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    Im new to the board..but not new to fibro..have an 11 yr old with symptoms..a rheumy said it was RND..yea right..any way ..I was diagnosed in 2000 and got starlanyls book..took it to my brother and sis in law..they read up on it..and were both diagnosed..and my little sis has some symptoms..anyhows, my brilliant little brother did massive research..hes a com geek and we all have been drilled on nutrition from both parents.. he has found that antioxidants are helpful..such as olive leaf extract ,grape seed extract..,caprylic acid and removal or avoidance of all processed foods,pasta white flours, sugar..and high carbs,..Yeast feeds on sugars whether its white or created in the metabolism of simple carbs..
    he uses a triple dose of the lable directions may feel like crap as the yeast dies off, and its normal but water is very important..not tea, juice,milk etc..water..and there are many allergic to dairy, wheat and soy products..he uses mostly chicken and fish..He was on soma, oxy,roxy,restoril..he also is disabled, 2 shoulder surgeries,DDD in 3 discs..yet hes doing very well. taking no may not be politically correct ..but he also uses medical marijuana.
    his list is longer ..but I cant find it at this its somewhere in all my fibro info..
    I can remember as far back as 9 yrs old and having pain, anxiety and mom says I was a difficult child..thank god it was before ritilin..but mom wouldnt have allowed that.
    If anyone is interested in the list just post and ill get it up asap..and directions to do it.
    I also have found coq10 and SAMe work ..takes time..but its worth the effort..
    and for those who drink soda..whether diet or not..not a good idea. We also need to look at the adrenals and the thyroid in all this..tests dont catch low thyroid until theres usually a thyroid storm and that can be dangerous..a low temp as "normal" says the thyroid is off..Ive done research ..if anyone has questions .please ask..I want to help..ive got all girls..and they too are in for the same ride were on..
    take care
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    I would be happy to hear any advice you have to give so please list it when you get a chance.
    My mom has had FMS/CFS for 40+ years. I have had it for 16 years.
    Glad to hear your family has seen improvements.
    Thanks for letting us know.
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    Welcome and Thanks for sharing what has helped you and your family~ I'm very interested in the list of what to get,what to avoid.I'm taking some things that seem to help....and some that you've mentioned here i've heard others speak of also~I've tried many things that did'nt do they are now dust collectors in the medicine cab. Live&learn I guess right? Please post the list you have......I'll print it out and try some of the hints.
    I'm sure there are many foods to eliminate from our diets!!thats the tough part!!! Hope your day goes well!Take care~
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    and thanks for all your info. You will find that others have been using similar approaches, give or take a few bits, and they too have benefitted.

    This confirms the importance of sharing information and experiences, we all stand to gain.

    Hope you enjoy becoming a part of this unique community.


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    back up top!! I think others besides me are interested in what helps with control over these varied symptoms~Thanks much!
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    wonderful to have a response!
    I will get the list up asap ..having a big decent sleep ..late to work..normal..anyway Id at first been worried that my reference to medical marijuana would have gotten a slap on the wrist..My Doc also says its a good medicine. Ive got monday off and will be able to get the list up and also talk to brother about any other things hes doing..
    I am a bit radical in my thinking about how mind body and spirit work together and have found drumming and native american chanting and goddess songs bring me to a peaceful place,
    I also make drums!..havent in a while as its hard work..but if others are interested in such things.Id be willing to make drums and send basically at cost..Im not advertising a business just a good way to become one with self and where we belong in this lesson. thank you so much for the positive welcome
    blessed be
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    Well when it rains it pours.
    I contacted my bro hes gonna get the list and additional things, hes discoverd

    Ive had to deal with a dog down the road murdering my 2 daughters pet "children". baby turkeys, fuzzy footed chicken people, fuzzy yellow goose, beautiful abyssinan guinea pigs . the mommy Wanda had her first litter, 4 darling children, She was my 11 yr olds first guinea pig her b-day present. When I got her at the pet store she chose me. Wanda was special to me as she would come over to see if I had any snacks for her she'd nibble my fingers and she did the same with my daughter. Cosmo the daddy was more stand offish..we had them in a very safe pen..there was a small hole just big enough for the piggies to get out, we also kept the tiny chicks in with them..Wanda mothered them. When Id have a crappy day, Id just go out and watch the piggies all come out and eat the spring grass and listen as they talked amongst themselves..Wanda would go into the pen, just to see if id put any goodies in, then go tell the babies and theyd single file,
    Wanda in the lead, go running into the pen making happy sounds.It was my therapy, the daddy would come out too sometimes
    .. my spoiled baby goose was murderd first , we told the owner of the dogs that they had ben seen in the yard. he claims a fox did it..well 3 days later at 5 am I saw his dog in a pen my daughter put up not knowing the ways of dogs who are on a killing spree..the ducks that survived were the ones who were able to get out of the pen.. one was dead. I didnt realize what the dog was doing, i just chased it off and griped my rottie for letting him in the yard.I by chance went and saw moki on her back all messed up. I went in and knew i could do nothing for her.
    now the 2 ducks and one goose left are terrified of our dogs..and the goose used to follow me around and id let him climb into my lap.. now he runs from me:(
    Early this morning the piggies were out eating the veggies wed gotten and there was more than one dog. so they were able to corner them .we did find one dead baby..the rest were scooby snacks.
    It makes me want to just start blowing away dogs....we did tell the owner that his dogs were seen at the very spot of the first murder..
    why cant people be responsible owners.. my dogs are fixed and our neo mastiff stays in the yard , as well as my brat of a rottie husky mix..I was raised here in alaska, if your dog killed someones animals..and it was caught doing it we can shoot them .for many people here , its how we feed our families.yes maybe its a harsh attitude..I live in harsh country..I also have worked at an animal shelter , ended up with 11 dogs, 5 cats and they were not allowed to run free, cept for the cats.
    Just when I thinkI have my world kinda figured out and can relax, something blows me away.
    sure the guy agreed to pay for the guinea pigs..big deal..they cost 30 a piece.. thats 180..whoopy cant put a price on love. but he wont replace the goose or duck.. and I just want to kick him in the &$%^ animal control is working with me big brother is on the board of animal control. it wasnt until I had to tell who I was and that i was calling my brother that I got a call 20 min later. this was after waiting a week after a verbal and written complaint. in 3 days or so the dog will end up in the yard..and then theyll bring a live trap.
    I m not one to be emotional , I kinda used to think oh well thats those sweet darlins wont be there to greet me in the morning . I think its time for a good cry..havent let just hurts my heart. and to top it all off this happened 20 feet from our house.
    if this sounds a bit confusing its cause its 4 am and I cant sleep. up in 5 hours.
    I just needed to unload..I kinda wish I was a rageaholic sure would be a better way to get out the feelings.I geuss when we swallow our pain it finds a place to the muscles.
    thanks for listening ..
    and yep its pretty pathetic whining but they were a Joy love heals and when its from an animal its especially wonderful.

  8. Jen F

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    I know what it's like to love a pet and it's hard enough to cope with their loss when they are sick or old, let alone an avoidable death such as yours sufferred.

    I am so sorry to you and your family for your pet losses.

    I hope the neighbour ensures that their dog remains confined in their yard or on a lead. Isn't that the law where you are? I know it is here.

    It must have been awful to find your pets that way.

    Sincere condolences,

    animal lover Jen F