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    Sun, thought of you while listening to Dr. Marc Darrow on KRLA Sunday at 2, Saturday at 1 if you get that station out your way. He is a Prolo MD, been doing it `16 yrs and teaches it at UCLA....anyway, many call in with neck issues of all kinds and he answers emails from his site:

    He forever preaches don't cut the body, heal and strengthen the ligaments that give us joint pain. I had Prolo in my right foot almost 3 weeks ago and it's helping....I may have a 2nd dose when my rheumy is back in Jan.

    I had Prolo in my shoulder 4+ yrs ago and got 3 yrs of wonderful relief.....I'm working on doing that again and for knee too.

    I think you mention cervical stenosis and I would certainly look into Prolo for that least a consult. Donna Ackerman, D.O. is out in Monterry Park area and I even have her book on Pain and Prolo. She has a website...

    My neighbor who is 87 and has had a stiff neck for going on 4 yrs, can't move her neck in either doing acupuncture 2 times per week with Dr. Ha here in SM. She is now moving neck a bit....I'm not sure why her neck is frozen up...but it all came on when she was in a rehab facility after her hip replacement....

    Anyway, thought of you and checking in Prolo for your issue....the more I hear about Prolo stories, the more I believe in it vs cutting on the body.....for sure. jam
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    thanks Jam. That was very thoughtful of you. Since i've been staying off regular computer I'm doing better along with the Ezorb and glucosomine/chrondroitin (1500 mg plus) daily. I had read that the glucosomine blend helps with stenosis so I've been taking it for about 6 weeks.

    I have a cyber friend who had lumbar stenosis surgery along with repairing discs back in oct 2012 She definitely not better and her surgeon says they need to operate again......she's saying no way on her 74 year old body. Her body is just not healing the way it should. I feel so bad for all the pain and suffering she's gone thru for nothing.

    I know we've talked about the ezorb might consider it. The first bottle is totally refunded if you don't think it helps. You DO have to take a double dose for the first 3 months, and it is not cheap, but honestly I feel it's helped take away the pain for me, having lived with this for at last 15 to 20 year.
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    Sun, I've looked at the Ezorb and don't understand it and don't take a LOT of calcium, much much more is pricey.....

    Anyway, the Prolo info is here if you change your mind.....glucosomine doesn't do much for me....if anything.

    I would NEVER do back surgery and hear the stories from so many who have gone this route and are in hip replacement has been such a disappointment, it's messed me so much. The Prolo MD works with many many who have done surgeries and are worse off or no improvement....

    Glad you are feeling better...jam

    PS: Looking further, I found this on Ezorb and it just doesn't "feel" right for me to try. But, it seems to be good for your issues...

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