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  1. Coping

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    Hello all,
    Yesterday I was so sensitive to voices, dog barks, tv (turned down low) and every other normal daily sounds. My ears were nearly twitching and wanting to squeeze closed. (That doesn't sound right, it's hard to explain) It kind of made my skin crawl. Normally I can't hear that good and yesterday I think I could have heard a flea pass gas. LOL... I was curious if anyone else has days like that?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Coping

    Coping New Member

    Hello all,
    Yesterday I was so sensitive to voices, dog barks, tv (turned down low) and every other normal daily sounds. My ears were nearly twitching and wanting to squeeze closed. (That doesn't sound right, it's hard to explain) It kind of made my skin crawl. Normally I can't hear that good and yesterday I think I could have heard a flea pass gas. LOL... I was curious if anyone else has days like that?
    Thanks in advance,
  3. Annette2

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    I also am super-sensitive to sound. The attorney whose office is near my desk listens to his voice-mail with the speaker on, and it drives me crazy! If I'm in a restaurant, certain people's voices will bother me. It's hard to concentrate on what I'm doing if there's too much noise. My husband works for a company that manufactures ear-plugs and I keep them in my pocketbook and put them in when I feel I need to. People cracking gum really drives me nuts! I don't know how to make it better, so I do what I can to try to block out the sound.
  4. ssMarilyn

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    I go through periods where certain sounds drive me crazy. Our dogs barking normally doesn't bother it and other times it just grates on my insides and I holler at them to shut up!! Anybody with FM has a hyper-sensitive nervous system, and that would surely affect how sound would affect us. Thank heavens I'm not like that all the time!

    Marilyn :)
  5. Lanie

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    Many things grate my nerves horribly now!! One thing in particular is that slight buzz the TV makes! UGH!!

    Also, I can taste chemicals and preservatives in foods really strong. As well as, smells. Everything is super sensitive now!

    Guess we must learn to live with these annoyances.
  6. MicheleF

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    from any of yours: we have a psychotic robin that chirps between 1am to 4 am almost every night. I don't understand why the other birds haven't told it to shut up.

    I have said over and over to myself how beautiful the chirping is, how soothing it is, how it never bothers me...then I inevitably wake my husband up w/ my tossing and turning. Once he's awake, 3 nights out of 4 I will beg him to go out into the night & (how to not offend my bird-loving friends? lol) get rid of it. As we are surrounded by 6 acres of woods, I realize this is not a reasonable request,

    The locusts are also bad this year...these night time noises have driven me close to the edge.

    I now have a fan (w/ the central air) to help tune these noises out. I can't wear ear plugs. Any other suggestions are appreciated. I couldn't believe when I saw this was a symptom of husband & boys sleep right thru it.

    To quiet nights & a hope you can see the humor in these bizarre symptoms. Michele
  7. Shirl

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    Yes, I have a super sensitivity to sound as well as odors, I sit with the remote at hands reach, the commercials drive me crazy as they are louder than the programs, I put it on mute when they come on! If a show has a 'heartbeat' in it, I don't watch it, I drive my husband nuts with all of this.

    As for the dogs, well they know to shut up by the tone of my voice, sometimes they don't bother me, other times I can't stand to hear them bark (its a trial around here, I have five dogs).

    Same thing in the street with those loud speakers in some cars, resturants where some peoples voice just has a high pitch (I will move if I can) kids cryings, gee I sound like an absolute crank writing this down! But I can't help it.

    I also live in the woods, five acres, I had a bird like Michele had, well it turn out it was a flood light outside that I had, that keep the bird chirping all night! My husband moved the fixture, and we solved that problem, the bird and I both got sleep. The crickets, coyotes, and general night noises with the wild animals don't bother me, but that bird was a trial!

    As for the odors, I smell things no one else can smell. Its really aggravating sometimes! My husband and kids say that I have a 'nose' that would put a bloodhound to shame.

    Yes, I think I could here that 'flea' too Tricia! (never heard that one before thought!).

    Did someone mention taste?? If they have the least too much sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper, canned food (metalic taste), whatever, I can taste things no one else has a problem with too. I never drink anything from a can or foam cup, I can taste the chemicals in it. No foam plates either. I rinse my bedclothes twice, if not I will smell the soap powder all night long, and I use Woolite on bed linens, not much odor to anyone but me.

    What a world of our own we live in! The rest of the population just don't get it.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. MicheleF

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    Sent your psychotic robin from Louisiana to Maryland! I wish we had a flood light that caused this, alas, but the fan does help to block it.

    I also noticed things I used to eat now taste funny... almost a smell sensation when eating that turns me off it.

    Any suggestions on treating chem/food sensitivites besides staying away from them?

    Have a great night's sleep all. Michele
  9. Dawnt

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    I was going crazy last week with "hearing" things. But I was relieved to be told that with taking pain medications, they cause an ultra sensitivity to your senses. As long as I have an explanation of things, I can handle them better.
  10. Cheka

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    I too, have the sensitivities... have had for years! Everyone in my family thought I was just being crabby until I smelled gas in our basement. Everyone went down to take a whiff. They all said it was my imagination but I kept insisting I could smell gas!!! Finally my hubby called the gas company to send someone out (in order to calm me down, I was truly becoming a basket case over this!) The guy came in with his little detector thingy and went all over the furnace. When he was done he pulled my hubby aside and told him I must really have a good "sniffer" because he did find gas but it was barely detectable with the equipment. Needless to say... they all believed me after that. I also have a sensitivity to light... gotta have my sunglasses on when I go outside or else I have to keep my eyes closed while someone "leads" me.

    And sounds???? I can't even handle the "din" of restaurants!
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  11. RonaEileen

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    My ex husband had this problem. He went to an audiologist who made him custom earplugs that had holes in them. It permitted some sound in, but not all. He loved them until he lost them one day (another story LOL).

  12. Shiloh

    Shiloh New Member

    I'm very sensitive to many things ... noise - been that way since my early teens and I'm 51 now, flashing light - puts me right on edge nearly immediately, touch - I can't take someone LIGHTLY tapping my shoulder to get my attention, and, it bothers me when people walk past me ... they create enough of a "breeze" to chill me. The one thing that really doesn't bother me that much is my sense of smell ... I don't really have any sensitivities in that area.

    Gosh, I must be hard to live with, but I just can't help it.

  13. G

    G New Member

    I don't know what drives me crazier, the fms or the chemical sensitivities. It has caused us to replaced all of our furniture and replace it with steel, rod iron and other metal products. We had so much wood furniture and then I got so sick we had to get them out of our home asap! I did keep one old dresser that didn't seem to bother me as much and put it in an separate room and had our bed which has wood in the boxspring. Then I was becoming more sensitive to scented products, from cleaners to perfume. What a dilemma we were in. Last week my sister-in-law needed an bed and dresser real fast so we gave her our bed and that old dresser. We are sleeping on an futon and it's not too bad either but will be replacing the matress with an good one later. I have noticed that since they have been out I am starting to feel better. So I done an experiment for myself and tried using just an 1/8th of an cup of bleach in the wash to eliminate some perfume scent left behind by family. We washed each load once with the javex and next 3 with just water to rinse it as much as possible. Guess what,
    I was having no reaction to it. The smell was not the greatest during the first wash but was okay as we rewashed each load 3 times. I couldn't believe it. Now I wonder if the wood being out of here totally had helped me in this way?

    I won't be doing it every time and keep using my eco save disc for washing our clothes.

    Still being careful....
  14. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    I can relate all too well with what most of you are saying..
    Sometimes I just can't stand the TV on at all..But yet, I can watch Nascar races with no problem..Smells, every little smell really gets to me..I really have to watch what I use when I clean..My neighbor sits on his porch and constantly whistles - drives me up the wall, would just like to stuff and sock in his mouth..When I'm home alone, I often do not have any radio, or TV on..
    I hate being in a crowded resturant, it just seems like everything is just "buzzing" - drives me right up the wall..
    Well that's my 2cents.....LOL...
    Take Care........Donna
  15. Coping

    Coping New Member

    Thank you all so much for your responses. It is so nice to hear that I'm not the only one. That is ONE of the many awesome things about this message board!
    Oh yea, and to the people with birds. We have a double yellow parrot named Louie. He has about a 200 word vocabulary but some days he wants to squawk. Well, the sound sensitive day was one of them . Needless to say, it was the first time in a long time that I felt like have parrot soup for dinner. JUST KIDDING!

    I have one more question. Please don't think I'm nuts. Do any of you feel you may be a bit more intuitive or psychic so to speak? I have had some experiences that my non fibro friends have not had. I have a fibro friend that does have unusual experiences.

  16. nova

    nova New Member

    I wish there was an icon with its hands over its ears LOL.
    The place where I work has mercury vapor lights and florescent lights and the hum about drives me insane. There are days that the barest whisper makes my eardrums feel like they are going to rupture. I use industrial strength earplugs when it gets too bad.

  17. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    Me too. There are times I have no problem with "normal sounds"; right now the cockatiles are romancing and the parakeets are rather quiet; other times they sound like a jet breaking the sound barrier! And the dogs...each has a separate pitch and like one of you said, there are some tones, pitches that send an absolute PAIN through my left ear.

    Odd, I just thought of ya'll know I played for 30 years in a performing band and I was always on the right-side of the stage and heard everything through the right ear. I have no sensativity to sound in that ear but the left ear is horrid! I was given by my ex-husband a pair of real earphones he uses in his work where there is a tremendous amount of noise. The lack of sound, as in the use of these earphones to block noise, is one altered state! If you have never experienced the lack of sound, it is really a trip!

    What takes me over the edge is public places that use music w/lyrics. That is just what I want to I hate! White noise I understand and sometimes have to resort to that myself but I hate to hear about some poor soul losing his love and cheating ect. that often blare from the local eateries....but what do I expect in this dry bone town....classics? Ha-Ha!

    Telephone. Hurts so bad I have begged my family, friends et al. to please, please if they must call, be considerate and keep it short. I switch ears back and forth to get through the conversation; I got my daughter's speaker phone but no one wants to talk over it! Mercy! Love Lil'
  18. KayKay2

    KayKay2 New Member

    I experience the same thing. Drives me crazy. My best friend and her family are very "loud" people...sometimes I have to escape quickly because I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind from the noise.

    I'm constantly turning the tv down.
  19. BlueMoon

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    Here is one topic we all have! I don't want to sound redundent so I will only say ME TOO

    ME TOO

    ME TOO

    ME TOO

    Robin ; )
  20. TeresaBnGA

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    I am sound and motion sensitive! It drives me crazy!! I don't like loud talking and can't stand for someone to be jumping around me or walking fast or anything like that, it's like plllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee take a chill pill!!!!!!!!! ha ha!!!!!!!!

    Soft quiet slow hugs!
    Teresa :)