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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mscindy, Apr 27, 2007.

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    This is my first time EVER for reading or posting on a message board. I am a "stuffer"; hardly ever talk about how I am feeling. Sometimes I tell my hubby that I am having a BAD DAY, and he gets it... But does he really? He had a bad flu recently, and I likened it to how I feel EVERY DAY of my life, and then at times worse than that! He is pretty compassionate, but really encourages me to WALK cuz that will "HELP". Which brings me to my question: How do you beat the heat and humidity of summer? I am about 50 pounds overweight, so I really don't want to wear tank tops and shorts. I really wanted to lose weight for this summer, but I didn't. Thinking about summer scares me, because even if I was thin and in shorts I know I would still be miserable. I can not stay in airconditioning because I am a Daycare Director, and will be outside with kids. Fortunately I can delegate alot of outside time, but I really dread even walking to the car. My little boy and husband LOVE the heat of summer. Any suggestions?
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    mscindy even when i was super thin i use to wear dresses all summer long. they have no tight waistband so when the wind does blow it cools off everything. lol. as for doing stuff outdoors with you family. do as much and you can and then if you really don't want to say i'm not feeling good you can always say i have to go in the house for a while and do...... you can figure something out but like unload the dishwasher or something like that. hope that has helped a little......SueF
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    I wish things were better for you. Actually, summer is my favorite time of the year and I feel much, much better then.

    But as far as clothes, I don't look good in shorts and also am a lover of loose skirts and tops or jumper type dresses. they look good and are cool, and are much easier to get into. I feel dressed a little better so feel better, and they are actually cheaper than a shorts outfit!
    Just put on flipflops and go.

    Sorry summer is not fun for you....

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