support groups in north nj???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkstar, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. pinkstar

    pinkstar New Member

    anyone go to one or know about one?

    if not... anyone here interested in starting one? there are a bunch of places i know of that would let us hold one...

    feedback please!
  2. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    for Lauryn
  3. Muddieanne

    Muddieanne New Member

    I read your post 2 days ago but hesitated to reply even though I live in N.J., as do many others on this board.

    My difficulty is driving any distance. You know how bad traffic is here and I don't have nerves of steel. My neck hurts much more when I drive.

    Years ago there was a support group nearby I attended but the group disbanded after the leader moved and later the location changed.

    I would love to go a group,depending on the location.

  4. rorogreen

    rorogreen New Member

    Hi -
    newbie here. I've been lurking a little; a member of the
    FIBROMYALGIA listserve from MIT for many years and recently stumbled on this message board.
    I also live in Jersey - central Jersey, however.
    Could you please post when and where local support groups are located?
    Thanks a bunch.