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    I just sent for a free sample... don't know how long it will take or if its in the stores yet... has anyone here tried it?

    Here's the mfr's description:

    SUN CRYSTALS(TM) Natural Sweetener is a great-tasting new option for sweetening all your favorite foods and beverages. This 100% natural product is our unique blend of two all-natural, non-GM* ingredients--raw cane sugar and erythritol, a zero-calorie sweetener fermented from sugars. With a delicious sweet taste and nothing artificial, SUN CRYSTALS(TM) Natural Sweetener is ideal for everyone.

    *The SUN CRYSTALS(TM) Brand does not use ingredients from sources that are bio-engineered.

    Erythritol, pronounced [er-ith-ri-tol], is an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener that is fermented from sugars and found naturally in many vegetables and fruits. Erythritol has been used for decades and is considered "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) throughout the food industry. Erythritol is an all-natural granular sweetener that is used in other well-known natural and organic products.



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  2. victoria

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    have you (or anyone else) ever tried vegetable glycerin? It's supposed to be good as well, altho I've never tried it.

  3. victoria

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    I didn't realize Stonyfield was using it, will have to look next time I go shopping. We normally buy their plain whole yogurt.

    I've heard of it before/knew it was a sugar alcohol, but was wondering how good it tasted - I know maltitol does well in products so I'm really wanting to try it. So it sounds like you like it!

    I'm figuring tho that it could have the same 'side effects' as other sugar alcohols -- diarrhea -- if too much is eaten.

    Guess I'll have to remember that old saw "moderation is the key. . ."!!!!

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    Sun Crystals still may have a fairly high glycemic index because it contains cane sugar. Therefore, it may mess with our blood sugar.

    Otherwise, good information.

    I use Stevia because I'm hypoglycemic. It has a glycemic index of zero. I use it to sweeten my daily cup of coffee.

    [Edited: But look at Victoria's chart of other sugars and sugar substitutes glycemic indexes!]

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    Your post got me to wondering about the GI/glycemic indexes of the sugar alcohols...

    I never realized that maltitol was as high as it was, altho not anywhere near sucrose or glucose... but more than fructose ... which is probably why it tastes so good in stuff!

    but according to the different places I looked, erythritol is 0. Here's a rundown on the GIs/Glycemic Indexes of different sugar alcohols, saw this same chart in several different places:

    Glucose 100
    Sucrose 65
    Fructose 19
    Tagatose 3
    Erythritol 0
    Isomalt 2
    Lactitol 3
    Maltitol 34
    Mannitol <5
    Sorbitol <5
    Xylitol 8
    Inulin 4

    If you don't agree with the GIs as reported above, would you comment? I've never really looked at this before.


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  6. mezombie

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    That chart on the GI index of various sugars and sugar substitutes is very helpful! Before I stumbled across Stevia, I used fructose.

    I didn't mean to rain on your parade. I never checked out the GI of erythritol. What concerns me about Sun Crystals is that this product is a blend of cane sugar and erythritol. It's the GI of cane sugar that worries me, as someone with hypoglycemia.

    But for anyone who doesn't have this kind of health issue, Sun Crystals clearly are a better alternative than plain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

    I wonder if the manufacturer lists the GI of this product? If it's close to fructose's level, that opens up possibilities...

    Thank you for contributing all this valuable information!

    P.S. I've edited and corrected my earlier post.

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  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I actually never thought before to look up the GIs of the sugars before, so that's a good thing you got me to do! --because I never realized that fructose or maltitol were as high as they are.

    The only other info the mfr provided on the Sun Crystals Sweetener is this:
    Erythritol*, raw cane sugar
    * Naturally fermented from sugars

    Suitable for people with diabetes; 4g of the total carbohydrate is Erythritol, a natural, zero calorie sweetener.

    So I can only assume from that, that the amount of raw sugar per packet is so minimal it is less than 1 carb.... and I think I remember reading that the laws on labelling about carbs says that if it's less than 1, it doesn't have to be listed (?).

    I'm looking forward to trying it after what Dncnfngrs said!

  8. joyfully

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    $25 for 2.48 pounds. That is 250 packets. Basically $10/pound.

    Can get $5.00 discount on amazon by entering code suncystl. Otherwise, you can get $5.00 coupon from the mfg. web site.
  9. victoria

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    On Amazon there was something to click for a free sample, which is what I did. On Amazon also, there is the $5 certificate I think, too.

    Thanks Dncnfngrs, not sure about the erythritol and can sugar derivation... but I agree it's good to mix it up as where we get our sweeteners.

    I think that's true about food too, imho because of constant availability we are all 'stuck' eating the same foods over and over which is what leads to food sensitivities. But it is hard to eat differently in the current market/culture!

  10. victoria

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    Have to say, about the raw food diet especially, I don't very often see the point emphasized that one should vary one's diet according to seasons... and the recipe books tend to focus on certain foods over and over.

    My daughter's BF ended up with all sorts of food allergies... as a former cook he became, as he says, the type of person he hated as a cook.

    He was limited to about 10 foods for the past 2 years, is now able to eat things he couldn't and can't eat some of the foods he relied on the past 2 years. It's been a rough go, he's not sure what exactly really triggered it all off, but it wasn't helping that he is allergic to mango and was wearing latex gloves as a cook (there is a known cross-over in allergic reactions between latex and mango).

    Since he can no longer work as a cook, he is doing a 2 year refresher/update to put together a portfolio in art, his original degree... when he has had to paint with acrylics (latex!) he has to wear a respirator and non-latex gloves now.

    What is truly amazing is that his feet and lower legs used to ache; he thought it was from standing on kitchen floors in restaurants. But the pain went away when he just started to eliminate some of the problematic foods from his diet and even before he stopped working as a cook.

    What we eat really can make a difference, and is a component that really isn't paid enough attention to.


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