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    I have CGF and FM and I am mostly laying down on the couch or bed. I am totally housebound, since January of 2002. I have a question. Everyting I read says we all need to be on vitamins etc. Well, I have tried the supplements 3-4 times, all different brands that say they are the best. My problem is I cannot take them because they make my symptoms worse. Amino acids and vitamins will make me feel horrible and sicker then a dog. Does that mean I don't have a chance to heal and get better? It really scares me.....Gala
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    You said you were taking supplements, but you didn't say what kind. There are many different supplements and there are specific ones that help FMS and CFS. There are people on the board who can really pinpoint the ones that do help. As for me, right now I mainly take Magnesium. They are very good for your muscles. I know the sponsor of this board sells supplements and you might want to look at them. Also, I'm sure you can't just take a pill and expect it to work right away - you probably have to let it build up in your system. It also depends when you take them and if you need to eat something when you take them. Also, vitamins are not supplements - they are totally different. I'm hoping someone from the Board will jump in and explain it all to you. You're in the right place to get help!

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    Thank you for your response. Vitamins, amino acids, pure liquid licorice (heals the stomach), and many others that I cannot think of right now are the supplements that I referred to. Last year I spent hundreds of dollars on vitamins and amino acid supplements that where advertised to be the best. I ordered these through other people who have CFS. For some reason they can take them but I can't and I have read on the site and other sites that some patients of CFS cannot take vitamins etc. I thought about just trying one vitamin at a time for a period of 2-3 weeks before adding on another vitamin. Trial and error. I don't want to infest more money on cans or bottles of combined vitamins or amino acids. I have gotten so sick on them. In fact, I tried several brands over the last year. I got sick and when I dicontinued them I felt better......Gala
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    I recall reading another post of yours concerning supplements.

    If you try ONE supplement at a time for at least a two week period, I think you maybe able to handle them.

    But if you take too many different ones at the same time, then your system is probably rebelling against getting hit with them all at one time! Plus some supplements, herbs, vitamins do not mix with one another, that goes for some meds too.

    Even some foods can give you problems with meds as well as supplements. Grapefruit is a no, no with a lot of meds and supplements, and thats just one of them.

    I was the same way that you described, I tried brand after brand, wasted more money than I care to think about.

    But I did hit it good with Pro Health's supplements. They were designed for FM/CFS, so far I am doing well on their brand, but I did try one new thing at a time.

    I have yet to find a multi-vitamin that does not make me sick, so I drink two cans of Ensure a day in place of a multi vitamin. That I can handle, or I should say my body can handle!

    Don't be afraid, just try one thing at a time. If I were you, I would start with ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for sleep and pain.
    This one I had no problem with at all. The directions recommend two capsules at night for women, and three for men. Start with one! Then if you feel alright, then try the two capsules, but wait a week, just taking one.

    I remember you said you did not sleep well, thats one of the most important things to get done first to me.

    I think I told you that I take Xanax at 6pm, then the ZMA at 10pm, then 3milligrams of Melatonin, for sleep and pain.

    You said you take Klonopin? I believe it is Mel that takes Klonopin, then the ZMA for sleep.

    Space them within a couple of hours apart. Take the ZMA with food, but no milk products. I take mine with 8 ounces of water, thats what the directions recommend.

    Please buy your ZMA from Pro Health or the SNAC brand, the other brands do not work. Pro Health sells the SNAC brand. I tried the GNC brand and it did not work at all.

    Let us know how you make out, and don't take more than one thing at a time from now on.

    Shalom, Shirl