Supplements for keeping cholesterol levels down ?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been using a Phytosterol Complex that I have been sending away for for quite some time and someone had mentioned on a review that it contained Titanium Dioxide for color ( or should i say lack of it). I think it makes it white. What I read when I Googled was that it could POSSIBLY be linked to Cancer. So, I just sediced not buy any more of that kind.

    Does anyone have a good supplement that they have been using that helps to keep cholesterol levels down. Both mine and Dh's have been pretty good but hs has more of a problem than I do with keeping his balance between the LDL and the HDL. He needed to get his LDL up and HDL down. I hope I didn't get it backwards. DH loves his meat so we are trying to lower our meat consumption, at least some and eat more chicken or fish.

    Jam - Do you use anything at all for cholesterol??? I will be getting very low soon and will need to order something from somewhere and I am looking for some good ideas on supplements that ate not sky high.

    I found a few possiblities from VC that you use Jam. Not sure if I can mention on the PH site.

    Also, where do you get you GSE? I may continue to get mine at the same place, not sure. I think it has OK ingredients in it.

    Hugz to everyone,

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    supps but if I would it probably would be Policosanol and as a matter of fact one of my supp companies sent me a bottle by accident and I just got it out and now taking it, why not....can't hurt. Do a search of it.

    I use mostly ActiVin Grape Seed Extract and if you do a search you'll find it....we can't mention where we buy things.... I think the darker the powder in the Grape Seed the more powerful action...just my thinking. The ActiVin powder is a pretty dark red color, looks good to me.
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    My DH had taken it I think when he had problems with his prostate. That was many years ago. I know it is still good stuff but need to check it all out.

    BTW, do you take Resverterol? Curious as to what difference ight be besides the price. WE can't afford to take both right now.

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    but do have a bottle of a Grape Seed Ex complex that has Resveratrol 15mg in it and it's fine, but this product has soy in it, so I probably won't buy it again... I got it from one of the big box stores it's called truenature and does contain again I won't buy it again.

    ActiVin is a really nice clean supp and free of soy, gluten and other unwanted stuff....and moderate priced...not really expensive but not really the cheapest either...

    Resveratrol is just one of the latest antioxidants, they've got to keep coming out with new products to keep the economy going and confuse more....haha

    The oldest stuff is oftentimes the best....jam

    Just like Armour vs Synthroid, Armour has been around for 100 yrs and is the best in my book...

    Oh, I just found that ActiVin is produced by a company in Modesto, CA and I believe sold thru a major supplememnt online company where I buy it...Modesto is grape country. [This Message was Edited on 06/05/2012]
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    Did you say you were taking it. Since I have starated on it, actually a couple of months after I lost about 5-6 lbs. not that I was really trying to, and also noticed that my b/p seems to be more stabale and lower. Not that it doesn't spike from time to time. Also I am thinking it takes awhile to really get into your system. Also, I started taking it, after while after I get up to go to the rest room , towards morning.

    If you are taking it, did you niice any great improvements after awhile? Not sure I feel a whole lot better but weight loss and lower b/p was sure nice. Sorry to change this threat around :)!!

    Thanks a lot !
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    that happened for me when I got on Armour in 2002, the threw away anti-depressants, never to pick one up again...that was 10 yrs ago....

    Weight loss, not really, but all in all I feel good on armour, synthroid is total crap in my book.

    Remember to keep on top of dosing as dose needs to be changed from time to time. jam
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks for your personal input on the Armour. That was great that you were able to throw away your anatidpressants. I am not on them so I guess that is one less worry.

    I kno about dosage changeing occasionally as with the synthroid. BTW, what dosage are you on right now? I am ona pretty good dosage once a day. Have to go check it. It is in the 80+ mgs.

    Another reason for my hi b/p stabalizing some may also have been the mag. I have been increasing due to my osteoporosis to go with my calcium.

    TTYL !
  8. jaminhealth

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    daily, 2 60mg tabs in the morning when I wake up and then 1/4 mg (15mg) later in the day...I was on 180mg at a point, but doc brought it down. A good thing about Armour is that is also contains Calcintonin (calcium for bones) and t4,t3,t2and is so superior to the other stuff....and been around a long long time. Glad you are on it.

    Re: the weight loss, a person with weight gain often needs their thyroid treated, so this may be the reason for your loss..

    There are so many symptoms of sluggish thyroid, about 69, and it's amazing so many go untreated or getting inferior treatment....take care...jam
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    I have never needed to lose weight my whole life. I have always been skinny but the last 5-10 years I garined aboaut 10-15 lobs (of course in the wrong places). I really didn't need to lose much as I really was a big underweight. The only part that bugged me was my tummy and my slacks didn;t fit unless they had some elastic in them. It's not bad, eight about 125 now.

    My weight gain was possibly somehwat medication and somewhat loss of the activities I once did and less now.

    Thanks again !
  10. jaminhealth

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    issues were a thing for you as I recall talking to you over the years....

    On the stomach, I don't know a woman in her older years who doesn't deal with six packs in our gals....and not the end of the world, hormonal and our pleasures of food and less less exercise NOW.

    Take care.

    BTW: I just heard a health tip from Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Clinic fame, and she claims apple/carrot juice are the best forms of calcium...she's 85 or more and says she does not take any of the calcium (chalk) and relies on foods...

    I use Rainbow Light food based calcium 500mg but going to start juicing more apples and carrots in my blender, I don't have a juicer, but my blender does OK...more pulpy but it's OK....more pulp more fiber..organics are best if you can get them. I can at my local Coop and feel good not to be ingesting more pesticides.....jam
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    Red Yeast Rice is one of the best supplements for reducing cholesterol.
  12. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Stick - Yes it is and it seemed to do pretty well for my husband years ago. Then I heard that one should not really be on it for that long. So, he then went to Phytosterol complex for awhile and then saw something was an additive in it that I thought that should not have been in there. I forget the name of it now. I think it was to make the caps white or something,

    So I have been looking around. May start up again on the Policosenal ! Thanks for your post.

  13. zenouchy

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    Hope all is well with you! I wanted to let you know that I've been taking 4 grams of fish oil as well and 2000 mg of flaxseed oil per day for my cholesterol levels and have been doing so for several years. I believe they have been helpful. As you know, always check with a doctor before starting any new supplements. :)

    My overall cholesterol runs high, and so does my HDL (the good cholesterol). My overall cholesterol used to be much higher, so I know the supplements have helped. I always think of the HDL as "happy" cholesterol and the LDL as the "lousy" cholesterol to help keep it straight. My tryglcerides levels doubled in a year for some reason, which shocked me because I eat so healthy and exercise every day, so I don't know what's going on there. I'm seeing a cardiologist today as a precaution (I also have heart issues that run in my family) to get her take on it.

    I will ask my cardiologist if she recommends any other supplements for cholesterol control and report back to you with what she says.

    Have a great day!


  14. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Erika,

    Thanks for your information. We already are taking fish oil but not sure how much in grams...... I also have to checkout flaxseed oil. I didn;t know about that. I had heard about flaxseed but not the oil. I was thinking about policholsenol (sp) which my husband took for some etime. So far mine has all been good but he has a problem with his HDL, not enough. . How often do you take your Flaxseed Oil and Fish oil

    Let me now what your doc says. Actually I usually end up telling the doctor after the fact. However, she or he has never said anything about it I usually check out alot of stuff anyway. I also have a medical background but didn't work in it very long due to my 5 children at that time.

    Hope your cardiologist give you a good report. When do you go??

    Hugz and blessings,
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    My pleasure to help! My cardiologist appt yesterday afternoon went well; thank you so much for asking. She is ordering some follow-up tests and wants to watch my tryglceride levels, but nothing seems urgent or too troubling at this time, which is great.

    There are so many supplement options aren't there? I asked her what she thought about supplements and heart health and as well as if she takes any. Interestingly, she doesn't take any at all, which surprised me. She said she tried Reservatol once because her daughter sent her some. I specifically asked her about all of the supplements I saw listed here too. She had heard of all of them except the policosenol.

    *She did say to be very careful with red yeast rice because it acts as a statin. If one doesn't need a statin, it's not something one should take. It also has the same side effect profile of statins.

    Re: the fish oil and flaxseed oil, I take the fish oil at night because that's when the body makes the most cholesterol. A pharmacist told me that. I take the flaxseed oil caps with dinner. I can't remember why. I think a pharmacist suggested that would be the best time. My internal medicine doc and an endocrinologist I saw both liked that I take these two supplements.

    Even though my cardiologist isn't "gung-ho" on supplements for cholesterol reduction, I don't agree with her because I've seen direct results. Obviously, I'd stay away from the red yeast rice, but I think other supplements can be very helpful. I think the fish oil is wonderful because it also helps with joint support too. I'm glad you're already taking it. You probably know this, but in case you don't: if you want to raise the amount of fish oil you take, make sure your doc says it's ok b/c it can thin out the blood.

    It will probably take some experimentation to discover what additional supplement(s) will work best for you. Hope this helps more than it confuses and that you and your hubby find the best options!

    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Erika,

    As I have already mention, we already take the Fish OIl You said you take it with dinner (do you mean at night with dinner/supper)? and to take the Fish Oil at night ( before bedtime or sometime after dinner/supper? I got a littleonfused with that. I bought some today at the store, the Flaxseed Oil so will try it soon.

    I already had heard about the Red Yeast Rice and that is why I took him off it although it did work.

    Yes, some docs are not that much into it but I know some of these things work, if by themselves or in combo with something else.

    I have been trying all kinds of stuff along with my b/p meds ti try and lower it without as much drugs.. I know I cannot get completely off them ever but in trying to help my bone density and increasing my magnesium, it helped my bowels,and I think helped lower my blood pressure (the increased Mg. and possibly along with the Armour Thyroid I started not to long ago). My b/p likes to spike. It has been great at home now and maybe the diastolic is a little low (in the 60's). So perhaps later on I can lower one of the meds strength.

    Thanks again so much for your help and please clarify when you are taking your Fish Oil. I was thinking before reading your post to take one at morning after breakfast and the other after dinner. However, your way may be better unless you eat heavy breaksfasts which we do not. Most of the time we have cheerios with fruit and 2% milk and I have yogurt. Once ina blue moon we have eggs, etc.

    Yes, everyone is different and meds as well as supps., work better for some people than others.

    TTYL !!

    Blessings and Hugs,

  17. zenouchy

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    Sorry for the confusion. I take the fish oil about 15 to 30 minutes before bed-time, at around 9:30 or so. A pharmacist I trust told me that our bodies naturally make cholesterol late in the evening, so therefore, it makes the most sense to take the fish oil at that time. I've been taking the fish oil at approx. that time for several years now.

    A few years later, I decided to add the flaxseed oil caps. The pharmacist recommended taking those at dinner-time. I eat early, around 5:30pm or so. I think she thought it would be too many supplements at once to also take the flaxseed caps at bedtime with the fish oil. I can't remember the precise reasoning any more, but it seems to be working fine. :)

    There's the cholesterol our bodies naturally make, and the cholesterol we get through food. Again, the theory behind taking the fish oil at bed-time (and apparently the later the better, i.e., bedtime) is because our bodies are somehow making cholesterol at that time and the fish oil can directly counteract it. Kind of fascinating.

    Hope this helps, my friend!

    Many blessings and hugs to you,

  18. Granniluvsu

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    What you say makes sense to me. I can do that but wonder if DH will do it when I tell him too. However, he souldnt have a problem since he doesn;t take anything before bed anyhow or close to that time. I have lots of stuff to try and take at the same time.

    I think I was going to mention something else but DH is calling and I need to get out there and start dinner.

    Thanks alot for your help. I may be back :)!!

  19. Granniluvsu

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    What is your cholesterol and LDL and HDL, if you have the numbers I am just curious and do you remember about what they were before you started this regime?

    No need to answer right way if you need to find the info, if you can. If you can't don;t worry about it. Just real curious.


  20. zenouchy

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    Yes, you make perfect sense wanting to know if the fish oil is directly helping with my cholesterol numbers. I've been taking the fish oil for about six or seven years. What I remember the most is that it helped lower my overall (total) cholesterol number quite a bit, from about 260 or so to 210!!! It may have helped my LDL too, but I just can't remember. It was never in a higher than normal range, so that doesn't stand out for me right now.

    My HDL seems to be affected the most by my exercise and the amount of vegetables I eat, which have increased quite a bit. My HDL is in a very high normal range. It didn't used to be this high until I started exercising every day and eating 5 servings of vegetables every day. (I also eat 3 fruits every day) I'm sure that this also affects the overall number too.

    While I have never been unhealthy, my diet and exercise habits have gradually gotten better each year. As I've gotten a littler older (I'm 42), my LDL and tryglercides are not as good as they used to be, which is a bit frustrating. The high HDL number is supposed to help counteract the high LDL number. The LDL is "high normal" but still ok and the tryglercides right now are a little out of the normal range, and the doctors want to watch them. The tryglceride number is going to be re-tested. Sometimes there are lab errors (hopefully that was it, and hopefully too it's not higher when it's retested!)

    With so many different factors involved (age, heredity, diet, exercise, supplements), it's hard to know precisely how much the fish oil plays a part exactly at this moment. The most obvious thing was the first year I took it and seeing the overall cholesterol number drop quite a bit, so I will definitely keep taking that fish oil. I strongly feel that the fish oil is helping to keep the total cholesterol number in check if it helped so much when I first started taking it.

    I know you didn't ask about the flaxseed oil caps, but here is some info in case it helps. With the flaxseed oil caps, my cholesterol numbers stayed pretty much the same for a few years as I've aged. They could have gone up. Whether that's a direct result of the flaxseed oil caps (and fish oil caps too), it's of course hard to gauge. I like the flaxseed oil caps as well though because of the joint support (always great for fibro) and because it's good nutritionally as well.

    The research out on flaxseed indicates that it is good in fighting heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, diabetes, etc. It's a plant food full of antioxidants and omega 3s. It's not pricey either. That was my reasoning at the time for taking it. If possible, I like taking supplements that can help our bodies with other things too because there are so many supplement options.

    Have a great day!

    Love, Erika