Supplements: Who needs them? A special report

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    Well worth reading...
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    But as to who needs supplements, I can only speak for myself, and this is some of what supplements have done for me:

    Metafolin - noticeably increased my energy after lagging for years and years

    Potassium - noticeably increased energy

    d-ribose - noticeably increased energy

    Vitamin D - boosted immune system

    milk thistle - helped liver recover from overload of job-related toxins

    Betaine HCL - helped digestion improve enormously

    Adrenal glandulars - helped very weak adrenals heal and boosted energy.

    5-htp - helped with sleep

    glycine and l-theanine and melatonin - all helped with sleep

    Seriphos - helped normalize cortisol levels which were causing severe insomnia (important to take in the morning)

    I could go on. I just wonder if whoever wrote that article knows anything about all of this, although hopefully they do if they are reputable enough to get published by NHS. You've got to be very careful if you're going to make blanket statements about who needs supplements.

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    People in America or other countries may not be able to open this link because it ends in UK not .com

    i have because i am in uk, had to wait as it downloaded 34 pages o_O

    Anyhow heres a shortened over view as to what it said:-

    Who needs supplements, Right, it gives a list namely pregnant women, people over 65, and a doctor may recommend supplements to those with a "medical condition"

    It states otherwise if you have a balanced diet then you should be sufficent in nutrition.

    It states overdose in vitamins can cause hypervitaminosis (poisoning) must stick within food standard regulations.

    It states supplements may have active ingrediants that may interact with licensed meducines Ginkgo biloba interacts with antidepressants, anticonvulsants, anti viral and blood thinners (walfarin).

    They believe if a product has not been authorized by MHRA it should not make claims it can treat or cure conditions. However, they can product maintains function as governed by the Food Standards agency.

    Vit c

    animal studies found a resistance to infection. Results in people are inconclusive. Researchers found its beneficial in cases of extreme stress like that of marathon runners but not colds. It can cause a harmful rise in blood sugar levels bare in mind (diabetes and genetic conditions that cause excessive build up Hamochromalosis.


    promotes boost of immune system, lab studies show it can inhibit rhinovirus. Side effects nausea and unpleasant taste, vomiting and diarrhoea or abd pain.


    in trials it does not reduce duration or severity of colds a trial in 2010 of 700 participants showed no significant improvement. Side effects fever, nausea, stonach pain.



    a study of 3,000 people showed "a small protective affect) for vascular dermentia. A study in 2008 of 176 people doesnt benefit people with existing dermentia.

    Overall data remains inconsistant and unreliable. Side effects stomach upset, headache, thin blood can cause bruising and bleeding, few people have experienced bleeding in eyes and brain. Not advised for people having surgery.


    No convincing evidence for benefits of ginseng on cognitive, behavior and quality of life.


    3,802 (pub review in BMJ) pooled 10 studies up to 2009. Neither glucosamine, chondroitin or combo were found to reduce joint pain or treat narrowing of joint space associated with OA.
    May not be suitable for asthmatics, can interact with warfarin. Side effects wind, bliating, cramps, not suitable for those having surgery.

    Omega 3

    Trials inconclusive.

    Cod liver oil tablets should not be taken by pregnant women as contain vit A which maybe harmful to baby.

    Protein shakes

    Conflicting results either have an effect or no effect.
    May also contain harmful heavy metals arsenic, cadmium, leaf and mercury. Too much protein can result in diarrhoea do not exceed max daily amount or take if under 18 yrs of age.

    Chinese supplements

    Banned substances sibutramine found in herbal supplements Paiyouji tea, and Pai You Guo.

    Conclusion - Report should not be taken as definitive, review of individual supplements.

    ...And as i read that last line i thought ive just wasted an hour of my time lol ;-)

    For me, my opinion, i dont think, or havent come across anyone on this site who doesnt run there supplement use past their doctor. Ive been warned by individuals about side effects and recommend to speak to doctor first before trying.

    Im impressed that the studies done on supplements are so large in comparison to those carried out on pharmacetical meds and then passed for FDA. With no idea of long term affects until those taking them find out the long list. Im yet to come across a prescribed medication that doesnt have a list of side effects (some horrendous) that are as long as my arm but they continue to be marketed. Theres money to be made on both sides of the market I am not neive to the western eastern medicine views. All in all it is wise to bare in mind the bigger picture and have some common sense.

    Many thanks for the article Lady Carol.


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    To open the original file you need Adobe Reader. If you don't have it on your computer it can be downloaded free from

    Otherwise the web site containing the link is available as follows :
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    I know that my 10,000 units of Vit D3 has definately helped me from getting the horrible cold & respiratory infections this year. My husband had the FLU and was put on Tamilflu. I'm not saying I don't have days where I felt like maybe I was going to get sick or had a sore throat here & there, but I know it has helped me to stay fairly healthy at least in that area.

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    Can be medications in and of themselves. They can be very beneficial but, like everything else, one must be vigilant in their use. One should always give a list of both meds and supps to one's doc. Just as meds can interfere with one another, supps can interfere with meds and vice-versa.

    Supps, and ProHealth, have been vital to my healing.

    Love, Mikie

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