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    hi, i'm back....and need more answers. Do any of you have a problem with infections? Bacterial infections. I had a tooth to abcess, and within a day my face was swollen. By the second day (Thursday)I went to my dentist, he extracted the tooth and filled it with antibotics. He had also prescribed penicillan, which i had been taking for about 24 hours before i saw him...and continue to take. My jaw had turned red and very hot. He told me that had i not come to see him i would have been "a very sick lady, emergency room sick". Today is Friday and the swelling has moved down and over to the front of my throat, along with the redness and the heat...the flesh is also tender to touch. Tonite my ????tooth??? or whatever you would call the place where the tooth used to be, hurts. He told me to remove the packing tomorrow, but the gum has swollen almost completely over the packing. I'm a little afraid that the infection may not be going away like it should. Do I have fever??? No, I never have a fever that anyone would call a fever. My normal body temp is 96.3 or less. 98.6 is a fever for me, but most doctors don't recognize it as such. But even at that, the fire is in my flesh...the red from the infection. My body doesn't seem to fight infections like it should. Anybody else have this type of experience? I'm a little scared tonite, so if there is anyone here tonite that might help me, please do...and God bless you.
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    HI sorry to hear your not feeling well. you need to go to get that checked out as soon as possible. i went to school for the dental field and worked in it for some years. what you are describing to me is NOT normal at all. you need to be careful very careful. an infection in a tooth socket can spread very quickly to your heart if its in a lower and to your brain if it is in your upper jaw. i am not trying to scare you any more then you are but trust me i have seen enough seriouse infections in the teeth and face area to know . they can give you a stronger antibiotic to help get rid of it . as for the fever, not everyone has the same body temp. and you need to be very firm with the doc's about whats going on. you are the only one who can tell what is normal or not. i would hate to see you get bacterial endocarditis from this it is a seriouse heart infection. please see someone soon. by the way when did you get it pulled? and was it infected already when he pulled it? let me know and take care kris
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    If I were you, I would call that dentist ASAP. I do not like the sound of that swelling and redness in your throat, I had that happend to me many years ago. I was too shades short of dieing, I am not trying to scare you, but you get some help as soon as possible, like NOW.

    I also had an absessed tooth, they did not pull them when they were absessed at that time, they treated them to get the infection down, then they pulled them.

    I have never heard of keeping a compress on a extraction that long, it will cause a 'dry socket' which is infection and hurts like hell!

    You demand that that dentist see you now, or go to the ER.

    I am not a dramatic person, and not big on doctors either. But that infection could be going throughout your body.

    Do something now............

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, well I was trying to avoid telling you it could go to your heart, but since Kris told you, that is exactly what was told to me! MOVE NOW for help
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