Sunrider has anyone tried this?

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  1. DeborahLynn

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    A very kind lady from my church told me about Sunrider products, how it cured her from her fatigue, how it has cured people from cancer and MS.

    I told her I just don't have any money to try it. She is signing me up for free for an introduction package.

    So many people have approached me about so many different products that I am SO DOUBTFUL about any of their claims.

    They all sound too good to be true. I need a miracle, but I really don't feel it will come from me buying a product. But there's always that glimmer of hope...

    I feel this is the best place to ask - have any of you ever tried Sunrider?

    (If it is the cure-all, and you have tried it, that means you're cured and you'd probably not be looking on this message board anymore, huh?)

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

    God bless,

  2. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    There's a deafening silence about Sunrider.

    I posted this question yesterday afternoon, and so far this morning, there's no replies, so I am assuming Sunrider is either not well known, or it is not worth commenting about.

    I am going to "bump"this post again to see if anyone has any thoughts...

    (My daughter picked the little smiley face blowing out the candle;)

    Thanks, and God bless!

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  3. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    because I liked the flavour and it was caffeine-free (although expensive).

    While I did find I felt reasonably good while drinking it regularly, I never believed all the hype about it and it certainly never 'cured' me.

    At best it had a mild cleansing effect.
  4. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    You know, I don't know why I didn't think to check out the BBB or check out the web for info on Sunrider, too!

    Thanks, Kina for giving me that info! I kinda wondered that, too, that if it was such a great cure, why hadn't I heard of it on the news or on this board, or something? So suspicious. Kina, can you tell me where you found out this info? I'd be interested in sharing this with the person who is trying to get me to use these products...

    Jam, I agree with you - I do not like working with network marketing schemes. I am not a pushy sales person, and it seems like you have to be pretty pushy or else a very good sales person to be able to make it in those types of companies.

    Jayna, she gave me two envelopes of the powder for the tea to try. It was o.k. I just don't have any extra money for these products, so if they believe so much in these products and are so interested in my health like they claim to be, then maybe they'll keep supplying me with samples, ha ha!

    Thanks for all your replies!

  5. inbetweendays

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    back in the early days i did try some products that i helped me to sleep the other was a good substitute for coffee that i actually that time i was grateful i could actually ingest these products since i had terrible reactions to almost everything....i did call the company once and they were nice and kept insisting i contact my health care provider for any questions.....they were guarded about making healh claims.....i am aware of all the suing that went on because of alleged poor quality control.....i think the truth lies everywhere in this case--they may indeed have a shady past, but i dont think there products are bad.....and i dont think the quality control issue was deliberate....i dont like the network marketing stuff.....

    as to curing anything i dont know---but i am sick of the witch hunt by the fda and big pharma----they are attacking almost anything natural because they really do not want anyone healthy and taking control of their own health is all about the money...and what about all the victims the fda kills every year with their passing of all the so called safe drugs---really wise up
  6. inbetweendays

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    i agree with jamin....and i have watched many of my symptoms and illnesses vanish with the use of supplements, diet, and a plethora of natural health remedies---this has given me great hope to continue in my quest.....and pharma is trying to buy up the vitamin companies and then there is codex----
  7. GigglePoet

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    HI Debra,
    Well this is a tough one. I used this product for several years. I think the cali tea helped me to get rid of toxins and I liked the fortune delight tea as it had electrolights. I believe these products helped somewhat, but expensive. while taking I was pregnant with 3rd child which should have been devistating to my health, but he was the only one of the 3 who was not born jaundiced. Now, I say the verdict is out on this product. I think it helped, but cure?no. Some 20 years later I still suffer with serious immune problems. Would I do Sunrider again?hum....I don't know. I think there are better things to do and I would start with anti inflamatory diet and reading the book, Treating and beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique syndrom by Dr. Rodger Murphree. You would be amazed as to what is in this book and I am seeing improvement between doing his protocol and accupuncture. Hope this helps!
    Best wishes~ GigglePoet
  8. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I just received the starter pack today, so I'll give it a try because the lady from church is paying for it. I don't have one extra cent for anything, unless the Lord provides it. So I'll try it and we'll see if it helps.

    I "Googled" Sunrider, and thanks to you guys' replies and the Google info, I think I have a pretty good idea about the company.

    I just don't like network marketing! I'm not a sales person. I know they're hoping to build their business by giving the starter kit to me. I told the lady that I'm not interested in building a business. She said neither was she 15 years ago when she started using the Sunrider products, but that all she did was share with others how the products have helped her, and people wanted to try it, too. She made it sound so easy, but I know better. I've been talked into trying network marketing a few times before, and I just don't like it.

    Thanks, all, for your replies! I'll keep you posted.

  9. jinlee

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    My SIL swears by their products and she buys them all, eats their stuff, uses all their stuff. Says it has emensely helped her. It is so expensive though so try like some of the nutrition bars and the B12 spray for starters. Those are the only two I have really tried that I thought had any value, but everyone is different.

    I think there are other things out there that are just as helpful and cost less.

    Good luck. The "distributor" aspect I think is what all the hype is about, not the products. Just my opinion.
  10. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    Jinlee! I agree with you.
  11. jodybone

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    Hi Deborah Lynn, I just ran across this post and wanted to talk to you, I love, love , love Sunrider foods.
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