supplements, a tax deduction?

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    Does anyone know if I can deduct the cost of non-prescription vitamins/minerals/supplements from my taxes??

    I think the answer is no.. but i'm double checking.
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    Your doc prescribes them for a particular health condition.
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    We checked with our Tax Preparer over the past 2 years re: this expense. (It's HUGE in my case!) Even if a Dr. prescribes the supplements; they can not be included in your medical deduction amount.

    The suggestion we got was to check into my hubby's job to see if they had a Flexible Medical Spending Account program. They do! So last year; we signed up. Every pay check; a certain amount is deducted PRE TAXed out of my hubby's paycheck & deposited into the Flexible Account.

    When I incur a medical expense not covered by our regular Medical insurance (also Orthodontics not covered by insurance for our son, etc.); we submit a copy of our receipt & a claim. Within a month; they send us a check for that amount.

    There is a maximum amount per year...I think this is $5,000. The benefit to you is that the $ the deduction out of your pay is Pre-tax; so you are saving money that way.

    BTW, our Flexible Account company required that I submit a letter from the Dr. stating each supplement & the reason why I was taking it. I had to pay the Dr. to do this; but once they had that letter; we received reimbursement with no problems.

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    I know the official line from the IRS is that supplements aren't tax-deductible, but my tax professional says they ARE deductible if the specific supplements are prescribed by your doctor as being necessary for your treatment. I just had to get a letter from my doctor stating that supplements are necessary along with a list of which ones, and I keep it in my tax file. I spend a small fortune on supplements every year, so being able to write them off is a huge help!
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    As long as you kept your receipts.All sales tax are deductible you need to keep those reciepts..........I do I keep them in a box with a running total........We paid out over 500.00 in sales tax just from our shopping in 1 yr.......every little bit helps.

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    I've noticed your group has stopped posting.
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    My tax preparer says that they may be deducted if you have a written prescription for them from your doctor. My doctor knows what I am taking and is willing to write that prescription for me.

    I also get a prescription for my water exercise, wound dressings that I need, etc.

    I am sure that there are some doctors out there who would not be willing to write a prescription for these things. Mine is very generous-actually the nurse writes it as he has pads pre signed.