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    Yes thanks I did answer you message. Included your name in title but I notice sometimes they do not appear on our own list. It's under "for sujay re hypercoagulation"

    Seeing GP next Wednesday so could you possibly send me your e-mail address, mine is on my bio. I'm sure she'd feel more comfortable getting some ideas from a fellow GP with personal experience of this than trying to understand it all from me.

    Brother is a doctor, going to ask him to see if he can find out whether more specialised tests are availble in UK. He's in nuclear medicine, job takes him all over the world. Clever chap, straight, and good at lateral thinking. He carried out first SPECT scans in UK whilst a registrar at The Institute of Nuclear Medicine is London.

    He knows I want info and help from him, but I wanted to get ideas straight before asking him some questions. He's very busy so wanted to make any enquiries more to the point.

    Sujay you have been so generous with your limited time and energy. I do so appreciate what it takes to do this and am so very grateful.


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    Thanks for responding to my post. I didn't realize you had replied to me. I wish I could keep up with responses to my posts whether my name is mentioned or not, but I just don't have time to check each one, and haven't yet quite figured out the logic here. I am grateful to the moderators, though, for the part they play in helping us to keep track. Let me know if you have further questions. Be well!