supplements for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue that work for you

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  1. clamhr

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    I sure could use some help on vitamins/minerals/herbs that work for you for fibro. i'm taking CoQ10, magnesium w/malic acid, chromium picolinate, and milk thistle for the liver for detoxxing. i've heard of ribrose; has anyone use this before?

    would like all the information i can get regarding supplements to see if perhaps there is something i'm not aware of that will be beneficial in relieving this fatigue. thank you all
  2. roge

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    hi, i have found supplements that help the mitochondria have helped with my energy.

    acetyl carnitne and carnitine
    magnesium (natural calm brand)

    also, b12 hydroxy has helped too but i think as i was low to deficient as my b12 serum was low normal and my methylmalonic acid was high which is a marker for b12 deficiency.

    i would say nadh has been the most helpful to me though re: energy and has a nice side effect of better mood as it does increase both dopamine and seretonin. i actually feel it boosts dopamine more than seretonin and am finding that dopamine helps me more than seretonin , could be as i have atypical RLS (i have sleep onset myoclonus) and some believe low dopamine is a factor in RLS. i have fm and me/cfs.

    good luck
  3. roge

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    forgot to say :

    gillhams liquid multi is the best i have ever tried, could be as my gut is in bad shape and thus it is better absorbed. but i also find it is some what energizing.

    and a good B complex too has been helping me

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    B 12 Complete helps my fatigue.
    I take Calms Forte for help with sleep.
    I also take vitamin A + D which seems to help my muscles a lot.