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    If you do not have a support group in your town then start one!!!!!!

    After my Rhuemy told me I had FM, he said he wanted me to learn everyhting I could on the subject before I came back to see him in 4 weeks. When I went back in 4 weeks he asked what I had learned. I told him I started a support group where I live in Sedalia, Mo. He was so happy. All I did was find someone else with arthritis, since FM is a form of arthritis. Then I contacted the local arthritis foundation chapter which is in Kansas City about 80 miles away. I told them what I wanted to do and they were more than happy to help in anyway they could.

    That was a little more than 2 years ago and we are still going. We might be a small group, but all it takes is 2 or more people. I also contacted our local hospital and that is where we have our meetings. They help any way they can too. We meet once a month and I try to have speakers for our meetings. That could be anyone, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, anyone in the medical field, someone who can teach us excerises. The arthritis foundation also comes and speaks to our group. In fact we just had a meeting this past week and the speaker was from the foundation.

    The hospital, the foundation, and our group and putting on a arthritis educational program in a couple of weeks, where you can come ask questions of experts. Then we are having a 6 week self help course taught by the arthritis foundation.

    That is the way to start a support group. You want to really want one to get it going. Most newspapers will advertise it for free since it is a community service.

    Ours is the only support group in a 80 mile radius.
    So go for it!!!!!

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    Hi! Just wanted to ask you who your dr is there. I used to live in Sedalia and I didnt have any luck finding a good dr. I have 2 daughters and 4 grandkids in Sedalia and one daughter and grandson in Marshall! Small world!
  3. mymissy

    mymissy New Member

    My Rhuemy is in Blue Springs. There still are not any good Doctors in this town in my opinion. You'll have to tell your daughters about our group. We do have spouses that come including mine.

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