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  1. jaime13

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    We haven't a support group in Virginia Beach Va. and we totally need one. If you are suffering from chronic pain for more than 6 months, fibro or cfs and feel the desire to go from patient to person, with the help of other understanding people, why don't you contact me. I have had fibro,cfs, and chronic pain for over 20 years,recently with the death of my father my pain and isolation has gotten worse-so I decided to restart the support group I ran 3 years ago, formly known as Pain Pals. If you are interested send me a post here at this site and we will take it from there.
    Peace from pain.
    Jaime from Virginia Beach,Va.
  2. maggiemae55

    maggiemae55 New Member

    I'm in Va Beach too, and I just lost my father as well. Dx'd in 2004, but had fibro, cfs and myofascial a lot longer than the dx.

    Is this the group that met at the Y at Hilltop?

  3. momof4kids68

    momof4kids68 New Member


    Hi. I just started a support group here in TN. I live in a small town and I've never been in a support group so I'm looking for help in making sure that ours is informative and helpful. Any suggestions would be welcome!!


  4. Crimedoctor

    Crimedoctor New Member

    Did you ever get this support group started? I am dealing with chronic nerve pain, and I am just looking for a support group. I am in the Virginia Beach area. Thanks.

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