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  1. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    I just wanted to say somethings about faith that are not permitted on the other board. Firstly, spend this whole weekend celebrating your leap of faith into your baptism.
    Just allow yourself to be absorbed by His love for you and Yours for Him...ahhhhh, finally Peace! More than we ever could have imagined! That's when this week's stuff w/ the doc will just wash off you. My doc. has been playing with my health for a long time and before discovering these bds
    I wasn't even sure what I should expect from the med. pros.
    I now let my faith lead me, listen to everyone here, research like crazy, and really feel more capable of taking on all the challenges that keep presenting themselves w/my health. That is why it is so important that we get support and friendship on a regular basis, it is a very isolating disorder and we have to fight that the most. That isolation is what leads us to depression and despair. That is not the abundant life He has for us, WE ARE NOT ALONE!!
    So, girl you enjoy...and yes, I think it is a wonderful idea for you to get more involved at your church. Todays youth need people with a loving heart and strong spirit to
    encourage them. Take care! love, Rebel
  2. stilhere

    stilhere New Member

    Its Good To See You Posting On This Board Again!!!!!

    In Christ
  3. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    I have had much going on here, really haven't been posting a great deal on either board....however, I made sure to pray for the requests and I guess was a "lurker" for a bit.
    LOL. Things are a bit better now so I am able to spend a little time on the computer. Thank you for noticing my absense, that makes me feel good! love and peace, Rebel
  4. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Things are going OK so far today. The baptism was great! Continueing to celebrate today. Its sort of intermission right now.. LOL. Having potluck and then a Christian Rock Concert later tonight.

    My mom passed a bible to me, its been in the family for a time now. Its special for sure. Its the King James Version. Has some wonderful prayers at the back, and maybe I will type them in here, share them later.

    I am really so happy, and want to grow and learn on the path of being a Christian.

    Thanks again Rebel, thanks everyone here!


  5. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    What a great gift your mother gave, I have my grandmothers as well...King James is my bible of choice. Enjoy the concert, I took all of my church's youth (teenagers) to a Third Day concert a few years ago and we all had such a great time! love and peace Rebel
  6. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Spent the day resting and recuperating. Can't seem to put the bible down, reading it alot. Learning from it.

    Had a great day Sunday. Was so wiped out! Went to bed so tired, yet so happy. Smiling alot.

    Today's my birthday, 37 years young.


    I could use prayer, to stay strong in faith, to keep learning and growing.

  7. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    Oh I do remember the beginning days of my spiritual walk...
    I too could not get enough reading of the Word in. Sponging it all in. You can be sure I am praying for you.
    Precious Father, we just thank you for all you have done in this child of yours, and all you will do in the days to come. May your hedge of protection and love be about her as so that nothing might come to cause her hindrance in her walk. Father we ask that you would cause your spirit to run through her and all around her and just overwhelm in your peace. Bless her Father in all her days and in all ways. In Jesus Holy Name, amen. Take care and sleep well.
    love, Rebel
  8. Hikagranma

    Hikagranma New Member

    May our Lord's Blessings be upon you, Today and everyday. Marian

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