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    Thought I would answer you under a separate post so my response doesn't get lost.

    I'm very happy for your friend. Most of us can see something in the urine when the Guai starts to work. It can look like crystals, like the tarter on teeth, like talcum powder on top of the urine, and/or bubbles (likely caused by the phosphates).

    I had used the Guai to great success for reversing my FMS symptoms. Now, I'm working on the CFIDS, which is much, much more challenging. I will have to take a maintenance dose of the Guai the rest of my life or until there is a cure. Dr. St. A believes we have some kind of defect which does not allow our kidneys to excrete the phosphate debris.

    If one has access to a doc who is knowledgeable in treating with Guai, the odds of success seem to go way up. I believe there is a list at the Guai wesite of docs who are knowledgeable. There are some docs who think they are knowledgeable about the protocol but are not.

    I did the Guai treatment on my own. I didn't find a good specialist until I was well into the treatment. I did use a buddy system with another person who was starting the Guai when I did and there were others here familiar with the treatment. We have a member here named, Jude, who is probably the most knowledgeable of us all. She isn't here that often, though.

    A local Guai support group is an excellent way to help with success if one can find one.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Love, Mikie
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    you Sunflowergirl,
    I know she's real interested in this, too.
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