SUPER Sensitive to certain "smells"...what does it come from?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CockatooMom, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. CockatooMom

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    Of course you all know I read, reply, and post a lot messages. NOW I have a question regarding being very sensitive to things I smell in the air or just around me period.

    I noticed some of you are affected by cleaning products.
    They do not seem to bother me, but diesel fumes that come from the 18-wheelers REALLY bother me. (Hubby a truck driver)

    Fumes that come off of some of the older vehicles on the road bother me very badly too.

    Perfume and scented lotions are another major issue. And "stupid people" at the gym think they are doing others a favor so we don't smell their sweat!


    I'd rather smell sweat than be induced into an asthma attack!

    I've even explained to a few people that they smell nice, but their fragrance REALLY bothers me (especially during aerobic class) because it closes my airways making it difficult to breathe.

    This SILL hasn't helped. A few STILL wear their fragrances.
    I went to management...they cannot do anything, so I just stay away from these "stupid" people.

    OK ~ so what's THIS from? Anyone know?
  2. woofmom

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    I'm extremely sensitive to fragrance. The thing that really did me in was the renuzit air freshener sticks in my bedroom and computer room. Fragrances are made in a lab from chemicals that you can't legally bury in your backyard. These chemicals can and have caused my BP and pulse rate to become dangerously elevated and I don't have high blood pressure.
  3. getfitat40

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    Is another wonderful outcome of this DD. It is awful from BO to booze to gas fumes, it is all awful. This weekend I was in Michigan for my nephew's high school graduation. When I walked by his room in the morning I could smell cigarrete and cigar smoke and it almost made me sick. His door was closed, just not tightly but the good news is that he probably wasn't smoking (asthma). I couldn't smell any booze or pot so my sister was releived.

    I have tried to get the women that work for me (at least them) to not spray hair spray or perfume in their cubes because it makes me sick.

    No ideas just letting you know you are not alone!
  4. Kimba4318

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    something stinks.

    My husband goes nuts because if he sprays deodorant or something and I walk in the room after him, I feel like someone is spraying them right into my nose and throat. I get so angry (not his fault for not wanting to stink :)

    My friend sprayed room spray in a hotel room we were in a few weeks ago and I nearly lost it on her. I said "You cannot do that - I can't stand it". Luckily she is my best friend..... I later explained to her it is aprt of the whole fibro thing.

    A doctor with Fibro explains that he can small what the patient had for dinner the night before and what brand of coffee they drank on the way in.

    Super-Smell-Sensitivity..... Ahhhhhh The Joys of FIBRO.

  5. kjfms

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    I do not have an answer for you on the cause of yours but do you have migraines by any chance?

    I have barometric/weather related migraines that have come with a heighten sense of smell (unfortunately).

    I have a heighten sense of smell all of the time anyway but not anything like when it is going to storm, snow, or just a change in the barometric pressure.

    Then look out I am worse than a blood hound...I can't stand to be around people because I can smell if they had a bath or not that day.

    I can smell the darn air freshener, or so they call it, at the other end of a building when sprayed.

    I can't drive behind diesel trucks even with the windows up I can still smell it.

    Forget the detergent isle at the grocery store or scented candles I will not even allow these in my house.

    As for peoples perfumes (ever notice it has "fumes" spelled in it?) I do not even try to be subtle about it anymore. I am just blunt and tell them to get away for me because I can not breathe because of their perfume.

    Sorry for the rant and also sorry that I did not help you a bit.

    I hope you find some answers,


  6. TxSongBird

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    I can't stand perfumes, cigarette smoke, fuel, air freshners, even bath soap sometimes. I get so sick to my stomach over some of these smells that I have to get out of the area and get some air. I don't wear perfume. The only lotion I can wear is baby lotion with lavender in it and when I go into a store I veer away from the perfume lady because she is usually trying to spray you with the new fragrances.

  7. Michelle_NZ

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    I was just doing some research on this the ohter day.. If you do a google on "central sensitization" you wll find some info that talks about this effect - its a hypersensitivity of the CNS, and it has been postulated that it is the cause of fibro and other syndomes.

    There is also an artile on the prohealth board somewhere "Central senstivity sydromes" I think it is called.

    Being sensitive to smells , and other things is one of the symptoms.

    Take care
  8. JLH

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    I, too, am super sensitive to a lot of smells, especially perfumes, candles, and anything fragrance-scented . It not only affects my breathing, but triggers migraine headaches.
  9. mme_curie68

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    Is frequently used to fragrance soaps and lotions - the name of it is "Fresh Green Flowers" - a company I worked for used this as a fragrance for a lotion.

    It smells like Irish Spring soap. I literally want to upchuck when I smell it.

    I can't be anywhere near my husband when he puts on his aftershave - it's okay after about an hour or so - and I know he doesn't pile it on.

    I can use light scents, that's what I stick with. Stila makes a really nice one called "Jade Blossom" that you can get half price on Ebay.

    The other one I use is called "Coconut Lime" by Bodycology - can get at WalMart. Pretty, but not too strong for those who can still wear fragrance.

    Madame Curie