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    Sis,glad your getting lots of help!
    Gettin a storm right now,tornado watch till 11pm. Bad storms use to bother me alot. Not any more. When i was 5 one came threw where we lived in Iowa and scared the life out of me.Dad was in town at work and trying to get home and mom had us in the basement and was freaking out! When i had my own kids i decided not to show them my fear of it and it worked.But what got me over it was in my late 30's i drove 200 mi. a day for a newspaper delivery and had to be in all sorts of weather and it got me over the fear of it. Now i just kick back and listen to it and watch it rain. I use to sleep on my parents bdrm floor till i was 16 and left home.
    Ron and i had it out again. Every morning he has to b---- about something! This morning he couldn't find his calculator he keeps on top of microwave. Was accusing everyone in the house,insisting my daughter took it when he knew she was not within hearing distance. I said ya she took it and won't give it back just so you would b----! Well after he went into her room and couldn't find it,but found her plates for her car and said she needs to get these on. I told him she's a big girl(29) and when she was ready to put them on she would. Well then he was still looking for the calculator,ranting and raving and I told him i would look for it later. He finally walks out of the computer rm and says"I found it". i said where? he said under some papers i had on the microwave. No apolgies,nothing,just as though he hadn't had a fit. I go threw this on a daily basis. It makes me so nervous and upset and p---ed o--!
    Ok,he goes to work,calls me at 8:30 and says did mel put her plates on? I say, no she's almost 30 and can be responsible enough to do it. Well he blew up again. Said he was only trying to help!That i should tell her to do it. I said you can say something to her. He yells,she's your daughter you tell her! I told him i wasn't going to get into this again.I was tired of it all.He says why don't you just move out! I hung up! Ya know what I'm p---ed but it doesn't hurt anymore!
    Sept 1st there's an apartment in Savanna my daughter and i will be getting. It's already set in motion. 2 bedroom,my daughter's bosses son owns it. The only bad thing is it's an upstairs but I'll just have to deal with it,it will be worth getting out of here! I just hope i can put up with his s--t until then. God give me the strength!! Please!
    Thanks for letting me vent. I've been trying not to bother you's with this,but i needed to talk tonight.
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    I've tried to respond to your post 3 times now and my computer keeps losing its connection. AWWWWWW

    Please don't ever think you're bothering us by sharing your feelings...Gosh, isn't that what we do here? And, you're always so kind to me when I'm having issues. I need you gals to pick me up when I'm down, and I'm here to do the same for all of you.

    Is your new apartment in town? I don't know where Savanna is, I'll have to look it up. I'm so glad you're at peace about your decision to leave Ron. His temper tantrums are not good for you, you deserve much better. Just give yourself some mental health time once you're moved.

    You and Sis are both going to have new homes. Exciting but stressful.

    We're having storms here too. Lots of rain, thunder, lights flickering every now and then. I suppose that's whats screwing up my computer.

    Okay, I'm going to send this quick before I get knocked of again.

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    wow'' we had a good storm last night around 9.p.m. it really had alot of wind in it the side of our house has leaves plasterd all over it,we"ll have to hose it down to get them off,1 tree down in the pasture.
    I helped get Papa Smurf off to the farmers market,I need the time alone,and he enjoys going up there and talking with all the older guys. I"ve been letting him make his own way lately and if he forgets things he just has to come home and get them,I do help him get the veggies out of the garden and washed to sell, and then we weigh the produce and bag it.
    He,s still real good with handling the money,he was really good in math,to the point the Grandkids still call him with questions about homework. But he can"t remember to zip up is pants,or shut cupboard doors.
    well anyhow we all have our cross to carry.
    Sis hows the moving going? I hope you had alot of help. And Nancy it,s so good that they caught those guy,s that where breaking into house. I bet you and your hubby rest better.
    Robin,its good that you have a plan in motion I know when my Ex started to blame me for everything it was because he had a guilty consious(sp). So he picked at everything I did. I think Ron may be jealous of your relationship you have with your daughter,does he have any kids of his own?
    Well I"m going to try and make Green Goddess dressing with my fresh basil,it looks like it will be good. hope you"al have a good week-end and don"t take any wooden nickels. Hugs Sixtys.
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    Thanks Robin for starting a new chat!,,,,,Wow all of our lives sound busy!,,with various sorts of things going on,,Robin i'm hoping and praying that you can just make a smooth transition out of this relationship,,,i know it's hard to live with someone whose always causing trouble!,,,stay strong and i'm so glad that Melissa is there to help you!
    Nancy~~Hi ,,sorry forgot the latest post ,,,,but hope all is safe and well at your home and neighborhood!!

    60's,,,Yea! for farmers market huh!,,gives papa smurf something to do and gives you the alone time you need ,,plus extra money!,,,,is it just me or are the storms more fierce than before? They seem to be up here!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,more rain more wind and more thunder and lighting strikes!,,close too,,,,

    well i advertised my washer and dryer in the local mountian trader and they sold over nite!,,,couldn't believe how attached i was to them!,,,,,,,,,,,lolol,,,,had to sell them because there are no hook-ups where i'm moving and pluse i needed the money,,,They were an older set but they worked really well!

    Finally got some progress made in the packing department,,basicaly it's just all the big stuff now!,,,,oh yeah and all my clothes and coats etc,,,,,,,,too much!,,,,,,Hugs!,,,S
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    I am not comfortable living in Savanna.If and when Melissa decides to leave there I won't be close to any family. And most of my Dr.s are in rockford. So my other daughter(Jen) and her husband are looking for a place for me in Janesville Wis. I'll be looking at a 1 bdrm on Wednesday when i go to see pain Dr. Nancy I'll let ya know how that goes. It is $440 a month,all utilities except gas. Which i can get on a budget plan. My kids are ready to move me right away! Jen and hubby have offered to pay my deposit as I won't have that. So I'll pay them once a month.I'm just thinking of all I need to do! It's sorta overwheming,but will be worth it! I'll let ya know how it goes seeing the apt. Thank goodness i was smart enough to keep my furniture in storage the last 5 yrs!!!!! Just need to get my stuff out of this house!
    No,Ron does not have any kids. He once told me he wish he had. But if he would be the way he is with mine.....i don't think that would be such a good idea. He has made the statement lately he is glad he has no kids. Well they come first with me! No man will ever change that!
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    whats going on Sis did you get moved? and nancy hope your computers not down,I hate it when mine goes down. Robin have you decided where your going to move to. Gosh we all seem to have so much going on in our lives right now,I just looked at a picture I have .it makes good sense. It says let us be silent,so we can hear the whisper of God.
    I know thats the only way sometimes that I can get back on track,I usually end up going for a ride in the car and just wait for the thoughts to come to me. I can tell when it comes from God,because I don't have to think twice about it. there,s just peace in the thought.
    This world is spining so fast,some times we just need to say stop. and let God take the wheel. have a great day Gals.Hugs sixtyslady.
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    Well the kids were here along with alot of more company for the Baby shower,,,,It went very well!,,My dad even got to come down to be with us all,,,The kids had a blast opening presents and eating cake and drinking punch,,,there were 25 people there!,,,(They made a hauling on baby stuff!),,,,clothes,diapers,blankets,baby wipes bottles,you name it they got it!,,,not furniture ,,,,just baby stuff,,,,Don's Mom and I are going in a Crib with a changing table built into it,,,,,Thats the big gift!

    I made this huge cake, and put blue cream cheese frosting on it and sprinkles and then i decorated it with these little suckers the looked like watermelon slices!

    We had a meat/cheese/fruit tray and chips and dips and rolls etc,,,,the kids all left yesterday and now my Brother is here!,,,he's up visiting my Dad and other brother now for a few days,,and then he'll come back down and stay another day with me,,,,,,and help me put some of my stuff in the storage unit,,,,,,,,

    But Guess whose offered to help me move the Big stuff!,,,,My Ex,,,,i said sure i'll let you do that!,,,,,,,lololol,,,,Mean gal that i am!,,,nice of him to offer though,,,,,anyway i miss you all and am trying to get this thing over with,,,,,

    Goodluck Robin on that apt! sounds like a great deal!,,,,Hi Nancy dear!,,,60's ,,,,I love the sayings you have about being quiet and hearing the whispher of God!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Believe me he is helping me make this transision fairly smoothly! the money i need to move was just given to me ,,,,,,,What a blessing ! of course i'm paying it back,,,,but yeah,,,,my faith grows stronger every day!,,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,Sis
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    I have lots to tell you all but I'm going to write it off-line then copy it here because I seem to have issues staying connected.

    Robin - If you decide to move to Janesville you'll be really close to me. Maybe once you're settled in we could meet somewhere for coffee. I know it's horribly stressful to make such a huge change but it will be worth it. I can't wait to hear about your dr. visit. I had one yesterday also with surprising results...

    Sis - sounds like your baby shower went great. Having a new baby is soooo expensive so the showers are wonderful, especially for the first born. At least with the following ones you have hand-me-downs. Sounds like you're getting a handle on your move.

    60's - You're so right, we need to quiet our minds and listen for God. In the big picture He is our only chance at true wellness, both bodies and minds.

    I'll put together my message and post it here soon.

    Many, many hugs.

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    and body is what i have been concentrating on the last few days. Sometimes i think it is a good thing sometimes not...Ron has asked for another chance...he has come to the conclusion that he has been an ass! I didn't give him a definite answer. Of course all of this has sent my body into a huge flare. Been seeing the chiro and massage therapist and trying to rest. I have some things packed and ready.
    My daughter jen has been pressuring me,I don't do well under pressure.She wants me to move this instant! I know she is excited but it is overwheming me. I don't know that i want to live that close to her now. I Will be babysitting ALOT! I can't do it all the time,and she likes to put guilt trips on me.
    This is probably a mistake but,I will try again with Ron,I have to be absolutely sure of what I am doing.He has stopped the drinking for me,maybe he can stop the insane outbursts. I don't know.I guess time will tell.
    He has been trying to get the bills under control the last few days. Finally! He wants a smilem out of me,but right now I can't muster one up. I told him I can't change how I am feeling right now that I am mad and hurt. He says he understands. And is being patient.
    My sister has invited me to meet her at a beach we use to camp at in Iowa,just for the day on Sat. we haven't done anything together for so long. Maybe take a dip in the lake. Weather permitting. I think this will be good for her and me. Cook some burgers. I told ron i was going to do this. He says he is alright with it. I could see some hurt on his face,but maybe if he starts to realize i may not always be at his beckin call he will apreciate me more.
    Time will tell,I hope i am not making another mistake.
    Sis,glad you had a great shower.
    60's yes i need to quiet everything! Life gets to be to much for me sometimes.
    Nancy waiting to hear what has been going on with you. I'll let you know what they tell me tomorrow.
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    Pain DR.,my blood test were pretty good. My cholesterol is back to normal,have lost 15 lbs so far,my vit d is where it should be(finally),my adrenal count is low(he put me on a supplement for that.He is not convinced that I have Fibro,he will be getting all my MRI's on my neck and back and nerve tests from my neuro.
    He thinks my back pain is from sprain legiments in lower and upper back or sciatica in lower. And of course with my neck,failed neck surgery syndrome and more degenerative disc disease.
    He is upping my effexor xr to 225mg said it should help with pain too.
    I will see him in 3 weeks to go over MRI's and such. And to see if effexor upping is helping.
    He is very thorough and has very good bedside manner.He spent an hr with me finding all the spots that hurt,going over blood tests and what he thinks may be the problem. He said after he looks at my other Dr info he will decide on treatment,possibly injections in back legiments. He said some people it does not help,some have releif for 3 mo. to 6 mo. and up to 40 percent pain releif. At this point any releif is better than none.
    Nancy if you want his name and number let me know. I'll let you know in 3 wks what his says.
    HUgs to all,Robin
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    Good Morning My Friends

    I didn’t need to sound so mysterious in my last post – LOL. I was on an emotional “high” after visiting yet another doctor.

    On Monday I had my appt. with the endocrinologist. This was going to be a first visit with him. By accident I had discovered that the med I had been taking for several years for my diabetes had gluten in it. My gut was so damaged I wasn’t able to tolerate any alternative meds so I had been off my diabetic meds for over a month and my PCP wanted me to see a specialist who would probably put me on injections of insulin, thus bypassing my intestinal tract completely.

    After a careful exam he pronounced me NOT ACTIVELY DIABETIC. He said I’m probably in the pre-diabetes category but having lost 60 pounds while I was walking around as a still undiagnosed celiac patient had knocked me out of the active diabetic category.

    So, rather than being put on insulin I’ve gotten a pass on active diabetes. I just need to eat well and not aggravate my sugar levels.

    Many hugs,
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    It sounds like your visit to the pain dr. is going to help you. I like that he has been so thorough.

    I just got home from my PCP. She wants me to see the pain clinic at Janesville Mercy because she's not sure how much longer our clinic will allow her to perscribe percocet to her patients with chronic pain. (this is thanks to Hollywood and their misuse of perscription pain killers). She said because the dr. treating Michael Jackson is being investigated it's going to create a much more cautious atmosphere for drs. who offer their chronic pain patients either percocet or vicodin. Neither drug is on the approved list for long term use so even though physicians know their patients the legal issues will force them to stop offering this modest relief.

    Since she is a family doctor she really gets to know her patients (and their families in most cases). She knows which ones are likely to abuse the drugs and knows that I definately DO NOT.

    She suggested I call our insurance provider to see if they'll cover my going to Mercy. She thinks a morphine patch would be a godsend to me and said she would definately advocate for me to be given this.

    Is this the clinic you went to?? It's the only one I know of in Janesville.

    Are you feeling better about your decision to stay with Ron? You have to do what you think is right for YOU. You're the only one who knows how you feel.

    Please keep us posted.


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    Yes,Mercy is where i went. Dr. Altbuch is my Dr.,he is very good. You'll like him!

    I'm not sure if staying with ron is the right decision. But I am willing to let him make amends if it's possible. My grandchildren and daughters have been here and so far so good. Ily and Gabe will be here till Friday,so we'll see how it goes. He hasn't gotten smart mouthed with me. I guess i just keep waiting for the shoe to drop if ya know what i mean. I haven't unpacked my things.
    I was gone all day yesterday with my appt.,daughter and her mother in law. Got back at 8:30,he didn't complain at all. Which surprised me. Maybe he will appreciate me more if I'm not here all the time.
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    I'm probably going to be leaving the board and I wanted you to know how much your friendships have meant to me.

    A controversy on the FM/CFS board has hurt me so deeply I just couldn't resist stricking back. Odds are I'll be asked to leave.

    So, regardless of ProHealth's decision I think I need to step away for a time.

    My love to you all, you're in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  15. mysticbrit

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    My concern thru all of this is that the boards will suffer. I have never wanted to add to the drama some folks start and I ended up getting sucked in anyway.

    I'm just going to chill for awhile until the dust settles.

    Again, thanks for your support.

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    Please don't leave because of some idiot that has a closed mind. Report them to prohealth or hit the ignore button as the rest have said. It's really sad that there are people out there just waiting to jump on someone for anything. I haven't read what was going on,but pleaSE DON'T LEAVE YOU ARE NEEDED HERE AND WANTED HERE BY SO MANY OF US! yOU HAVE BECOME FAMILY TO ME and others.
    I look forward to hearing from you and comparing what we are going threw. Because we never know what will help one another.
    Please don't leave...Hugs,Robin
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    Your kind words mean so much to me. I'm going to take down my posts on the FM board and will use the "ignore" button from now on rather than allow myself to cause stress to others.

    My heart goes out to the little girl you cared for. I have two adult children and my daughter got tested to see if she's got the celiac gene. Thank goodness she doesn't. My son said he'd rather not know since he doesn't have any symptoms at the moment. Can't say that I blame him.

    Again, thank you.
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    i've missed alot while packing boxes!,,,Yes Nancy please stay with us on this side if you can! As Robin said your family now!!,,,,Glad you both had great Dr. Visits!,,,,,,I'm just stopping in to say Hi as the moving and packing are in full swing now, and will have to be disconnected from the net for awhile.
    60's~~~are you still with us?,,I bet your garden is in major full swing now!,,,My tomatoes are really getting heavy out there!,,,,the red cabbage is also doing really well,,,,,,anyway i'll catch up to you all later!,,,,HUgs!,,,Sis
  19. mysticbrit

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    Robin - you must have been posting at the same time I was responding to SJ. Thanks for your support. Yes, we have become "family" here and I won't give that up.

    Sis - It sounds like you're almost ready for your move. I've been thinking about you and hoping the move wasn't wearing you out.

    I've learned my lesson about getting caught up in another person's Drama. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks???? I've removed those posts and will not engage in another one.

    We're having hubby's daughter and her family over this week and the house is a mess. Getting it cleaned up should keep me busy and off that other board.

    So for now, I'll be keeping my nose clean.

    Again, thanks to everyone who reached out to support me. You have no idea how much that means.

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    thanks Sis for inquireing as to if I"m still here,yep I"am. my computers been down I'm using my son""s right now. Glad to hear that your getting settle.Austin did great at the 4-h fair. got Grand Champion and won the barrel and flag race,I know this probably doesn't mean alot to other people but we"re so proud of him,he does so well with his health problems and having to give hisself shots of insulin.
    Yes our garden is doing great,just starting to get some ripe tomato,s
    My back pain is really bother me,but with no Insurance I just have to treat it myself.My Daughter got me a sample of bio freeze from the clinic she works in. hope it helps my pain.
    well Robin and Nancy hope your Dr apps go well.
    The weather has been great here I get along better when its cooler. Take care sixtyslady.