suppliments that help lyme show up in a test?

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  1. conorboyd

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    hi there!

    im going to a LLMD next month and im wondering if theres something i can take that would help lyme show up in a test (if i have lyme) ? or maybe there is something im taking that would hide signs of lyme in a test ?

    im taking:
    coq 10
    acetyl l-carnitine
    milk thistle
    colloidal silver
    NT factor
    a suppliment that has:
    berberine, grapefruit, garlic black walnut, quassia bark, gentian root, sweet annie and goldenseal. this suppliment i get a recation from.

    thanks :)
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  2. victoria

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    But it sure seems like it might be possible.

    I do know that some doctors give a trial of 2 weeks of abx like doxycycline, then test about a week after that's over.

    I'm not sure there's any sure-fire way to make it appear tho, as part of the problem in treating lyme with abx anyway is finding the right abx and also the possibility that abx could make them 'hide out' more.

    Sorry I couldn't help you out more....

  3. mollystwin

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    Mesages are known to help for this. Either a professional or anyone else.

  4. Chootik

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    I was taking Bromelain and other enzymes and no ABX.

    I think this bring the infections out of their hiding place and makes it more obvious in the blood test.

    Just my opinion though.

  5. conorboyd

    conorboyd New Member

    thanks for the input :)