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  1. lmn

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    i'm preparing for my new rheumy visit next week. i want to drop celebrex, celexa, and trazadone for supplements/vitamins. please tell me, what are your suggestions for a. pain and muscle tightness, b. sleep, and c. sensory overload.
    i've started walking a mile a day and purchased a video called 'healing yoga'. i'm going back to no/low sugar on easter monday once all the chocolate is out of my house!!

    as always, thank you for your advice.
    have a happy and blessed Easter and Passover.
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    I've been thinking of doing the same thing so I'll be watching this thread closely. Bee pollen made me hyper but hooray for anyone it can help.

    Sleep is especially illusive for me. I react to B vitamins as if they were caffeine so it seems wise for me to avoid ZMA. Many say wonderful things about it. You could do a search on ZMA here and find a lot of information. Mel is its special advocate. ;>)

    Good luck!

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    have you heard of Reiki? it is not a supplement, it is body work. healing energy. If you have a Reiki practioner in your area, it does help tremendously with pain.

    I also agree about the enormous benefits of bee pollen!!

    I support your quest to go natural!!
  4. rebeccavw

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    Magnesium is very good for sleep and muscle spasms. I have been chronic insomniac for long time and had trazadone and loads of other things which only made my fatigue worse but didn't really help sleep. The magnesium has helped me.

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    Any dose that helped with sleep at all would make my congnitive impairment worse and really slowed my brain down.

    I do use zopiclone (I think it's called ambien in the US) but on it's own it does not work well enough. So I have increased my magnesium, B6, and Zinc. I also use high doses of valerain root about 40 minutes before taking zopiclone.

    Still not perfect but better than before and it makes a big difference to my condition and life generally.

    I now use a lot of supplements etc so need fewer pharmacuetical agents for a similar or more beneficial effect.


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    i'll be sure to report back after my new rheumy visit on Wed. maybe she'll have some good info for all of us.
    take care,