Supplements for keeping cholesterol levels down ?

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    I have so much going on right now I can't stay to chat but I appreciate all you have given. My problem may be to be able to get my husband ti take something beforfe he goes to bed. He just like to take them all and then be done with it.

    Noi, I was surpised to see the big bottle in WM of Flaxseed Oil. It had the right amount and was a good price and said cold pressed . I THINK the brand was Natures Made or womething like that. Sounded like a pretty good brand to me. I am so used to juggling my meds at certain times including my Strontiunm Citrate (osteoporosis) that I take in the middle of the night. Take my thyroid before arising, it is right by my bed. Then take most of the other stuff with breakfast.

    Did you notice a change after your starting the Flaxseed Oil?

    Well, I have to run. Thanks for chatting and the good info. TTYL !

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    Glad to try to help! Cold-pressed flaxseed oil is excellent; I think it helps to get rid of any potential impurities. I always get the cold-pressed kind.

    I wish I could give you a definitive "noticed a definite difference" re: the flaxseed oil, but there's so many other factors that affect cholesterol. This is what I wrote in my last post:

    "I know you didn't ask about the flaxseed oil caps, but here is some info in case it helps. With the flaxseed oil caps, my cholesterol numbers stayed pretty much the same for a few years as I've aged. They could have gone up. Whether that's a direct result of the flaxseed oil caps (and fish oil caps too), it's of course hard to gauge. I like the flaxseed oil caps as well though because of the joint support (always great for fibro) and because it's good nutritionally as well.

    The research out on flaxseed indicates that it is good in fighting heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, diabetes, etc. It's a plant food full of antioxidants and omega 3s. It's not pricey either. That was my reasoning at the time for taking it. If possible, I like taking supplements that can help our bodies with other things too because there are so many supplement options."

    Have a great afternoon and hugs,

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    Yes, it is great if you can find something that helps in more than one area, like the Magnesium citrate for me. If you wish to please check Dianes message in another thread on here abouat choldesterol. She was speaking about Constipation ( on a triglycerides threat or something related) and I told her that the mag. is good for constipation as well as bone density and also stabilizing blood pressure for me. As you said we are all different though.

    If you wish check out "Confused in PA's " thread where she mentions her constipation along with everything else related to drugs and supps..

    TTYL !

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    Hi Granni,

    Could you please tell me more about the magnesium citrate? Does the "citrate" form of it do something special? I'm considering adding magnesium to help prevent these funky migraines that I get a few times a year. The doctors I've seen (neurologist and opthamologist) can't classify the migraines into the normal variety, so they call them a "hybrid". I get terrible light sensitivity and nausea but no headache. I have light sensitivity anyway, but with these migraines, it's tremendously worse.

    I'll check out Diane's thread too if you already discussed this specifically. I posted to her there with some feedback I had on cholesterol but will look for your responses there also. Thanks!

    Love, Erika
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    There are many types of magnesium and as I understand it magnesium is very good for the bones and I have osteoporosisi. I think you are supposed to take about 1/2 the amount of mag. than Calcium (more or less). That is supposed to help the Calcium absorb better into the bones. I think Mag. Citrate is one of the better forms (helps the Ca. absorbs better). Mag oxide is the cheapaest type. It is not supposed to be as good according to some but it is cheaper and I have a bunch to use up. I bought a bunch of Mag. citrate and when I got it found they were so big, and hard for me to take. So, usually in the afternoon after lunch I crind up my 2 200 mg. caplets and grind or crush them so I can stick them in some applesausce or yogurt.

    I started out using the Mag citrate powder that dissolves in water and makes like a fizzy drink, not bad tasting but gave me a lotof gas. So after awhile I gave up on that and went to the pills or caplets. I have found it helps with constipation, whcih is supposed to be good for that but I just found out about it. I have had constipation all my life. I am hoping to be able to find some mag. citrate capsules after I use up all my hard mega caplets

    I also found out that while taking more Mag. Citrate (and oxide) this has helped my blood pressure to get lower and more stable. Not sure if it is just the mag. or the Armour Thyroid that I started taking not to long ago instead of Synthroid. I have not heard anything in particular about it helping headaches/migraines but perhaps someone else here might know more about that.

    Let me know if I can help any more. I wish I knew more about magnesium and migraines. It seems to do alot of things and helps muscles too, I believe.

    Good luck and I hope you can find out more about it and if it can help you. I surely do hope so . If I find out anything I will let you know. Have you tried googling Magnesium and migraine headaches or just headaches? Hope I have been of some help :)!!

    TTYL !

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    Good morning Granni,

    Thanks so much for sharing the info on the magnesium. I wanted to get a baseline on the different types of it and see what your experiences were. You helped tremendously. Good to know that it can help with so many different things too. I will keep those in mind as well as research more about magnesium and migraines. So sorry about the chronic constipation---not fun. Thanks again!

    Wishing you a happy, feel-good day!

    Love, Erika