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    Hi Gals,how are things going? looks like everyone is kind of busy.
    Our wedding went great Sat the horse and carraige was a total suprise and the weather turn out beautiful,what a great western cowboy wedding. the bride was beautiful. I tried to post pictures but of course since they changed the board last year I"ve never been able to post anything.
    hope all is well with you Gals,Sis are you getting used to your new place? and Nancy still praying for your situation.hope theres an inprovement. Robin hope your pain level has been helped by your shots. all and all I feel pretty good for all the things we did this times I was really in pain,but I"m glad we did all the fun things we did.
    Our 30th Anniversary was Sun and the kids took us out for dinner,we had a great meal and a nice time. It was just a great week-end with the wedding ,and all of my kids where there and Dustin sang the couples first song for them. then there was Depot days in our little home town and we saw people we had"t seen for a long time. makes you realize how much family and old friends mean in this journey we're on. hope to hear from you gals. we have spent a long winter together last year and this summer we have all had our problems hope we can continue to chat with each other because you gals are friends also. it would be a shame to stop sharing with each other. Hugs Sixtyslady.
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    I've been thinking and praying for you all. I truly appreciate all of the support you've given me.

    So far, so good with my son. He stayed here for 5 days then went back to his dad's. He calls every day with an update. Today he's stuggling.

    On Sat. we had a birthday party for our grandaughter (son's daughter). We decided to meet at a local restaurant. My daughter and her family met us there so I got to have both my kids & all three grands, plus SIL all together. Hubby picked up a dozen cupcakes at our favorite bakery that morning. My former DIL brought her down and we had a long talk about the whole situation. She is willing to allow my grandaughter come to our place so she can spend time with my son. As I said before, so far, so good.

    Hubby found out today that he will need eye surgery. They are so busy he can't have it done until Nov. He had his other eye done almost 4 years ago and it turned out great so we're very hopeful this one will too.

    60's Lady - so glad the wedding went well. What a wonderful surprise for the wedding couple. One of the women who used to work for me at the newspaper used to raise horses and her hubby owned a lot of buggies. They did the same thing for weddings and she said they could have been scheduled every weekend if they'd chosen to but were also busy farmers so didn't have the time.

    Robin - I feel for you and your family issues. I pray things will resolve themselves. There is no pain so deep as watching your children suffer thru bad decisions.

    Sis - Does your new place feel like home yet? I'll bet you're counting the weeks now, waiting for that grandaughter.

    Well, I need to get to some chores (tomorrow is trash pick-up and I need to clean out the fridge).

    Prayers & hugs for you all,
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    Of course i just typed a long post to you's and it didn't go through ,,,argg!,,,,60's thanks for starting a new chat!,,It seems to really help deal with the problems in life when we have somone to talk about it to! i appreciate all your friendships!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Papa surff! sounds like you all had a wonderful summer! The fall wheather is comming up soon (my favourite!),,The wedding sounded wonderful too!

    I love the new apt! although the neighbors are trying really hard to test my patients (you know the new gal on the block),,,,,I typed it all out in the other post!,,,One guy next door wants to use my phone for a message phone and also wants me to drive him to the lake so he can fish,,,,etc ,,,don't feel good about his character!,,so no thanks!,,,,,,Then there's another guy across the way that wants to make sure that my dog is on a leash so his doesn't have to be!,,,,and then the two gals down from me are obnoxcious and don't want me here because it will cause problems for the guy with the no-leash dog ,,,,,plus they stole my garden claw out of the other garden and tried to tell me that it wasn't mine when i saw them using it,,,,,,,Ok ,,,,,and how and where and when to park my car!,,,,,YEA!,,,,i'm just not responding to any of them and just go about my buisness and follow the house rule book,,,,other than that i'm doing great,,,,lolol

    Nancy~~~So glad that things are improving on the family front! you and dh are great parents and grandparents!!,,,it takes alot to maintain a family these days!

    Robin~~Hope all is ok with you and that your getting the pain relief you need! please check in and let us know how your doing!

    I went up to spent the day with my Dad yesterday and we went out to visit my aunt and uncle and looked at old family albums all afternoon! It was wonderful!,,,,,day before i went over to the other garden to get my tomatoes,,about 10 lbs,,put them in the window seal to finish ripening,,,,,also got my red cabbage heads out,,they turned out good,,,think i'll get the potatoes up the first of oct,,,,,,HUgs and prayers to you all!,,,sis
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    sis sounds like your new place is great,it takes awhile to get adjusted to new people,and sometimes you just have to sit back and observe for awhile so you can decide whish one,s you want to become friendly with. your garden sounds like ours ,the garden is starting to wind down.I"m going to try and dry some of my herbs today in the oven,hope it works.
    also making some herb will last 2 to 3 weeks in frig. Want to make some herb butter and freeze into logs good for spreading on bread or putting on cooked veg & meat.
    my herbs are just now starting to catch on at the farmers market,local restrauts have been buying them.
    Nancy good to hear you son is getting along. hope you and your D/H can enjoy the fall weather.
    Robin, hope your hanging in there,some how everything seems to work out.keep your chin up hope to hear from you soon. Hugs Sixtyslady. hey Sis I just love looking at old albums it,s great fun glad you got to enjoy it.
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    I finally got my hair cut. I've had to cancel two appts. because I was sick and I was ready to start hacking at it myself. Luckily my hairdresser is a great friend of mine (our kids are the same age) so she understands when I need to cancel. She even said she'd come to the house to give me a trim if I needed her to. I've always believed that good friends are proof that God really does love us.

    Sis - so glad you're enjoying your new home. As 60's Lady said, just sit back and let your new neighbors sort themselves out before you get too involved in other people's drama. Lord knows we have enough of our own without going outside to find more. I'm so glad you had a nice day with your dad and family. Looking at pictures from the past brings back some great memories.

    Your gardens sound wonderful. What I wouldn't give for some really fresh produce right now.

    60's - forgot to offer my congrats on your anniversary. Hubby & I are up to 10 years now, after more than 30 married to the wrong people first - LOL. Oh well, new beginnings can be wonderful.

    Robin - We're all wondering how you are. Even if you don't have time to write alot please just drop a quick note to let us know you're okay.

    Hubby just remarked again how great I look - must have looked pretty bad when I left the house - LOL LOL.


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    I am doing ok.

    I am trying to let go and let God! Melissa came home yest. and dropped a bomb on me. She told me she hasd gotton married that morning. I was speechless. Hurt,couldn't beleive it,shocked. I am letting it go because i want to be in my daughter and grandson's life. My body doesn't handle stress very well,but at least the pain isn't as bad. She wil be staying here until theyget a apt.,she is packing her things and moving it to my storage. People have been calling just about non stop. I turned my phone off today so I could rest. No one is hapy about this. Ron is mad,so u can imagne what i am going through with him. Then all he was concerned about was getting her link card. I told him this morning to drop it,I can't take anymore ranting and raving. She said she will let us use the card. I told him I wanted to get groceries by myself,I needed some time to just be by myself outside of this house. Well that didn't go over well at all. So I told him forget it,I would wait for him. Then he gets more sarcastic.
    I will be moving in a week or 2. Just can't take the stress anymore,it will kill me. Waiting for melissa to get her things out.

    Sounds like ya'll have been very busy.Glas things are going well. I enjoy hearing from you all! Soon my life will change for the better.
    All of you are in my heart and my prayers.
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    Robin just saw your post, just take it easy,I feel so bad for you .it must have been such a blow to have your daughter tell you she got married. We jsut have to trust God will see you and her through this.
    I know this sounds selfish but you have to start thinking about yourself,try to get out and just get away, just go shopping or for a ride,maybe you could find a church in your area and meet with other single people,I hope you can get out of your relatioship with Ron,just sounds like it,s not met to be. I know it will be hard for awhile but if you can do it ,it will be so much less stress,but no matter what you decide we"re all here for you. so keep us up to date. go for walks with your dog,and maybe just talking to people when you get out will give you a chance to think about something else. It,s abeautiful time of the deserve a break from this stress. Go get your hair done, buy a new outfit. there,s still good guys out there and maybe one just waiting for someone like you. God bless Hon. It will get better. hugs Sixtyslady.
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    Well it's another new day in the neighborhood!,,,basicaly i'm just doing my own thing and not getting involved in the wacky neighbor stuff!,,Thanks for the advice 60's,,,Nancy,,,also i have to realize that some of the folks that live here are dealing with mental disabilities and not so much physcial ones,,,,,makes life interesting to say the least!

    60's ~~can you tell me how to make the herb vinigar dressing?,,sounds really good!,,,,,also i knew this gal that would make the herb butter and freeze it in ice cube trays,so she could use it one at a time for cooking,,etc!

    Nancy ~~I love your new Hair doo!,,it sure makes a difference when you have someone like your hair dresser that will be so considerate of your painlevels ,,etc,,maybe dh wants to take you out on a date!??,,,,lolol,,,,does he miss teaching?,,,i bet he does since he did it for so long!,,,,,My kids started their 2nd year on the native american reservation this past 2 weeks,,,,Nell has Kindergarten this year and Don has 4th graders!,,,,,It will be a great year for them!,,,,oh yes and the BABY will be here in 8 weeks!,,,,can't wait to hold my new Grandson!,,,Nell will be on maternity leave for 6 weeks and then Don actually gets to be on leave for 2 weeks when she gets done,,,,it's all paid time off so thats good!,,,,,,How is your girl doing with her collage classes? Goodluck to your son and all your grands!

    Robin~~I feel your pain!,,,please like 60's said ,,do something for yourself!,,Life is to short to be in a miserable relationship!,,,at least thats my thinking,,,Prayers for you!,,

    I'm heading out to meet a friend for lunch today and she wants to hit some yard sales (i don't need anything!) but i'll go and look anyway!,,,,,,,,,,,I hope you's all have a great day!,,,,,,,,,sis

  9. mysticbrit

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    Dear Robin - Sis & 60's Lady has already given you some good guidence. I'f been finding out the hard way that it's impossible at this point to change anyone except yourself, or at least how you react to situations. Certainly easier said than done, I know. Right now you've simply got to protect YOU and your health. Don't try to make any radical changes about your future until you've had a chance to calm down and not make snap decisions.

    Sis - my daughter finished her master's classes over the summer (got A's) and is now back to teaching full-time. She's pooped out but getting back into the groove. Both boy's are also back to school and my poor SIL is just trying to keep everyone's schedule straight. Good luck with that. My daughter teaches at a local college, 1 boy is in high school and the other in middle school - each in 3 different directions.

    It's really nice that your SIL will be able to take a couple weeks off after your daughter goes back to school once her maternity leave is over. They must be getting so excited.

    My hubby is having dreams (nightmares) that he's late to school, or the car won't start, or he went to the wrong classroom. After teaching more than 40 years I guess it will take a couple more years of retirement for him to completely de-stress. LOL

    So far, so good with my son. My ex is now saying that it's ALL my fault for having drugs (my Soma) in MY own house and that HIS precious son was somehow forced to take them. Gee, I guess I am at blame because my hubby had just picked them up at the pharmacy and put them on the table and I hadn't LOCKED them up yet, then my poor weak 37-year-old son walked in the door unannounced, noticed them, and pocketed over half of them while I was in the bathroom, not even aware that dear son was in the house.

    My daughter's 40th BD party is in a couple of weeks and if that man even attempts to speak to me I'll deck him, with every bit of muscle I can muster up. Geez, the very thought of it makes me happy.

    So Robin, as you can see I'm the last person to offer up relationship advise. All I can do is pray for you ALL and hopefully this madness will stop.

    Luv ya all,

  10. sisland

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    It's a very cloudy and cool day out, and thats just fine with me. I'm in between laundry jaunts.I have to admit that i really like my new apt! I'ts bright and cheri compared to the other one. the neighbors are actually leaving me alone for the past 3 days!,,Yea!,,,The manager came over and installed grab bars in the bath tub, and that makes it really nice because now i can actually take a shower without the fear of slipping and falling,,,,

    The other day when i went to lunch and garage sales with my niece's mother-inlaw we had alot of fun, but man oh man was she a front seat driver!,,,almost pulled out in front of this truck when she said "I't all clear you can go",,,,,good thing i looked!,,,,omg!,,i wouldn't be typing this right now!,,,but anyway i got a really good buy on a brand new in the box reebok yoga mat with a cd,,,$3 bucks,,,and then i found this really nice pile of kitchen linens for $2 bucks,,,anyway today i'm just home doing chores and making bread,,,,,
    Hope you are all having a great Labor day weekend,,,That is so wonderful Nancy that your daughter is teaching with her masters!,,you must be really proud of her!,,,,I hope she has a great birthday too!,,,,,It's not your fault that your meds were taken ,,omgosh!
    60's~~Robin,,Hope you's are doing well,,i keep you all in my prayers!,,,,,,,oh' and p.s. i smoke too,,,bad i know but it's only 3 to 4 cig's a day so i guess that makes it ok!,,,,,lololol,,,,,Sis
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    hope everyone is having agreat labor Day. we had a cookout and hayride with the kids and Grandkids last nite,and of course Ghost stories around the bonfire.good time.
    my ears and sinus are so plugged trying every thing I can think of to try and get them to open.just have no energy.
    Its sunny out and alittle warmer today.Sis glad to hear your aparment is bright and cheery,I bought a lamp at walmarts the other day suppose to help with the dreary days.hope it works.
    We went to a couple garage sales I found some cute jellie jars I"m going to use them for dried herbs.
    I think we"re going to try and have a garage sale in Oct. if I it back some energy .
    I just try to keep going or I get depressed so I just push through it til I start feeling better.
    Nancy & ROBIN hope things are going well for the both of you,s well got to fold some clothes have a great day.hugs sixtyslady.
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    Ok i need your opinions and or advice,,I knew i would be typing this ,,,,remember when i told you that my Ex was helping me move all the heavy stuff out of my old apt.,,,,well,,,,he's back in my life again and of course it's making me nervous,,,,I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing!,,He seems to be sober. and that's a good thing!,,,but,,i get the same old feelings when he leaves,,,like in some way i'm sick to my stomach and really don't feel well the next 2 days and i know it's because he just thinks that he can come and go as he pleases,,I knew this would happen because it always does!,,

    I try to keep it at the frienship level but of course he's very persuasive (sp) and it always goes beyond that,,I realize that he's not good for me and that i feel alot better when he's not in my life ,,,,,,,It's so hard because he's not a bad person but is very manipulative mentaly and wants me to just be here when he has time to come around,,,,and or say's he's going to do something and doesn't!,,,I know,,,I Know ,,it's the same old story and i know i need to just go my own way again ,,,,,,Just wondering if you's have any advice,,,,,sis
  13. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I feel bad for you,and I really don"t know what to say I can tell by your post,that your feeling
    like you may be getting into this relationship more than you want to.
    Sounds like he just wants it to be all about him. Is he there for you or are you doing all the giving? I guess I"d say be very know when we limit ourselves to one person,you may miss the chance of meeting just the right person.If you can still go out with friends and not give up your way of life,I think you"ll find the right answer about your ex.I guess I"m trying to say keep your options open for now,and let time tell if he,s changed.Good luck I hope it all works out for you. I"m having some pretty anxious moments right now also,change is never easy in our lives,but sometimes it,s for the best.HUgs sixtyslady
  14. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Hi Sis,

    I think you've answered your own question about resuming a relationship with your Ex. You wrote:

    "He seems to be sober. and that's a good thing!,,,but,,i get the same old feelings when he leaves,,,like in some way i'm sick to my stomach and really don't feel well the next 2 days and i know it's because he just thinks that he can come and go as he pleases..."

    Then you wrote: "he's not a bad person but is very manipulative mentaly and wants me to just be here when he has time to come around,,,,and or say's he's going to do something and doesn't!,,,"

    I agree that people CAN change, but your instincts seem to be trying to tell you something.

    Heaven knows that many of us who are divorced have gone thru the same situation. No one wants to be alone and it's so easy to allow ourselves to remember the good times and forget the bad, but there was a reason(s) why we left.

    You're the only one able to truly examine what is RIGHT for you. Perhaps you can try something as simple as making a chart: Ex's Positive Traits in one column, Ex's Negative Traits in the other. Be brutally honest with yourself when you do this. It's so easy to let our emotions rule our logic.

    If I had to offer advice I'd suggest that you take the time to really see the whole picture. There's no hurry, you're settled in your new home now, with a grandbaby on the way. Lots of positives in your life as it is.

    Deep, lasting love will NEVER hurt.

    Luv ya,

    P.S. Okay, this is really sensitive and personal but you're a friend so I'll say it anyway...Please, please, remember these are different times we live in now and you need to protect yourself during intimate times, if you decide to go there. Geez, I feel like your mommy. Sorry if I offended you.
  15. sisland

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    It's all very clear to me when i read your words of wisdom!,,,I know that He's not right for me and that i can't have a relationship with him, but he's such a smooth talker and will do just enough to get me back in his corner,,,when he thinks he has it made and that he can rule my life from near and afar,,,,,it's so sad that he protrays that things are different and that he has changed ,,,but truley underneath he hasn't ,,,he's a mental abuser of sorts and i always feel like i have to ask his permission to eat and to go anywhere and to do anything normal people do when he's around and even when he's not!,,,,,,,so yes i've answered my own questions and you have helped me ,,,,,,,,,I do much better with out him ,,,mentaly and physicaly,,,,,,,
    I was just feeling so bad this morning and knew i needed another perspective and i really appreciate it!,,,more than you's know!,,,,,There's a guy that lives near here and he always stops and visits when i'm out with the lucky dog and has said that we should go fishing sometime soon,,,,i'm alittle bit nervous about taking him up on it but i guess if i don't i'll never know if it could be a good thing or not. right?,,,,,

    so yes i'm going to keep my options open and see what happens!,,,,Nancy dear you have not offended me and you can be my Mom anytime you want!,,i understand ,,,,,,,Thanks for your advice gals!,,,,,Love sis
  16. mysticbrit

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    Sixty's Lady & I must have been posting at the same time, her post wasn't up yet when I replied to you. Looks like we both felt the same way, just go slow.

    Take your time my friend. Perhaps your Ex has changed but he's going to have to work to regain your trust. In the meantime, open your heart up for possibilities.
    Luv ya,

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    Last night hubby & I were talking about if we'd ever be able to move somewhere warm. With the real estate market in the toilet we've put off thoughts of trying to sell our house & make the move.

    Although we haven't made up our minds about where to move I was sharing about all the wonderful times I'd had with my aunt & her family in Southern Virginia. Hubby has never been to that area and we decided that since we had 4 weeks of vacation stored up with our timeshares we got out the timeshare catalog and started searching that area.

    Well, we ended up booking a week in the Shenandoah Valley, about 100 miles away from where I used to visit. It's a 2-bedroom condo with a full kitchen. We also booked a flight, leaving from Milwaukee, WI and flying to Washington D.C. (about an hour from the condo). We'll arrive about 10 a.m., gonna have to get up before the birdies to get to Milwaukee in time for the flight. It's about 80 miles from us.

    My only problem is finding a rental car, would you believe that's going to cost more than the total round-trip flights. What a racket.

    Anyway, we're leaving Oct. 2nd. so we will have something to look forward to now - finally.

    I can't believe how quickly this all came together. It's like a shot in the arm. My pain levels have been so bad lately, my legs are in constant pain, I can barely get out of bed.

    This will be a perfect escape, away from all the family stuff.

    Just wanted to share something GOOD for a change.


    P.S. Robin - You Okay????
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  18. robin1667

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    Been playing on face book! Think I am addicted! LOL!
    Sis I think our family here has given you good advice,take it slow and check out other possibilites.
    Nancy sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time in Oct! Enjoy the moment!!
    Went to Grandparents Day at Gab'e school this morning. His other Grandparents showed up too. He was so excited! We had Breakfast pizza,muffins,coffee,juice and milk. Then he showed us his class room. It was a nice start to the morning!
    I haven't moved yet. Seems like everytime I make plans something comes up and I can't do it just yet. I don't know maybe I am suppose to stay where I am.
    Went to the Wisconsin Lakes Monday. Of course the traffic was terrible on 90. # accidents on the way up.Took another route on the way back. It's so nice up there.
    My back did good most of the way there. But soon reminded me. Tailbone and hip hurt all the way home. Guess I still have to watch how long I can ride in a vehicle,but at least it's longer than I use too!
    My Dad was in the hospital with Prostrate problems. He had surgery for the 2nd time and was having complications. He is doing better now.
    My 2nd cousin was in a car wreck. While waiting to make a turn a truck flew up behind her hit her,threw her in the other lane of oncoming traffic hitting another car. She was critical for a while. But is home now and doing ok. The driver of the car that she was thrown into is not doing well. He is 80 something. He thought he was ok,but the EMT's insisted he go to hospital to be checked out. He started getting worse and they found internal bleeding.Last I heard he is very critical. Say a prayer for this man and his family. The man that hit her walked away with no injuries. No one knows how he didn't see her. Sometimes we space out when driving i guess.
    Enough of the bad stuff!
    Ily has been taken off most of her seizure meds and is doing good so far! Austin started pre-school and loves it!
    My family has a family reunion in Iowa Oct.1st,can't wait to see everyone.
    That's about all that is going on with me right now.
    Have appt. to see pain Dr the 16th of this month again.
    Take care all! Love ya's,Robin
  19. morningsonshine

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    Okay, i may be buttin in, but i'm trying to catch up with you.
    Anyways, Go Fishing!!!
  20. sisland

    sisland New Member

    OK,,,,There's alot of good news floatin' around this morning!,,,which i love to hear!,,,,I'm finally feeling alittle better with out the Ex's ---- in my life for the last 3 days!,,,,wow does he have alot of mental abuse powers that i forgot about!!,,,,,omgosh do i need to be reminded of that ,,,,,,NO!,,hello!
    Thankyou all for the support and advice!,,,I've completley turned the phone off for the last 3 days except to call the kids and checkin' in with them,,,

    Nancy~~oh my goodness going on the trip sounds wonderful!,,i've always wanted to visit West Va. and Va. because thats where my ancestors came from,,,,,I hope you and Hubby have Fun!,,and God bless you on your travels!

    Robin~~Great to hear from you too!,,,I can just see Gabes face when he saw both grammas and grampa there!,,,hey the breakfast pizza sounds good!,,,,glad you got to get out of town for awhile ,,,it always helps!,,,,,,,,sorry to hear about your cousin's accident!,,,,saying prayers for all involved!

    Misty~~Hi!,,glad to see you over here with us!,,,it's a fun group,,,,not buttin' in!,,,lolol,,,i'm thinkin' i'm goin' fishin'!,,,,,,,,,,Hugs all around!,,,,,,,,,,,,,sis
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