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    I am very sad to read about Jills DH passing away.
    I had not heard from her for months, my e-mails went unanswered, I understand why now.
    Please let her know How Sorry we are, for her loss.

    There are a few others who post here, that have been missing her also.
    I hope they see this post, I know they will be wanting to give her, their Best Wishes also.

    PW is password, lol.

    Portland isn't that far away really, but it probably seems like a Long Long way with him being there.

    I still don't hear from my Son, only when they want something, and I have to say No.
    Big Hurt, there.
    So I do know how you will feel, not being able to see your Son as much as you do now.

    Well hands are swelling again, and I think my Sis is getting ready for her am coffee.
    She's doing better since she moved in, but I am more tired now, she does as much as she can, tho,

    my Sis, that has Throat Cancer, is on Hospice now, but still likes to get out side on her wheelchair.
    My BIL is afarid, that someday, that's how they will find her, slupmed over in her chair.

    We said, so what,? at least she is doing what she wants, so when GOD say's come home, it won't matter where she is.
    She is a walking Skeleton now, very sad to see.
    I have made peace with her, and I will be Sad to see her pass on, yet I know, that GOD will forgive her for the life she lived.
    I think she was truly Bipolar, and that is hard to live with, but, still she did put me through Hell, many. many times.

    But in the end, it dosen't matter, does it.

    Hugs to all, and I do Miss them,

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    I replied earlier and my post disappeared. I was asking who Jill was so I could send regrets etc. This is sad.

    Love Annie
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    Jill is doing OK....still has the bad migraines along with FM and sleep deprivation. Her husband now has a Cpap and is getting good sleep, and is now feeling like he's human again. She's got the greatest sense of humor, which I know sees her thru.

    Her one brother has terminal cancer and is hanging in there. A second brother has just gone thru serious hospitalization but is now recovering. I think this takes a toll on her too.

    Is this the sister who lived in the same park as you? You are a very good sister. We all know your troubles but no matter what, you have been there for your family, always. God will bless you for that. I'm sorry to hear that you still have this separation from your son. What a bad wife he has gotten.
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    Nancy, I miss read your post.
    I am very sorry that Joy's DH passed away, it is a hard thing to go through, losing your Loved one.

    The SIster that I was referring to, is the one who has a good for nothing SOn. If we had not moved her in with us, she would be on the Streets.
    She is doing pretty good now, she had a ragging Infection, plus the Lymphodema, so she has a hard time walking, at all.

    The, Judy is sister who lives in the same place as I do, and is the one who has Hospice now, and is dying from Throat Cancer.

    So now, I have 2 Sisters on Oxygen, my sis, Donna in Oregon, and now Judy, my youngest Bro, is having big Health issues, due to his HepC and other conditions.

    For me it's a toss uo, who is going next.
    my sis, that lives wuth me, thinks I am depressed, because I am afarid I will out live all my Siblings.
    I think she has a good point.

    well back to paper shredding, it's amazing how it can pile up.

    Thanks again for setting me straight about Joy, again, I am very sorry for her loss,
    She is a very lovely lady.

  5. sunflowergirl

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    Does this sister visit with Judy? I know you don't want Judy at your place for all the trouble she's been. If she's bipolar it's hard for her to function and should be on meds.

    What troubles you've had with all your siblings. And yes, you will outlive them all since they all need you desperately and God knows this.
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