summarize dr. Mikovitz recs on self-care for xmrv?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by simonedb, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. simonedb

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    Could someone please summarize in words the recommendations she made on the podcast the other day of how to take care of oneself with cfs and minimize further harm until treatments are figured out?
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  2. Elisa

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    I watched the video live but it cut out for over an hour than came back on during Q&A time. Prohealth will post the whole transcript plus her answers to questions submitted - sometime this week.

    Here is what I have from my notes - during the broadcasted portion...

    * Non-steriodal anti-inflammatories

    * Supplements/things that balance cortisol

    * No progesterone or androgen (I think) - best to have balanced hormones (not sure if this means bio-identical or not)

    * Supplements that mitigate oxidative stress (i.e., antioxidants) -- like glutathione, NAC

    * Immune modulators

    * Supplements that upregulate NK cell function

    * No or limited stress

    I'm sure there are many more ideas - once the full transcript is posted.

    I am doing research on each of these and if you'd like I will post what I find under each category...

    God Bless,

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  3. spacee

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    That is quite helpful. Any other info you have would be greatly appreciated.

    A personal experience note. I took a supplement break over the holidays and while my brother was visiting. Lasted about 3 weeks. Feel better in some ways (less viral).

    But my thinking is that while I had side effects from the supplements...they were probably still
    doing good for me.

    Nac, gluta, transfer factors and the non steriodal anti-inflamatories are the ones I stopped.

  4. simonedb

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    thanks much elisa.
    hmmm that is interesting about the antioxidants, that seems controversial to me, as I have related to what Cheney says about oxygen toxicity and some of the info saying that antioxidants could be too much of a good thing for some of us, forget the science right now, maybe someone else can help out or if its not incompatiable explain that too. But I did poorly with NAC, real bad for me, headaches.

    spacee, maybe you should listen to your body. if you feel better off the supps I would experiment and just add them back in one at a time and try to see which one(s) make you feel worse. some of them could have bad ingredients or fillers, don't always know the quality or maybe your needs change over time.

    anyway, I am interested to learn more about xmrv and treatment.
  5. spacee

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    I remember NAC in particular having a reaction to. I had actually stopped it quite a while back.
    Started it with the Stratton/Wheeler (?) protocol. Using NAC, 1000 Vit C and Doxy 100mg twice a day.

    Ok, won't go back to that.

    Yes, Cheney has found some of his patients are taking supplements that are rancid. Some more, some less. One never knows.

  6. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Can someone describe supplements that upregulate nk function? And did she comment on transfer factors for coinfections etc.?
  7. Elisa

    Elisa Member


    From my research I found the following - there are likley many many more:

    AHCC (by 249%)

    I may find more - and will post...

    God Bless,


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