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  1. sisland

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    Guess what gals it's the first day of summer!,,,and Fathers day to boot!,,,,anyway i just wanted start a new thread for us all,,,welcome any new chatters too!

    60's ~~~~
    i bet Papa smurf will be elated over the horse collar!,,hope you all have a great Sunday,,,,
    Robin~~~~,,Hope your doing Ok!,,miss hearing from you!
    Nancy ~~~please continue to join us when you can!

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HUgs to all!,,,,Sis
  2. mysticbrit

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    Hi Gals,

    We just got home from a weekend trip to Prairie Du Chien, WI. It was Larry's 50th high school class reunion. There were only 12 kids in his graduatiing class and they were all there. It was a small school in rural Iowa, tucked into the far northeast corner of the state. Some came from Colorado, most were still in the Iowa area, and a few live here in Wisconsin. We drove about 350 miles round trip, with a stop on the way home to see Larry's daughter in her group home. It was my first visit to see her and I'm so happy that she is settled into somewhere so nice.

    Sis - since 60's Lady & Robin are more familiar with our area I'll fill you in on the local geography. (Which is a joke because half the time I had no idea where we were). Prairie Du Chien is on the WI side of the Mississippi River, separating it from Iowa. That part of both states are mostly farm communities and pretty depressed economically.

    Anyway, we live on the stateline of Illinois and WI, about 90 miles north of Chicago. I'm guessing 60's and Robin are about 40-50 miles away from me, to the South.

    Needless to say my body thinks it's been beaten up and left to die. I need a left hip and right knee replacement (which I've been putting off for years) and both are screaming with pain from being stuck in the van all that time. There is no direct route to Prairie so it's mostly country roads and small villages along the way. The Mississippi Valley area is pretty, rolling hills and the Wisconsin River alongside us much of the way, but I'd much rather be home watching TV - LOL.

    My son stayed at the house to care for the animals. I told him to put the air on and when we got home it was to a very warm, sticky house. Apparantely the air isn't working. Guess we'll deal with that problem tomorrow, Larry is already zonked out in his recliner.

    Robin - sorry you're still feeling under the weather. With the FM I've noticed that it takes soooo much longer to get over even the simplest things. Doesn't seem fair but what can we do???

    60's - I'm sure your hubby will love his gift. What a nice surprize for him. You're lucky you live so far from me or I'd sneak in and jump in the pool with your kids. It sounds wonderful.

    We are enjoying the hot tub, it helps with the aches and pains. We keep ours around 99 degrees but don't put the cover on it at night so I think the temp drops then. Perhaps now that we're in the hot, muggy weather that won't happen. I hate winter but I'm no fan of this humidity either. Picky, picky, picky - LOL.

    Sis - your grandbaby is due the same time my first one was born. He was due Nov. 1st and arrived on the 8th. I'll bet you can't wait to see your daughter and then find out the sex of your new baby. My daughter brought over the ultra sound video for us all to see. I remember my son-in-law sitting right next to the TV to watch it again, and putting his hand on the screen, like he was stroking the baby. Isn't it wonderful to watch your daughter go thru something so beautiful???

    I was blessed to be in the delivery room with both her boys and I actually got to see them before Mom and Dad did. It was rough watching my daughter go thru that pain, she refused any meds or epiderals (sp?). But, once it was over I couldn't wait to get my hands on those babies.

    Well, I'm pooped and it's kind of muggy in here. I think I'll put my jammies on and stretch out on the couch. Supper will be delivered tonight...

    Hugs to all,

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    We Have the rain now!,,it moved in from the Pacific and from the north in Canada!,,,,,it's good tho because the garden needs it and also the forest,,,helps keep wildfire danger low.

    Nancy =~~~You mean you wouldn't drive 40 or 50 miles to sit in another hot tube??...lololol,,,i'm kiddin',,,,wouldn't it be great if we could get togeather sometime! I know we've all dreamed of this before!,,sitting on the beach or in a hot tub and drinking margaritias,,in my case ice tea,,and just visiting for awhile,,,

    Sounds like you had a marvoulas day (besides the driving) to the 50 year class reunion, and everyone was there! thats almost unheard of!,,tell dh congratulations!
    Thanks for the geography lesson!,,I would love to see that part of the country!
    wow,,,sounds like we have similar grandbaby due-dates,,I cannot wait to exsperince the delivary room part!,,,Heck it seems just like yesterday when i was there!,,all three of my deliveries were very tramatic!,,,anyway i hope and pray that all goes well!,,,you are so lucky to have happy and healthy grandkids,,Nell called last night and i told her to drink a Mountian dew!,,,lolol,,she said the baby is just very active now on his or her own, swimming around is how she put it!,,("For lack of a better term Mom!"),,It will be interesting i know that!

    I hope your all having a great day!,,,HUgs!,,,sis
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  4. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    wow it sure is the first day of summer,90 and so humid you could cut it with a knife and of course thunderstorms last night.
    Had a good week-end and the kids came yesterday afternoon, and made Papa Smurff happy.the garden is growing by leaps and boun,s of course so are the weeds.
    my clemetis has vined clear to the top of the evespout,but no blossoms yet. my 2 smaller ones both have flowers on them.we had the best watermelon last night it was reallly sweet and also had some good stawberries. Julie our one daughter got Jerry some rhubarb stawberry jelly at cracker barrel. and he got a new utinsil set for thr grill. all & all it was a real peaceful day. well have to fold some laundry,stay cool .Hugs sixtyslady
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    Hey I just saw the other 2 post,so Nancy I hope you had a good time at the reunion.I know what you mean about traveling for very far,I just feel like I can"t get my legs under me after a long ride.and yes it would be great if you could all come over and jump in the pool .the water is up to 86,so thats pretty good.Ithink about all of you gals every day and wished we could meet sometime,that would just be great.I"d be the one thats rollie pollie and have alburn hair and you could"t miss me in a crowd because I wear lot,s of bling,my one daughter says Mom always has her QVC bling on.And I tell her you darn right.all old barns look better with a new paint job.I love southwest jewelry. Robin where are Ya hon?? We're just haven alot of fun here . Hugs everyone. Sixtyslady
  6. mysticbrit

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    Hey 60's you made me laugh out loud with your "old barns look better with a new paint job" line.

    I'm also a rollie pollie but don't wear much bling and my hair is kindof light brown so everyone will be able to tell us apart in the pool.

    It sounds like Papa Smurf had a great father's day. My hubby got cards and phone calls so he was happy as a clam. All his kids live out of our area so personal visits were not possible.

    My joints and muscles are starting to recover from our drive and we had a repair person come in yesterday to get our air conditioning up and running again. Apparently our thermostat was shot. She replaced it and everything kicked right in. AWWW - cool air again.

    Unfortunately the new thermostat is smaller than the old one and I'm going to have to try to patch the wallpaper since our wallpaper lady papered around it. DANG. Hubby is going to Menard's to see if they sell anything that would fit behind it to compensate for the different size. I know they sell things for ceiling fixtures to hide the different paint colors when you replace the fixture with a different one and the old one was bigger. Did that make sense to any of you? I know what I mean but it's easier to describe when I can use my hands to demonstrate. LOL. Too bad I can't type and use my hand signals for you to see at the same time.

    SIS - I'm almost as excited about your new babe as you are. It brings back some wonderful memories.

    Robin - Where are you sweetie???? If your cold/cough isn't better by now I think you should go to the Dr. You might need an antibiotic to knock it out.

    Stay as cool possible.


  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yes i can relate to the old barn needs a new coat of paint thing too!,,,I try to let my hair go to the natural color and of course it never makes it before i get frustrated and have to dye it again,,,,lolol,,it's a light reddish brown now,,,,,,,it's so great to hear from you both!,,,i'm alittle worried about our Robin!,,,hope everything is ok with her,,,maybe she lost her internet connection,,,,60's sounds like you had a great fathers day sunday!

    It's wonderful to have this connection with you all!,,I'm sure we would have a blast if we ever did get togeather!,,,,,i usually go to the lakes this time of year but for some reason i havn't done that to much yet this summer,,i'll probably go when it gets hot hot out!,,,having air conditioning is nice!!! and yes Nancy i can picture what your talking about with the to small thermostat!,,,,,lolol

    if you can believe it,, the strawberry patch is producing like mad this year!,,i picked 5 lbs this morning and day before yesterday it was 3 lbs,,,,,it took me 45 minutes to do that ! my back was killin' me by the time i was done but i guess it's worth it to have the extra fruit on hand,,less to buy!,,,,,also the cabbage plants are taking off great guns too!,,the tomatoes are alittle slow but they are comming along fine,,,,,

    i've been eating some and washing and desteming the rest and freezing them!,,,i'll make strawberry jam in the fall when they are all done,,, I just can't hardly belive how much they are putting out this year!

    well i guess i better get some laundry done!,,,,,,chat later gals!,,,,sis
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  8. robin1667

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    I posted on the spring chat a few days ago if ya want to check it out. For some reason i couldn't get on the PH site at all yesterday or last night. When i would click on the site all that would come up was 2 words-it works!. Have no idea what that was about,but it didn't work! LOL!
    I'm ok,having alot of back,hips pain. Went to massage therapist yesterday. She said she could tell that i am in alot of pain. Called my chiro,can't get in till today. Pretty much over the cold now. Just so much pain!
    I had Ily since sunday,she is never a bother. Melissa is here to help me with her,gabe is here also. The kids do help me somewhat think of something other than the pain. Gabe and Ily have been having squirt gun fights. They are so much fun to watch! There's a circus in town this week,i got tickets for the kids. Hope my back is feeling somewhat better so i can go along tonight. It should be alot of fun!
    My garden is doing great! Everything is growing so good with all the rain and humidity.
    Strawberries sound so good. Maybe next yr I'll get some planted.
    Stay cool everyone!
  9. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Glad you're recovering from your cold, so sorry about the hip/back pain. I can certainly relate to how miserable that makes you feel.

    I had the same problem on the PH site yesterday morning. I either got the "It Works" message or a "can't locate this site". I tried later and it was okay. I saw a post on the FM board from someone else having the same issue. Ahhh, technology at its best!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get some rest.

    Hey you gals - please PASS THE STRAWBERRIES......................... YUMMY

  10. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Oh good Robin you are still hear!,,,I forgot to close out spring chat ,,,"my bad",,as the kids would say,,,i did check out your post over there!,,,sounds fun havin the Grands around!,,I'm sure they love spending time with you!,,,hope your feeling better in the hip and back department,,,,,good for you sticking up for yourself financial wise!,,we have to watch our own backs these days!

    i had that connection problem yesterday morning too!,,,came back later like Nancy did and it went through!

    I'm cleaning out from under the kitchen sink :( and had to take a break (wow) do i ever just throw stuff under there to take care of later,,,,well today thats all going to change!,,i'm organizing every thing ,,and i know it will stay that way forever!,,,Yeah right!!,,,lolol,,,,,I'm making strawberry cheese cake for everyone!,,,,with whip cream on top!,,better get busy!lolol,,,,,Hugs!,,,sis
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  11. mysticbrit

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    Hey Sis - the cheesecake sounds wonderful but I'll have to have mine with just the berries & the whip cream cause I can't eat that yummy crumbly stuff (darn celiac). Oh wait, since I'm having virtual food I don't think I'll be allergic to it - OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm in a world of hurt today, I guess my body doesn't like hot sticky weather...let's see, it doesn't like cold, damp winter either. DANG - I'm a wreck. I'm going to run out of my pain meds because my dr. only gave me 180 this past visit and she usually gives me 240. Normally I go almost 2 months with the 240 but the changing weather patterns have taken its toll on me. Why can't I just feel good??????????? Guess I'm having a pity party, please pass the cheescake and I'll try to get over it.

    Yesterday turned into a "grand" day. My son came over with my granddaughter. She had her report card. I give the grands $5 for every "A" and she will get $35. She even got an A+ in math. They both arrived in their swim suits and immediately jumped in the hot tub. Neither hubby or I have gotten in since it's so hot but they didn't seem to mind at all.

    They were here about a 1/2 hour when my daughter called to ask if she could come over and use my computer. Her's wasn't working and she's taking an online class from the state university for her master's program. Plus, she's teaching 1 summer school class and had to respond to some of her student's questions. (She teaches full time at a local college). See Sis - our girls have a lot in common........

    Anyway, she showed up with both boys (also in their swimming trunks). Our hot tub has become a major draw, I haven't seen all 3 grands at once since the last birthday party and now they've all been here twice in a week. I love it.

    Hubby has found some kind of energy burst and has been outside pulling weeds in this awful heat. I'm still in my jammies feeling sorry for myself. Please, pass the cheesecake again. He even took our pop cans to the recycle center. We made $8.55. I drink alot of Coke - LOL.

    Well I won't bring you all down're all doing your gardening and organizing things and I'm down for the count. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some energy and feel better about life.

    I really enjoy having you all in my world. Now and then I read the FM board and it seems like a lot of bickering there. That's the last thing I need.

    Wiping off the whipped cream from my face and sending you all hugs,

  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    oh I love getting up before anyone else I just love the silence. been out on the deck its so peaceful in the morning in our woods.I went out to check the pool its kind of green I think we"re going to have to hit it with extra shock today and close it for today.Most of them where here yesterday swimimg so they"ll just have to wait a day to go again.
    our garden is really taking hold. pulled green onions yesterday and sniped some of my herbs I have them on the deck in a flower box,I used some of the oragano in some pasta it was so good.but i just love the smell of the rosemary,and I have sage.I planted basil in the garden and its coming along.Have to make a trip to aldi,s and see if they have fresh produce and fruit today.
    I should paint the barn today,my hair needs to be for some reason that gray stuff just keeps growing back. Sis your strawberries sound so good,makes me want to start a patch. Nancy your place sounds alot like our,s busy with kids and grandkids. Papa Smurff has had a energy burst also, but I tell him to come in and rest it,s just so hot and humid out.
    well we're suppose to have ahorse show this week_end guess we"ll have to wait and see what the weather is like.well coffee is done so I"m going to grab a cup and head for the deck. Hugs 60,slady.
  13. sisland

    sisland New Member

    It's noon here but i'm bettin' its 2:pm there,,,Iv'e been up since 7 and just got in from weeding some stuff out in the garden!,,,those strawberries are taking over!,,,so i took a few plants out and some clover that just seems to get going and also can take over!,,,I know your sick of hearing about the berries but i have to tell someone;) Lololol

    Yes Nancy i'll leave out the grahamcracker crumbs for you!,,,Thanks for enjoying the virtual cheese cake!,,,,WoW! on your Grand getting all A's,,,kind of hard on gramma's pocketbook tho! But how encourageing for her!,,,,,,Yes our girls are alike!,,and i can tell tha they all love comming over to see you and dh!,,I feel like i know you all now!,,

    Hope today is a better day for you pain wise,,i'll be on the couch this afternoon because of the garden work,,,,and also i took lucky boy down to the ball feild for his run about 9 ,,so he'll be happy for awhile,,,,,I'm with you on getting up earlie,,,,the rest of the world is still sleeping, and it's so peaceful!

    What kind of a pool do you have? is it a blow up or in the ground?,,,,,I would love to jump in and pretend like i'm swimmimg!,,lolol ,,i'll more than likley get up to one of the area lakes before to long!
    ,,,your herbs sound so good! need to plant some,,
    Robin~~Hi dear,,how are you doing?,,,,,,,,

    I have a question about fake sugar for you all,,i've noticed the less i use the better i feel fatigue wise,,bought some stevia awhile back and am trying to get used to putting that in my coffee in the morning in stead of splenda or sweet and low,,anyway do any of you have this problem with it?

    I'll check back later on gals !,,,,,,,Hugs,,,sis

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  14. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Sis,I use Stevia,I haven't noticed less fatigue though I've been having problems with other ailments lately. So i wouldn't be the one to ask maybe the other gals can help ya on that.
    Melissa and Gabe are gone for the weekend. House is quite. Ron is working this weekend.
    Did some house work yesterday. Mopped,vaccumed,laundry. Abby was let out in the morning for her potty duties,when she came in ron didn't notice she had rolled in a mud puddle until she shook and got it all over the floor and walls. I needed to clean the breezeway anyway.
    Doesn't seem as humid today. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while.
    Don't know what i will do with myself today,just play it by ear. Maybe make some zucchini bread. maybe a walk around the park this afternoon.

  15. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Man I feel like a truck hit me, we went to a horse show yesterday so with all the work involed ,I"m pooped out.
    Fontana got a second and Baby Arabella got a third,it was her 1st time loading and riding in the trailer,she was so scared,but she did good. she just didn't know what to think of all the horses.
    I was sitting in my lawn chair by the blechers, and of course people kept leading their horses right up by the blechers and this one big qt, horse rared up and come over backwards and just missed me in my chair. I so him falling at me and I can"t get up out of the chair fast,my son-in-law was standing in front of me and I yelled at him and he grab my arm and pulled me up and out of the way. now I hurt all over,poor Jeff he felt so bad because it hurt my arm and shoulder,but like I told him I was just thank-ful he pulled me up and out of the way. I"ve always said that at horse shows there shoud be a sign up that says no horses,spectators only.
    People just don"t respect one another.what if my neices twins would have be in their stroller when that horse came over backwards.
    anyhow we"ve been working on our pool water all week it looks like we"re getting it cleared up,its from all the rain. we had a bad storm Sat,around 6 and our power was out till 10p.m. so thats why we had to get up at 5 and bath horses yesterday.
    Sis I don"t use sugar I use splenda in my coffee,but it doesn"t bother me,I just know I feel better without alot of sugar.
    Robin ,sounds like you had a peaceful week end I"m hoping this week will be that feet hurt so bad and keep swelling up,It<s so painful,I'd love to try a massage, but one time I tried it and I felt like I was going to pass out after wards,so I"ve to scared to try it agian,will got to get the day started.hugs 60,s lady.
  16. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Just wanted to check in for a second before I head off to bed. Not sure why I bother since even the Ambien fails to keep me asleep anymore.

    SIS - I don't use sugar substitute so I'm of no help. I try to keep my sugar intake low but the fake stuff always makes me ache more so I no longer try them.

    I saw my Dr. today. She wrote me out a new script for my pain meds and tested my clotting levels. Since I was in the hospital a couple of months ago because I had a lung full of blood clots we've been having a challenging time getting my blood thinner meds within the range she wants them. Today my blood was too thin so I have to cut back on the dosage. I have to go back in 2 weeks to get tested again.

    I have an appt. with the diabetes specialist on Thursday. I'm guessing I'll have to go on insulin because every med I've taken has wrecked havoc with my celiac. What a mess I am.

    60's - you had a close call at the horse show. Reading your post gave me the creeps. Too close for comfort by far.

    Robin - glad your cold is clearing up but sorry you're in pain. I can certainly relate to that. I just take my pain meds and assume I'm as good as I'll ever be.

    Well, off to bed - and hopefully to SLEEP.

  17. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I Have Good News!,,,The grandbaby is a BOY!,,,The kids just called me about an hour ago and the ultrasound was a sucsess (sp)!,,,,,The name they have picked out is "Braydon James",,,I always wanted a boy and got to have all girls!,,,,,,This will be a major treat!,,,

    My youngest girl surprised me and came home for a visit on sunday,,she had a couple days off work and had a wedding to go to on the way up so she just came on home,,,so wonderful!,,,we then went up to see Papa (my Dad) yesterday and had a great visit and got to play bingo!,,,she's at her dad's house today but will be home again tonight so we can visit some more before leaving on wednesday morning!,,,,,,,,,So Then on the 4th my other 2 kids will be here for a few days,,,,,,

    60's~~what an exsperience at the horse show!,,,so glad you didn't get hurt!,,and the ribbons!..i bet little Arabella loved her outing,,,plus getting a ribbon!

    R~~I'm glad your cold is better too!,,time alone is so nice when you can just sit back and relax and not have to wait on anyone!

    Nancy~~Wow i hope that they can get that med figured out for you!,,My dad was on the blood thinner comiden (sp) for a long time after having a stroke and a heart attack,,,,and he went through the same thing with getting it to balance out,,,they told him not to eat alot of green leafy vegetables,,because they have to much Vit. K in them,,,,thats if your on the blood thinners i guess,,,,,Hope your doing better!,,,,,,,,HUgs To all!,,,,,Sis
  18. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Oh Sis - what wonderful news, a little boy. And I love the name.

    One word of advice since you've had all girls - be quick with the diaper or you and the wall next to you will be christened - LOL. I had to learn that the hard way.

    I'm shocked about that "not eating alot of green leafy vegtables" fact when you're on blood thinners. I eat a huge salad almost every day for lunch. With the celiac I don't have that many choices and now I discover I'm screwing up my blood by eating something I enjoy that shouldn't make me sick. GEEZ.

    Hubby's ex called yesterday to tell him that his daughter (the one in the group home) is in the hospital with a bunch of blood clots in her leg. She's only 20. Hubby called her today and she said she was feeling okay but didn't appreciate the nightly shots in the gut. I certainly agree. It took several weeks for the bruises from those to go away from when I was in the hospital. They give them to you to keep you from getting blood clots while you're bedridden in the hospital. I swear some of the nurses enjoyed giving them WAY too much.

    Anyway - tell your daughter I'm so happy for her and her hubby. Keep us posted, no detail is too small, I'm enjoying re-living the experience thru you.

  19. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    HI everyone!
    60's sorry to hear of the close call! But soo glad you are ok!
    Sounds like everyone has been busy visiting and all. That's great!
    sis,grats on a grandson,I love the name! It's so exciting!
    My sister called and said she will be expecting her first grandchild in about 6 months. She said her feet haven't touched the ground since she found out!
    Nancy,as of right now i don't take pain killers. The ones that i have didn't work,Dr told me to take extra strength tylenol,all that did was elevate my liver enzymes! I'll see another pain management Dr this month. Had to cancel last month with them.
    My recent blood test came back prediabetic again,my bad cholesterol came down a tad bit,liver enzymes were good this time, good cholesterol is low. Have to call doc in the morning and make another appt. to see what she wants to do. Fun,fun!Oh ya,my thyroid test came back on the low side again too. I see my endo next week i think it is. I have 3 very large goiters and full of nodules.Hope ya'll don't think I'm whining.Just get very frustrated with it all! I'm to young to feel this damn old!!!
    Nancy,sorry to hear about your husbands daughter.Gosh that must be so painful for her to get shots in stomach! I can't even imagne,poor girl!
    60's,my massage therapist says alot of people don't drink alot of water after a massage and that is why they hurt so bad afterwards,they need to fluch out the bad stuff. I hurt when she is giving the massage but it does help for several days. I can feel the difference when i don't go to her.
    ron is working 12's tonight. off fri,sat and will be working sunday. We have a wedding reception to go to here in town this weekend. Then he wants to go to the bar for a little while. Guess I'll go along,i just don't get into the drinking and bar scene anymore. And the noise and people bother me alot with the sensory overload. Ron knows this so hopefully he won't want to stay long.
    Will be watching the fireworks this week end. We walk a block down from where we live and watch the big ones from a distance. Don't have to fight the traffic or the people. It's alot nicer that way.
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  20. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    really cool this morning ,kind of feels good.I can only take the A/C for so long then it gets to me.
    Sis,really like the name they picked for the baby,I know your so excited.Nancy so sorry to hear about your stepdaughter,hope she gets better soon.
    Robin ,My pain level has been high lately too,I just have pain all over,and its that burning kind,sometimes I feel like I have a sunburn. we got lettuce and beets from the garden and my herbs are doing great, I told Papa Smurff, I think I"m going to get my Jack Lalane juicer out again and start doing fresh vegs drinks when I was real bad 3 yrs ago that helped me snap back.
    I like apple,celery& carrot combination.I would add a small beet once a week to detox my liver and know if your cholesterol is high,alot of times it,s because your liver needs to be detox.
    I talked to a lady,that has found a new Dr,in Rockford and she,s all for natural remedies so she <s going to give me her name,and she also told me there,s a nice health food store in Rochelle,so when I get time I"m going to check it out.I need to focus on my health more
    Papa Smurff,s at the Farmers maeket with the eggs and a few veg,s from the garden .I sent a few bags of fresh herbs up with him.I"m so thrilled about how my herbs are know I need to find out how to dry them.
    I took a fun bibical test on Facebook,and it said I would have been a healer if I would have lived in bibical times. And I thought no wonder I"m so into it.please pray for my sister I have to run she just got hurt,taking her to the hospital. 60,s