Summer cold solution?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ILoveGreen, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Any ideas for dealing with head and chest congestion, sore throat and incessant coughing? I've been pumping Vit C, green tea, lots of H20, Neti pot, have little appetite and am not feeling any better. Also have low-grade fever, but it's hard to get my doc to believe I have a fever when my "norm" is 97 and a low-grade fever for me is 98.8. This has been going on for almost 2 weeks and came on without warning. Just woke up one day with clogged head and very sore throat. Have been trying to get enough sleep while dealing with moving besides. Just do not want to go into full-on flare...
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    ...and yes, I take the infamous Grape Seed Ex in therapeutic daily dosages. As I said, this came on sans warning, or I too would have done the echinacea protocol.
    After I posted, I remembered allicin, a concentrated form of garlic in capsule form. I double-dosed on that 3x/day and it seems to have knocked out most of the "chest" part of the cold, which is great since I was beginning to think bronchitis or even pneumonia with the fever and all.
    I had not had a cold since I got CFS, for probably over 10 years, so this was a bit of a shock to me. I used to get colds that would evolve into bronchitis like clockwork prior to having an amped-up immune system. Maybe my immune system is getting back to normal? Hope everyone has a healthy, hassle-free summer! Remember to appreciate your "normal" aches & pains as a blessing. It could always be worse!
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    ...was "Natural Factors" brand 'Garlic Factors' which is 6,150 mcg Allicin. It is a highly-concentrated, enteric-coated form of the active ingredient in garlic, nature's antibiotic. Because it is enteric-coated, it is not broken down until it reaches the small intestine. It is odorless too! I am so glad I remembered to take this or I'd have wound up going to the Dr. and been given antibiotics.

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