?? supplements and high blood pressure??

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    I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any supplements that cause elevated blood pressure? Mine BP has been low to normal all my life at around 100 to 110/70. The last few times I've been to the dr. it's been 130/80. In addition to regular vitamins, I've been on CoQ10 (200), DHEA 25, coral calcium and a timed release B complex. I haven't taken anything (not even a vitamin for the past few days and I feel fine (except for a screaming headache today from TPs in neck). I've occasionally taken ginko but just sporadically. Would love any input. I don't think it's worth risking bp problems since my dad died from a stroke at 69. Worries me a little. Thanks for any info you could offer. I forgot to add that I take a sudafed/guai capsule pretty much every day for congestion.
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    Sudafed is a MAJOR cause of raised blood pressure, and the natural form of it, known as ephedra or ma huang, is what killed those people who died taking weight loss supplements.

    DHEA can also significantly raise blood pressure. I am currently taking only 2 mgs. daily of DHEA, since I have a low DHEA-s level, but also have a high BP.

    Other supps. that can raise your BP are goldenseal, panax, Korean, or Siberian ginseng, licorice, adrenal extracts, d-l-phenylalanine, tyrosine, and probably more that I've forgotten right now.

    In addition, a small percentage of people have a blood pressure that is sensitive to salt.

    Supplements are not the only thing that can raise blood pressure, of course, but if you are taking Sudafed and DHEA, I'd say you need look no further!

    I have found that Guai alone with some vicks rubbed on my nose, and inhaling salt water if needed, works well on congestion.

    Both over the counter and prescription nasal sprays will also raise it, even the ones with cortisone. DHEA is a steroid just like cortisone and they raise it by causing you to retain fluids.

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    Thanks SO much for the info. I guess this falls under the "can't win for losin'" category. Where do you get the tiny dose of DHEA you are taking? I guess I'll drop the Sudafed w/guai and try guai alone. I have asthma and it helps keep secretions in my chest lose. I wonder of the guai/sal. situation is the same if you use it for this. Hummmm....I dunno much. (Sorry. I'm heavily medicated at the moment). I do appreciate the info and guess I'll start adding back in my vitamins and try to be careful about the other stuff. I wish I had a home BP monitor. Maybe I'll look into it soon. Take care.
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    I get 10 mg. DHEA caps at the health food store and every morning, I open the capsule, while holding it over my spoon, and drop 1/4 of the powder into the spoon, then re-close the capsule. That way I get approx. 2.5 mgs. DHEA in the spoon, which I then swallow with some water. I wrap the capsule in a small piece of tin foil and put it back in the bottle. Each capsule lasts 4 days, and so far they are holding up just fine to the repeated openings and closings. I use the Biochem brand.

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    I'll try to make it to our local health food store and look for some. All I've found were tablets and the lowest dose was 25. I haven't taken sudafed or dhea, but I'm SO stopped up. I need to go look for some Vicks or something in the med cabinet! Thanks again for your help!
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    I'm thinking of starting the CoQ10 at a small dose .... does it help with the FM? Doc gave me scripts for antidepressants and muscle relaxers that I can't afford but have wondered if the CoQ10 helps any of that. Mary Lou
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    CoQ10 doesn't really help with the pain, but I think it helps with energy a little and maybe the brain fog. Maybe someone who's more knowledgeable will come along with better info. BTW, are you in Texas? I am too. I'm in East Texas. Good Luck!
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    In large doses (about 300 mgs. daily), COQ10 can help energy.
    In lower doses (60-100 mgs. daily) it is amazing at helping with Mitral Valve Prolapse, which abou 75% of fibro patients have.
    A dose of 30 mgs. is a good anti-aging preventative for all people over the age of 30 or so, esp. those who don't eat meat.
    Less than 60 mgs. will not help any medical condition.
    Unfortunately, if money is an issue, you may be dismayed to find that COQ10 is one of the most expensive supplements.
    There is also a wide range of quality. Make sure the capsules have yellow-orange powder in them, not gray. It's even better if the caps are dark to keep out light.
    Always take COQ10 with a little fat because it can't be absorbed without it.