Supplements for CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by riter2, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. riter2

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    I would like to know what supplements work the best?

  2. suz41

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    Hi Jan:

    I have FM but I think the symptoms are often very similiar such as achiness and fatigue. As far as supplements I think we are all unique. I have spoken with my osteooathic internist and we agreed and it does seem to be helping that a good multi vitamin with the B vitamins is a good starting place. In addition I take Calcium with Minerals, Glucosamine which really helps the joints at least for me Magnesium and Evening primrose with vitamin E. However, if your just starting go slow. Icrease slowly over time and spread out the supplements over the course of the day. In addtion I would reccommend having food with your supplements because you can get an upset stomach. Hope this was helpful as far as a starting place. Also talk with your physician everyone is so unique. Take Care.

  3. riter2

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    Thanks for the input. I am taking a multivitamin for starters. I have been trying to find Allbee with C but can't find it.
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    I,ve had CFS for over 20 years,and there's only one thing I do know,and it's that taking the WRONG things for your particular body will only make you weaker! It's best to add only one thing at a time,and see if it helps,but give it time. My biggest improvements were made when I stopped taking my self-prescribed supplements. Now I use a practitioner that is experienced in applied kiniesiology,or muscle-testing for my pills.
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    I welcome all ideas to take to my Doc. Thanks!
  6. Mikie

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    I take the ImmunPlex and colostrum sold here. I believe it is good for us to try to build our immune systems back up with CFIDS and FMS.

    I have heard some bad things about soy lately. It is supposedly not good to ingest unless it is fermented as in soy sauce. If this is true, it is unfortunate because it has been touted as an alternative to HRT.

    The whey is an excellent way to get protein and other good things like glutathion. It's vanilla flavored and can be mixed with cocoa powder, milk, fruit juice, ice, fresh fruit, etc.

    Love, Mikie
  7. riter2

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    Thanks Mikie for all your support. The shock and scariness of this CFIDS is almost too much to take. At this point, I feel this board is a lifeline. I read, I research and try to write down what I have questions about to take to my Doc.
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    I have been taking Enada NADH and "everyone" could tell a big difference in me after I got in my system. My husband, parents, sister, & coworkers could tell. After 2 months, I accidentally ran out of it before I got to order more & enough time went by that it got out of my system. We could tell. I have been taking it for a month now again, & I can tell a difference. On days that I would usually sleep when I got home from work, I am now staying up when I get home and doing things. I also read about taking magnesium & malic acid. So I just received that today in the mail. It is one supplement with both in it. It isn't something that you can feel right away. It is a gradual process. Also, for years, I have been taking Wellbutrin SR, a antidepressant. It helps also without the side effects that most antidepressants have. I have learned to pace myself also. I have 2 very busy teenagers that my husband & I stay involved with. And I work part time. So, pacing myself & knowing what I have to do when is important. Sometimes something goes because there is something else that I have to be involved and I have to be rested. Good luck with whatever you try & pray about it.
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    I am saving all these and going to check with my Doc July 2.
    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the info.