Sunlife Canada denied me short-term disability

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    You know, this year has absolutely sucked. In February I was it by falling snow and ice and suffered a concussion and injured my shoulder. I ended up with concusson syndrome as well as an extreme increase in my Fibro pain and symptoms.

    In July, my Dr. wrote me off on disability. It's been a nightmare since then. In Canada, we have a Government program called Employment insurance. They will pay 15 weeks of sick leave at a maximum of %400 per week. My insurance company, Sunlife, do not start benefits until you are off for 13 weeks.

    They just received my claim from my Dr and work and within two days they call me to tell my that my claim is denied because Fibromyalgia is not disabling????? Really. I said that only someone who didn't have it would say that.

    They said they didn't enough info on my head and shoulder injury, I hadn't seen enough Dr's and that I hadn't been seen by my Rheumatologist for 3 years. Well that's because he told me he didn't treat FM patients any more because there was nothing he could do for them.

    Right now I'm seeing a Physiatrist for my shoulder and should have my MRI results by the end of the month. I've also been seen by a Pain specialist, once, who is sending me for an MRI of my spine. He's a right whack job! I guess SunLife likes Pain specialists but I told them that it's taken me a long time to get an appointment. She just said "Oh well".

    If worse comes to worse, I have to go back to work in mid-November. I can't type for more than an half hour at a time, and I'm a computer programmer. How the heck am I supposed to do my job. I work one day and then I crash for two days.

    I'm just so frustrated. There's a lawsuit on the go for my injuries from the accident in February but they can take years to resolve. Plus, my having FM allows them to say that my problems are all due to that and not being hit on the head and shoulder.

    Sorry for the long diatribe. I hate the government and I hate insurance companies. They're all in the business of taking your money, but god forbid you need help and it's deny, deny, deny.

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    hello. one of these lawyers should be able to help you. i don't even think they take a fee till you get money.

    Ted Masters, an Ottawa lawyer experienced in FM & ME/CFS cases,

    Joe Murphy, Q.C., in B.C.,

    Two Toronto lawyers, David Share and Hugh Scher
  3. CanBrit

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    Hi there:

    Thanks for the info. Actually, a junior partner of Ted Masters, is handling my accident claim for the head/shoulder injury. I've emailed him this latest crap and hopefully he can make some suggestions on how to go about fighting it.

    Thanks again,


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