supplements, do you ask your dr. or just start on them?

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    I see on this board from time to time that many use supplements for various condtitions and I was wondering if you dicuss these with your Dr. or just try them? I would be bugging my Dr. all the time about starting this or that.I feel like I upset her nurse enough every month to request my refill for say narcotics.She really doesnt say alot but you can just tell. I have been thinking of extreme b12 from prohealth to see if I would feel a little less tired during the day.also might try milk thistle for elevated liver enzymes.How about side effects? are they dangerous if mixing with my medications?What kind of does do you take? Thanks
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    No, I don't inform my doctor about my supplements but my pharmacist knows everything that I take.

    I'm shocked that docs don't start with supplement being a combined calcium/magnesium/zinc type combo that helps alleviate muscle pain and helps to clear brain fog.

    B-12 is a great supplement and I take a 5mg sublingual most days and it's great for a nice subtle brain burst of clarity. I haven't tried the extreme B-12 yet.

    I buy almost all of my supplements here at ProHealth and if you look at the information on each one, it will tell you if there are any contradictions.

    Another must for me is the Fibro Multi with Malic Acid...I noticed a zip in energy the first 2 days I took it and won't ever be without this multi again. It's wonderful.

    I also take, glucosamine, CoEnzyme Q-10, Grape Seed Extract, Omega 3-6-9, Milk Thistle, Mega Green Tea, Thinker's Edge, Vit E, D3 and a few for the digestive tract.


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    How often do you see your Doctor? Next time you go - I'd take a list of what you'd like to take (or have started taking) and ask what her opinion is.

    I did talk to my Dr. at one of my visits because I do know that just because things are "natural" doesn't mean they are automatically safe. You can have too much of certain things. My bloodwork came back that I have no deficiencies in any of the usual things.

    BTW- I know what you mean about calling every month for your refils - I even hate doing that!
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    When I go to the doctor, you get a sheet with a list of your medications/supplements from your previous visit. This can be revised when you see the doctor.

    The last three doctor's I have had recommended CoQ10 and pharmaceutical grade fish oil. My present doctor recommended folic acid when I was taking a prescription NSAID for a short time. When I got the prescription for the NSAID, it also said in the pamphlet to take folic acid.

    My present PCP says that CQ10 and Fish Oil, are not considered "alternative" medications anymore as they are accepted by the medical community as being helpful, with the SCIENTIFIC STUDIES to back them up. I thought this was interesting.

    Since you have elevated liver enzymes, it is very important to let your doctor know what you are taking. Medications/supplements can cause liver enzymes to elevate as well as medical conditions.

    If you start to take the milk thistle, while they are trying to figure out what is causing the elevated enzymes, it might complicate the picture for your doctor to sort out what is really going on.

    Take care.