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Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by jaminhealth, Mar 17, 2014.

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    I think most of you know I'm a great advocate of Grape Seed Extract and Pycnogenol....a friend on another board is trying to push me to a new higher quality Gold Blend OPC.....she claims I could get MORE pain relief vs from what I now take, as they are produced in China.....

    This Gold Blend OPC is much more $$ , but if one buys 2 bottles the company sends a free bottle and money guaranteed if not happy, they refund money.

    From what I gather, the OPC grape seed ex and pycnogenol come out of France....not china.

    Maybe ProHealth can shed some comments on supps coming from China.....I've heard this over the years but kinda brushed it off as they are affordable, but if they are inferior quality, then who knows....

    Allegedly 90% of supps are produced in China and pretty inferior quality all in all. I know about the China syndrome and quality....

    Anyone? jam
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    Well, I just talked to the product specialist at a company where I've purchased grape seed ex for many years and they tell me the grape seed ex comes to their company from Europe, which to me indicates France and Italy, so I feel better that china is NOT a big player in grape seed ex.....wheeeeeeee jam
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    Jamin, the problem with any supplements that come from China, including the ingredients for supplements and prescription drugs made in North America, is that the Chinese run their factories 24 hours per day. So you can have one company using the factory for 12 hours making vitamins and dietary supplements, and then another company will use the same factory for the other 12 hours making fertilizer. Same equipment - different products. Very scary. And this does happen. A vitamin company here in my home town went to China to investigate the factories and was shocked to learn that ingredients that they used here in Canada were coming from a factory that produced fertilizer. :eek:
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    I often call a product specialist for a well known supplement here in the U.S. and they mfg all their supps at their LA plant....I'm going to start using their supps more as they have tight controls and ingredients do NOT come from's interesting as many years ago I went to their plant applying for a job there.....I don't think I can mention the company, not sure... jam
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    None are trustworthy, so we need to get our minds on this profit over people....that is what it's become over the years.....the truth....jam
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    I also take supplements from a company that has strict controls over processing and ingredients. There are many products that are of poor quality and processing facilities. Important to do as much research as possible on what we take.
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