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    It just occurred to me while posting about SAMe that others might be interested in looking at and/or subscribing to Consumer Lab on the internet... They're an independent lab that reviews nutritional products to see if they match up to what the label says. .

    Please don't misconstrue this as an ad for them -- I don't work for them, and it's been a big help to my husband and me to check out what we're taking.

    For instance, when I tried a cheaper brand of SAM-e, I just didn't get the effects, and later found out it was probably because of packaging --the pills need to be individually foil wrapped or they degrade quickly.

    A more recent report from Consumer Lab said that two of the most heavily advertised coral calcium products actually had LEAD in them!! They name these by name.

    Their subscription price goes up 7/01/03, so this is a good time to consider it.
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    this board's moving so fast, I thought this was important enough to bump up.