sunday afternoon naps;

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    does anyone remember Sunday afternoon naps, when we were kids,
    One of my fondest memories,
    On the old screen porch, sometimes I really did"t nap but Mom would always make us kids lay down ,on Grandmas porch even some of the men would come out and sit and drift off.
    then when we got up we would have ice cold watermelon.
    and go out under the big old shade trees and play with the kittens.
    everybody on the farms always had kittens.
    and if we where lucky grandpa would let us go down to the barn and try our hand at milking.
    I was always kind of scared of the cows,I was probably 5 or 6,my older cousins would laugh at me.but I didn"t care I"d tag alone anyhow.
    what a good child hood I had. sixtyslady
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    Every summer our family would go to visit my grandparents in their house on Cape Cod. We'd walk down to the beach about 10:30 in the morning and stay until about 1:30, eating a picnic lunch. Then we walk back to the house and take a cold shower under the garden hose and shiver upstairs and get into dry clothes. Then we'd read on our beds, all the windows open to let our hair dry, and fall asleep to the gulls' cries and warm breeze. We'd waken to a bright, but deeper blue sky and the smell of freshly cut grass, lighter fluid and the grill starting. After dinner, we'd run down the hill and try to catch fireflies. Then we'd come in for ice cream (my grandfather would cut it in slices from a 1/2 gallon box) and play Rummy or Parchesi until it was bedtime.
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    That sounds so good, seems like no one comes out of their houses anymore.
    we got neighbors but we only pass them in the lane and wave no one has time anymore.Sad.
    hugs sixtyslady
  4. Your right, everyone's too busy nowdays. And when their not the cell phones ringing. I remember the days when every Sunday as a kid we went to grandma and grandpas house to visit. Sometimes for dinner, sometimes just to visit. Then my aunts , uncles and cousins might come by too. Of course going home, we always stopped for an ice cream cone. Oh the good old days.
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    To be honest, when I was a kid and even a teenager, I had way too much energy to even think about a nap. Had so much energy I didn't realize back then what I had and I took it for granted.

    But nowadays, a good sunday afternoon nap in my lazyboy every now and then is very welcomed. I guess you could say, a lazy boy in a lazyboy......And I still love those cold sweet watermelons.. In the old days, it was fun to go out in the fields and bust one open and just eat the sweet heart out of it...
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    hey guys its Sunday, and very hot here so maybe I"ll take a Sunday nap. in the a/c. have a good one.