Sunday Nite insaniteeeee

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Didoe, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I dont know whats come over me...was it payday? oh my, I've been naughty today...smoke coming outof the laptop and very little work done, but my wardrobe has extended by a few (just a few items for work and shoes--i got lucky and found one lady wi SIT3 pairs of brand new shoes in my size!!!!!!!!
    Let this be a lesson to young unsuspeccting newcomers to /fm, when ya take your sleep meds, crawl into bed. DO NOT STOP, DO NOT PASS GO AND DO NOT SIT A YOUR COMOPUTER BECAUSE,you will find yourself spedning money splendiferously. Okay I confess I had a glass of Baileys also in honor of st patrick and the bunny.
  2. owowow

    owowow New Member

    to have a credit card -- I buy it locally or not at all. In 2006 I bought a total of 1 pair of sweat pants & some socks. I don't get out much.............nothing to wear.:}
  3. survivor13

    survivor13 New Member

    hi didoe

    i do that too, take the 14 nighttime meds to help me sleep, move, go the loo, get up, relax etc all good fun and as you say have a nightcap maybe then its on the laptop to check this site, messages and whatever else pops up and you do find that things either seem an absolute bargain or too good to miss so you buy them or order a load of things you think you need and wouldnt have ordered in the cold light or day first thing in the morning lol its so easy to do and so unbeleivable when you realise what you have done the next morning ha ha ha but hey we are only human and nothing is oredered which cannot be returned or so i tell myself when allsorts of things land on my doorstep which i vaguely remember seeing at some point on my screen oh dear, never mind you are not alone so dont worry and happy shopping!!!!
  4. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I think that is a real problem for us ... we can't GO shopping like normals so we shop on line and before ya know it ... get into trouble ... been there / done that. Bored, lonely & depressed :-(

    I did recently break down and bought me a new outfit (slacks and top) for my Dad's 80th birthday party and 2 new tops (for work). I feel guilty for doing so, even though they were on sale! The party is this weekend and I look sooooo horrible ... bloated and face is breaking out (probably from meds). Of course all of my cousins and sisters always look fantastic!!! The outfit is "springy" and we are supposed to have snow showers!!! We are pushing 80 today ... welcome to Ohio.

    I think I am going to make my own "button bracelet" in colors to go with the outfit. I have tons of buttons around here. I just hope I can see to do it ... lol.

    I broke down and had a pina colada to honor my Irish Heritage ... Bunny still gets honored with MILK CHOCOLATE.

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