hot flashes -- again. I do know that it's a wonderful natural drug; I just am not one for creams. Next time I refill the scrip, I'd be wise to get the drops or lozenges.

    As for the ECG, I do have a stress test scheduled already for the end of August. I'm sure when my family doc gets the ER doc's report, I'll be hearing from him, and he'll be sure to get things moving more rapidly. I was without a family doc for 2 years, so it's a bit overwhelming when this new doc is so thorough and is finding all these problems that have been ignored.

    I went through the entire gamut of cardiac testing 10 years ago (my husband was dying of Alzheimers, etc.), with the resultant diagnosis being "IT'S JUST STRESS"!!

    Have you ever read any of Adele Davis' books? When you told me to have a good cry to get rid of the toxins and stress hormones from the ER visit, she came to mind. That's what she strongly recommends.

    This a.m., during my Pity Party, I discovered a book at the library which has given me HOPE! It's a very thorough book about the liver, written by Dr. Sandra Cabot. She has a website, under her name, about liver, menopause, natural hormones, etc. I'm hoping to discover that my theory is correct -- that the injury to the liver (BX) has stirred up my hormone balance.

    When I was getting no answers, I was afraid that I was being overlooked as I don't post much on the main board. (Is my paranoia showing?? LOL) I read frequently, but I spend most of my time on the CC board -- I desperately need the humour I find over there. Besides, I'm well known there and am sure I'll get responses. I will visit over here more often and try not to be bashful about posting.

    When I find an answer, I'll be sure to post it.

    Love and gentle hugs, DA
  6. Jen F

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    Gosh I hope you feel better soon, that's awful...


    P.S. Know what if feels like to not get much help from ER and have to leave while feeling dreadfully ill...what our bodies can put us through...with many normal or almost normal test results, it unhappily amazes me.
  7. dorothyanne

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    It sure doesn't take long for a thread to disappear off the page over here, does it? IT awes me how busy the main board is, all the time!!

    I still need help!

    Gentle hugs, DA
  8. Jen F

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  9. jolly

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    to get so few answers on the board. (And as you've noticed, I'm shamelessly bumping)! I would think that your body has been injured and it's just pissed off. Personally, I'm just proud of you for getting off the antidepressants. This seems to be the first thing they want to give us, and you've done an admirable job of getting off them. I know there are people that may need them, but I think they're dispensed more often than needed. Who wouldn't be depressed, etc. etc.

    Maybe somebody will come along today with some valuable information, but even if not, just try to rest and heal. And think wonderful thoughts. Like how your son is doing so good..and the wedding. What's the temp up there today? I heard on the news that 100 degrees was 32 (maybe) on celsius. I'm trying so hard to get international...Jo Ellen
    p.s. just love the Canadian news channel. It's probably the only reason we don't cancel the whole expensive tv thing.
  10. dorothyanne

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    thank God I'm feeling almost "normal" again!!

    JoEllen thanks for the kind words about my anti-depressant withdrawal -- I don't think it was even as bad as I felt after this biopsy. It has been 5 weeks as of this past Tuesday since I quit this darned drug, which to those who don't know, my family doc is sure has caused most of my liver damage.

    The "bf" even claims to like me better as the "normal" me, rather than the drugged me!!

    Yesterday when I hit rock bottom with all this new health "stuff", I wished I could make it go away by taking an extra dose of my AD. Instead, I had a good cry, took an Ativan, had an excellent sleep, and am feeling real good today. Of course, it helps immensely that the weather is cool and sunny!!

    Love and laughter, DA
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    Don't know how I missed this post. I'm glad you went to the ER. Even though it was a trial, you had to make sure there was no obvious infection needing attention. My concern now is that you may have a "stealth" infection, one that was reactivated by the trauma of surgery (or anaesthesia) that is causing a flare. Check Jellybelly's posts on hypercoagulation; I have found investigating and addressing that condition has held the key to recovery for many of my patients as well as myself and my 12-year-old son.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. Remember, this, too, shall pass. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  12. crissyfamily

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    did you get really lethargic while on heparin treatment. we just ended our 4h week and feel very this common?

  13. sujay

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    I would not expect lethargy to be a side effect of heparin. I did not use heparin myself, just bromelain (+ TF against EBV + nutritional supplements + doxycycline) but lethargy could be a symptom of a flare as the mycoplasma (or whatever) is uncovered. Your doctor should be able to monitor with ISAC and get some ideas aobut what is going on. I'm assuming you've already had PCR testing and had mycoplasma (or whatever) identified.

    Hang in there, and Good Luck to you and yours,
  14. dorothyanne

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    I've copied Jellybelly's posts about hypercoagulation onto my hard drive and will attempt to digest this info. I must admit that I have not read anything, in all my time here, about hypercoagulation, mycoplasmas, stealth viruses, etc.

    I believe that the biopsy did trigger a stealth virus, but I also suspect that it did something to my hormonal balance. After all, the liver processes all these hormones and surely an injury to the liver would throw things out of whack. I do know that since I have started again using my progesterone cream (prescribed and compounded), I slept like a contented baby last night!!! and I felt great for awhile this a.m. After having been out running (LOL) errands, I'm running out of endorphins, but it was SOOOO wonderful to feel good, at least for awhile!!!

    I hope that you all are having the very best day possible.

    Love and gentle hugs, DA
  15. crissyfamily

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    we did the pcr last march and nothing showed up then we did the isac panel and showed abnormalities... my husband pushed doc to start on us cipro last april and she did and we just redid the isac panel the the cfids panel and a lyme test this last week....maybe it is the little rascals coming out of hiding and this is what the doc meant when she said we would start feeling bad after several weeks on heparin....

    can't hardly hold my head up or get out of bed or even type this....

    thanks, again..
  16. sujay

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    I'm sorry you're feeling bad right now, but I think your doctor's right. It means you're on the right track. If she's talked to both Berg and Ryser and really listened to them (and it sounds like she has) I think you've all got an excellent chance of pulling through this together.

    Hang in there!

  17. sujay

    sujay New Member

    It's a lot of material to read and digest, but I truly believe it holds the key to recovery. Good luck finding a doctor who will work with you. We're all eager to hear about your progress.

    Best wishes,