SunshineEmpress – Coconut Oil Benefits?

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    SunshineEmpress – Coconut Oil Benefits?

    Have you done any studies of the cellular effects of different dietary oils?

    There are ads touting "virgin coconut oil" everywhere. Any good science behind this?


    Dietary oils low in saturated fats have been touted for some time as “healthy oils”. There are a variety of sources for these oils and many are of excellent quality but one point is often overlooked. That is, there are wide differences in the quality of various commercial products, especially in the oxidation states of the lipids in the oils. That is why particular attention has been made to quality and especially oxidation damage to lipids in NT Factor preparations containing membrane phospholipids. We know that oxidative damage to membrane phospholipids is the number one reason why mitochondria in our cells decline in their ability to produce high energy molecules (oxidative phosphorylation). This occurs in CFS and in a variety of chronic illnesses, and this is why I recommend NT Factor for chronic illness patients. The phospholipids in NT Factor are protected from oxidation during storage and during digestion, and this is absolutely necessary for replacement of damaged lipids in our cells.

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