Sun Gazing to relieve pain and depression

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  1. Lendy5

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    Has anyone else heard about this and if so what is your opinion? All Input appreciated.

    Sun gazing is the action to stand bare footed on bare earth and gaze at the sun during safe hours. The safe hours are anytime within 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset.

    Sungazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime usually for a period of 9 months. You can break up the practice in three phases. 0 to 3months, 3-6 months and 6- 9months.

    Psychiatrists are observing that sadness is caused by lack of sunlight and even physical illness can be cured by sungazing.

    Sungazing also has added advantage of getting vitamin A and D during the 1-hour safe period. Vitamin A is necessary for the health of the eye, the only vitamin that the eye requires.

    Please note that I am not recommending sunazing.
  2. waxdiva

    waxdiva New Member

    That was on a "Wife Swap."

    Is it for real?? Really...
  3. rockgor

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    but it sounds somewhat hazardous. I remember years ago a teenage girl stared at the sun during an eclipse and had permanent damage to her eyes.

    Of course we know some people benefit from special light bulbs, especially during winter.
  4. Mikie

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    From being out in the sunlight but I'm not sure it is ever safe to look directly at the sun. It is important that the sunlight reaches our eyes but it only takes 15 mins a day. After that, the benefits are negligible.

    I am from CO where the UV rays are strong due to the altitude. There are a lot of people with retinal diseases and cataracts there. I grew up and didn't wear sunglasses until I was in my teens (and then only to look cool). I doubt that they prevented the UV rays from pentrating the lenses. We have very bright sunlight in FL where I live now. I don't even have to go outside; it streams into my condo almost every day.

    My eye doc thinks that getting proper nutrition and wearing protective eyewear would prevent a lot of the retinal diseases which are so difficult to treat. I do have cataracts but they are so small that I may never have to have them removed if I keep wearing my sunglasses. I don't go out without them.

    When I lived in CO, I suffered from SAD and used the tanning beds in the wintertime. I did wear protective eyewear when I used the beds. I know they are not good for the skin. Using a light box is better.

    Love, Mikie
  5. BethM

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    I've heard that raising your face to the sun with your eyes CLOSED for a few minutes is healthy for us, but not looking at the sun directly. I can't imagine that is healthy at any time, without proper eye protection.

    I've also read that because most of us wear sunscreen almost all the time, we don't get all the vitamin D we need. So, I guess being out in the sun (gasp!) without sunscreen for a little while each day might be good for us!

    Interesting topic.

  6. crossword

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    I have lived in the Northwest only for a few years and developed S.A.D. last winter. We had rain week after week and had to stay indoors. I purchased a therapy lamp to be used 15 minutes at a time once or twice a day. It worked but the instructions say do not stare into the lamp but you can be doing something else such as reading, working crossword puzzles etc. It only took one week to totally reverse the symtoms and get me back to normal. In other words my internal clock had to be reset. The lamp is placed anywhere from 8 to 23 inches away from your face. SAD feels like constant jetlag and also gives you depression which we don't need. I did alot of research on this and even my doctor didn't know what it was and said I needed a shrink. I no longer use that doctor any more. My current Dr. also had it last winter and understands what it is.
  7. SilverTears

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    Quite some time ago, I read about the direct connection between S.A.D. and sun light. I agree with the others as far as not actually gazing into the sun because of damage to the eyes.

    I had a "light box" with UV rays, and it was set to come on two hours before I would usually wake up and flood the bed in light. I sleep sound enough that it didn't bother me, but I can see how it might bother others.

    I live in N. IN, and we have had so many gloomy days the last few years, both summer and winter. In the summer I spend a lot of time outdoors. I also take naps outside when the weather permits. I just plain love the

    Personally, I think the box has helped me, but I will know better in the winter.

    Take Care..........Connie

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