support groups in northern new jersey??

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  1. pinkstar

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    [my 2nd post on this]

    anyone go to one or know about one?

    if not... anyone here interested in starting one? there are a bunch of places i know of that would let us hold one...

    feedback please!
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    Hi Lauryn,

    There is a CFIDS Support Group in Bergen County the third Sunday of every month. They meet at Pascack Valley Hospital from 2-4 PM. There is usually a guest speaker, time for question and answers, then time just to chat.

    This month (December) there is no speaker, just a get-together~"party".

    You can find some more information about this support group by going to Go to the Bergen Newsletter and/or Meetings. This is a very nice supportive group. I have gone to 2 meetings with this group and was made to feel very welcome.

    This is kind of a far ride for me, but it was the only active group I could find. I'm glad I found it, it's worth the ride~it is always an enjoyable (informative) afternoon.

    They also have a FMS support Group, I think it meets the first Sunday of each month from 1-3 at the same place, but I don't have any other information on that. Maybe one of the CFIDS group leaders could provide you w/ that info, if you need it.

    Hope to meet you there some day!

    Gentle Hugs,
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    i live in bergen county in teaneck so im DEFINATELY going come january or february when i move back home!!! =] thanks sooo much!!!