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    I am wondering if I am taking the supplements that I need or should be taking. This is what I am currently taking...
    Fish oil, 1 twice a day
    Acai, 2 twice a day
    Aloe Vera, 1 a day
    D3, 1 a day
    B12, 1 a day
    multivitamin, 1 a day

    I also take,
    trazadone, 100 mg at bedtime
    cymbalta, 60 mg in the morning
    buspar, 20 mg twice a day
    propanolol, 40 mg twice a day
    mobic, 15 mg 1 a day
    I have flexeril prn and xanax .5 mg prn
    and I also get the depo shot

    I read where someone suggested magnesium. I am doing everything I can think of to try and help the FM. I get constipated and still in quite a bit of pain, constantly. On a scale of 1-10, pain rates about a 5 all the time.

    I slipped in the tub last night while getting out and landed on my hip. Then my hip, knee and all the way down to my ankle started hurting. My husband got out a cane for me (as a joke a few days ago) and I actually had to use it last night. He's very supportive and we have a unique relationship as well as a strange sense of humor. (example:he's so old, he and Jesus went to high school together, and believe it or not, they actually had dirt when he was born) And he's only 48. Anyhow, after helping me to bed, I was in so much pain I got sick to my stomach. Didnt get physically sick, but sure felt like I was going to.

    I contacted an attorney and have an appointment tomorrow to meet with him. I dont think my doctor is supportive as to disability. I asked her one time something similar and she replied with she would like to be able to get me back to work. He said it was almost necessary that she agree with the fact that I am disabled. Disability is for those who will be unable to work for 12 months due to a disability. Well, lets see, I havent worked since November of 2009 and would say that I became disabled (unable to work) around April or May. I finally went to the doctor (different than the one I am seeing now) in May or June and was diagnosed with FM. I applied for disability in Sept or Oct and got the denial saturday.

    I just feel awful, like I am falling apart. I hurt so much and nothing I am taking seems to work to even ease the pain. Had an xray of my back, thinking I might have a back injury, and that was negative. I still have the ulnar nerve problem, fingers still numb and had an appointment with the dr yesterday about that, but with the blizzard we got, I had to cancel. No way was I going to try to get out.

    I am depressed, badly. Money is tight, very tight and so that weighs on my mind all the time. Hubby has a shoulder injury, on light duty and missing lots of work. Son is in jail and the other son is typical mouthy teenager. I think daily about ending it all but I love my family so much I couldnt do it, even if I was serious. I couldnt put them thru all that.

    Everything just SUCKS! I'm tired of all this crap. All this snow, the cold. I have two breeding pomeranians I am trying to sell and with the economy, its not going so well. And I know the FM is going to just get worse. I am looking at the rest of my life filled with pain, depression and anxiety. I am venting. I am able to spill everything here and not have to censor what I say in fear of worrying my husband. I cant go out in public, the crowded places make my anxiety bad. I have major road rage when I drive. I hate to drive and my friends (if thats what they are called) seem to be too busy to talk.

    I am sorry this is so long, I am just absolutely fed up with everything.
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    The brain fog and feeling like I am losing my mind. I get up to do something and as soon as I am up, I forget what it was I was going to do. Scrambling my words or saying off the wall kinds of things. I definitely keep my family entertained and laughing all the time, which doesnt bother me, I can still laugh at myself.

    I have lipomas all over. My husband cant hug me tightly without causing pain somewhere. He tries to relieve the pain I have in places by massaging those locations and then it hurts more. I feel like I am bruised all over my body. I do bruise easily but 99% of the time, there is no bruise where the pain is.

    When I go to take a bath, my husband comes in to check on me like every 5 minutes to make sure I am ok. He helps me get dried off, dressed, etc. I am so dependent on him for almost everything. I can still do some things, but feel so worthless, as many do.

    My vision is still crazy. My eyes blur over and I cant see anything. It isnt black, but its where I cant make out anything. I worry about driving with my vision messed up like it is. I have been to a medical eye doctor and he found nothing wrong with my vision expect that I have optical migraines and calcium in my eyes. But nothing that would be causing the blurring of my vision. I know this is because of the FM, but it doesnt make it any easier to deal with.


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