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    I had radiation, many of you know that. Drs. says to be extra careful of the sun and to not expose my neck, shoulder, chest to the sun, unless or with sun screen.

    I am still red from the radiation, it will be peeling off like after a sunburn.

    A friend told me to keep my sun screen in the refrigerator and to not keep it in my car or purse when out. I am to keep it cool all the time or it will lose its potency.

    I do not find this info any where. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Hi Susan,

    I live in TX and am fair-skinned so I am very vigilant about putting on sunscreen, reapplying it and making sure I'm using the right kind with the right ingredients.

    I saw my dermatologist a couple of months ago and we talked about sunscreen and the best kind to use. She recommended Neutrogena with Helioplex, SPF 50 or 70. She did not say that it had to be kept cold.

    I've always heard that sunscreens last through one summer and to pitch them after that. *However, just to be on the safe side since you had radiation, I would double check with your doctor and/or pharmacist re: the temperature and the expiration date.

    I know you didn't ask about this, but thought I'd share anyway while we're talking sunscreen: my dermatologist told me to apply more sunscreen lotion than you think you need to---really slather it on. Most people put on a small amount and think it's enough, but it doesn't absorb into the skin as much as people think.

    Also, the lotion doesn't last as often as people think. *However, the Neutrogena Helioplex is designed to last about 2 hours, so you don't have to reapply it as often. (I'd be conservative though!) Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks for the interesting answers you posted for me. I will check with doctors and the pharmacy.

    I am glad you stated about putting it on heavier and more often. I was not sure about that,

    I had bought Coopertone Sunscreen, no oils added, does not seem to have a scent. I can't wear anything scented. I will also check out the Neutrogena with Helioplex, SPF 50 or 70.

    I used Neutrogena liquid soap for many years, my husband and I both loved it. They stopped producing the non fragrant type. It is sadly missed.

    I lived in Fla. for a few years and never had a sun tan or burn. My son says that it how you can tell the people that live and work there, as we have no real time to spend out doors. LOL. I am very fair and do sunburn and freckle easily, so I am careful.

    I am still red from the radiation, chest, back, shoulder and neck.

    Well, again........thanks Susan
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    i bet it doesn't need to be kept cold...that would be stupid to make something that is going to be sitting in the hot sun at the beach/pool/ fishing boat and needs to be refridgerated to keep it expiration date correct...

    too bad about the radiation....that sucks....

    i bet you have great skin if you have always stayed out of the sun...i am now regretting the sun exposure I got when I was a kid...we didn't know better....think baby oil,tanning air mattress(silver)and floating in the middle of the lake all afternoon....peak sun time, of course!

    try googling the info about the sunscreen and see what you find...