Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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    Below is the Social Security Administration's site on SSI that will probably answer many questions.
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    It just goes on and on answering so many SSI questions, so go on the website above and see if your questions are answered. It's not easy applying for or even being on Social Security Disability--but having answers is a huge help to you (and your family). Hugs to all.
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    I wrote to the moderators asking why any discussion on Social Security Disabilty and the debt ceiling, they automatically delete. There is no discussion of politcal party to the threads but instead SSD cuts and where social security payments may be if the debt ceiling is not raised. I cannot see any rule violations, but the threads are deleted by the moderators.
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    They are in response to the original post if it is deleted. When the original post is deleted, the whole thread is automatically deleted. I believe the thread in question was deleted because the original post contained partisan political statements. We can discuss threats to SSD, SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid but they cannot be based on partisan politics. That kind of discussion is not allowed here because it can spin out of control with people taking sides along party lines.

    If you have a post deleted because it broke a rule, you would have received an e-mail explaining why it was deleted.

    I hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    I received no e-mail when my post was removed and my post was about a panel that was saying that the american public should consided social security/social security disability/medicare/medicaid as "treats". In fact I only knew the names of two panel members and I never mentioned any political party or mocked any party. I could not understand why a panel would say this without fully talking to large groups of disabled on SSD. I e-mailed the moderators to find out why the posts have been deleted and what specifically was wrong.