Sunlight Related Skin Issues

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    HURTIN New Member

    Hi Everybody!

    I pray that everyone is well & enjoying the warm weather. (smile) I'm also hoping to obtain a little feedback from someone who may be enduring similar discomforts that I'm experiencing with severe sun sensitivity since they've become diagnosed with fibro. I've researched the forum and it appears as though, my issue is isolated because the majority of the members (who spoke on it) seem to welcome sunlight as though it has medicinal properties to ward off depression etc.

    Not to rain on any one's parade, but I'm extremely depressed and jealous of anyone who welcomes & enjoys sunlight. (smile) I've had fibro for several years; but within the past couple of years, it's become almost intolerable to me. Within minutes of direct contact, my skin becomes red, and itchy with scattered raised patches.

    My skin has become so sensitive that just the mere thought of sunlight puts me in a tizzy. I have to literally close my drapes during the daylight hours because, although the curtains someone diffuse the intensity of the sunlight, my skin will turn red and burn which in turn tends to provoke me to scratch pathetically.

    It also seems to drain what little energy I have. I use sunblock religiously & I've discussed this issue of & on over the past couple of years with my Primary & Rheumy with no concrete results. The dermatologist offered a topical cream which proved to be a waste of medical advice. The only thing that somewhat cools my skin is unrefined shea butter which unfortunately is only a temporary fix. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanx for allowing me to vent. Have an excellent day.

  2. msbsgblue

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    Have you been checked for Lupus? If not then maybe you should.

    Although, my husband has CFS and he cannot tolerate the sun. He gets a rash.

    HURTIN New Member

    Thanx for the input Msbsgblue and Lincamp. This sun situation is really imposing on my joy. Ironically, I have an appointment with my Rheumy on Thursday. I'll present your suggestions to him at that time and I'll be sure to post his thoughts. Thanx again.
  4. TUDY

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    Last Summer I developed an horrible skin condition on my face that the doctors couldn't treat. I was referred to a dermatologist who confirmed Discoid Lupus. It turns out that the medication I was taking, Cymbalta, had triggered it.
    During the summer months when I made the most of the sun because it felt so good I kept having skin reactions like weals and a blister-like rash. Then I developed open sores that would not heal at all, it was horrendous, I didn't want anyone to see me. In the end the only thing that helped was coming off the medication.
    My skin still struggles to heal when I get blemishes etc. so I use special dressing which helps brilliantly.
    So far this Summer I haven't had a major problem, possibly because I'm not on any meds now. But the specialist warned me about not letting my face burn and to wear sunblock.
    Unfortunately, like the rest of my body, because of the Fibro, I just seem to overreact to everything. So the Discoid Lupus is another symptom added to the long list.
    I would check your medication if you're taking any.

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