Supplement miracle for my FM/CFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Greetings to all!It has been about 6 months since my last post.My CFS/FM left me bed ridden with such excruciating pain and severe gastro intestinal symptoms.Like most of you I have taken so many supplements and am leary about so many.Until I came across Goatein IG and soil-based organisms/homeostatic soiled organisms.I have had limited success with my health in the past and was just surviving day to day until I started taking the Goatein IG and SBO's.These products have done wonders for my stomach,colon and intestines.In addition I made drastic changes to my diet eating more alkaline foods and juices.An alkaline body is a healthy body and cut down on my pain dramatically.My pain has been reduced by at least 60% and my GI symptoms have improved by 70%.True health is in our ability to digest,assimilate,and absorb our food and nutrients.I went through the most horrible herxheimer reaction(die off of candida and parasites for the first few weeks)but have been doing much better for months now.I thank God.I am totally amazed and ecstatic beyond description.Once your GI tract is in order,you can absorb and assimilate any and all supplements and meds so much better.I am on my way to complete health and am so looking forward to having a normal life again.It is right around the corner.I have been suffering from CFS for the last 8 yrs.

    God bless you and and may you all find complete health soon,

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    Good to hear of your success! I agree that a healthy and well functioning GI tract is essential for everyone, especially for us. I've been using the Primal Defense product from the company whose products you are talking about. It is a quality product, has helped me in subtle ways to feel better. Not a dramatic fix, but better GI function. I've also been using an enzyme product called Vitalzyme for about 6 weeks now. Slowly, I believe it is doing its job to help my body heal itself. You might want to research it also.

    Wishing you continued improvement and good health.
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    I am happy to hear you are doing so well. I would love to know where you bought these products
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    These supplements can be purchased through most health food stores.If you do a web search there is only one company I know of that sells the Goatein IG,and only a few companies which sell the Soil Based Organisms and Homeostatic Organisms.
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    Congratulations. I am glad you are better. Tell me, what did you use specifically for the parasites? I have an amoeba and am allergic to the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed. It woud be great if I could get rid of it.
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    get an ameoba??? And what does it do to you? I've seen mention of parasites here before but haven't read any of them (just too much to digest all at once).

    I'm going to have to look up these products and what they do. I'm just starting on healthy eating and supplements and finding out what's wrong with me in the first place. Like I said, so much to learn and assimilate. I don't know if I have anything wrong with my digestive tract or not, other than alternating constipation/diahrrea and that's been all my life.

    Just why are we supposed to be taking enzymes?

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    One can do many things.I took colloidal silver,olive leaf extract,pau d arco tea,garlic and the soil-based organisms I took from Natures Biotics helped out tremendously.Also creating an alkaline environment in the body yet keeping the colon slighty acidic.Acid foods over time create an acid body and tissues.This in turn creates havoc leaving one susceptible to intestinal problems,faulty digestion and colon trouble to name just a few.Many feel the FM is greatly improved by creating more alkalinity in the body.Green juices as well as carrot juice with plenty of water.To effectively get rid of candida and parasites one must keep the colon moving and nutrition through proper digestion,assimilation,absorption and elimination.

    Hope this helps,
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    Many are available from the Candida Wellness Center/or Professional Wellness on the web.Just do a search and it should come up.Natures Biotics are availiable on the web if you do a search for them.Goatein Ig and Primal Defense is available through Garden of Life on the web.We can't give out exact web addressess on this site,but this all you need.

    Hope this helps,