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    I am guessing a lot of people use supplements. My money is spent on medications that reduce my symptoms, but like you all I still have problems; mostly fatigue, brain fog, pain. If you could only take one supplement, which one would you take that you would recommend?
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    Hi, The supplements that I can't be without is: A really good probiotic, make sure that is has live cultures in it, remember that 70% of your immune system is in your gut, CoQ10 ( I take 100 in the morning and 100 at night, D-Ribose (one scoop twice a day) and Carnitine. I take alot more stuff but those are my favorites.
    I was on the couch sick with cfs for about 13 years. I couldn't answer the door without crashing. Now I go every day. I still take a day to recharge here and there, but then I'm at it again. Yesterday I did a vitamin I.V. drip at a cancer center. They have really good stuff in their I.V.s :}
    best of luck
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    Thank you. I think I will read around before posting again. I did not realize that I had posted on the Health board too. I thought my post just did not make it. It was my very first time. Do I have to log in to each board separately? I did not know the message boards are not linked together.

    Thanks for your replies, Jam and dory. Very helpful information.
  4. acdb

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    Thanks, Jean.
  5. cfs since 1998

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    If I could only take one it would probably be olive leaf extract. It seems to be a good natural antiviral and I definitely believe viruses play a major role in ME/CFS, XMRV or not.
  6. winsco1

    winsco1 New Member

    especially if you are over 40. It won't help the fibro pain but if you are vitamin d deficient you can experience pain that is similar to fibro pain and if your pain can be reduced even a little bit thru something so simple and so affordable then its worth it. take care, Sara
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