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    In 2009, I was diagnosed by Dr. Sarah Myhill in England; with having Heart Failure s/t Mitochondria Malfunction! My precipitating factor occurred back when I was in the 7th grade, when I dove off of a diving board; while holding my arms at my sides, insidentally connected head first with the pool's bottom! I came up out of the water white as a sheet according to my younger sisters words at the time! I know now that I'd been in shock because I could only see straight out in front of me, for something like disco strobe lighting was streaming at me from the sides! I'd managed to get into the house, before going & leaning over the couch to start to lay down upon it; next I knew, I woke up in my bed several hours later! I believe I'd passed out. I was never taken to get checked out by a scan of some kind, although my dad's now a retired doctor; my mother says she'd told him about it, but both him & myself think not!

    I don't remember how long afterwards it was, when I'd noticed that my overall feeling of energy was totally gone; I'd complain of feeling as if I had an old fashioned rubber swimming cap upon my head that was 5-6 times too small, the pressure I felt in my head also caused me to frequently remark that every day felt to me like a dark, dismal, cloudy day! Over & over I'd told doctors that I had in the past connected hard head-first with the bottom of a pool after having dove off of a diving board; but they kept telling me that I was depressed, & I felt as though antidepressents were being shoved upon me when they were not the answer!

    As the years passed by, I just lived with the way that I felt; like stated above, plus always tired out & exhausted! I'd always feel like I was giving 115% effort, when attending my school physical education classes; but I could never keep up giving 115% effort, so after several years passed by I'd learn to sit on the side lines of the games as they were being played!

    I am going to be 50 this year, & it was about 5-6 years ago now that I started to feel more tired, more weak, more in the grave; than I had, the previous months! Each month I felt weaker than the month before, although I still was trying to do all my Acts of daily Living! Soon I began to feel despair because I just couldn't keep up with the household chores, just doing the dishes became too much! I'd end up doing 1/4 of the dishes & be too tired out to do anything else til the following day; & then there was more of a mess, there to impossibly try to deal with! For a time, I was able to do everything; but then I couldn't do anything for 2-3 days, when I'd start feeling well enough to try again!

    I kept telling people that I believed something was wrong with my energy production systems of my body, for I also repeated had started feeling as though my metabolism kept switching over from the one that uses oxygen to one that didn't use oxygen! So then I'd finally been able to do a Physical Capacity Evaluation test, which I'd given 115% effort doing; but those who gave it to me said I wasn't doing what they felt by tests results of normally functioning people can do! The first thing back then that had happened was that I after pushing myself to keep going, was that I started breathing a little heavier, then soon I'd felt past the point of exhaustion & although I was NOT crying had tears streaming from my eyes! Next I'd got a numbness & tingling around my nose & mouth; & after trying to keep on doing more, ended up stopping finally because the corners of my eyes had started fluttering really fast at their outer corners & I'd felt like I was going to pass out!

    Well because the O2 sat machine said I was getting enough oxygen into my lungs, my B.P. & Pulse, & Temperature were still fine; they called me more or less , a faker!

    There have also been other things that I'd been diagnosed with, that now after having my blood tested in England; I've found were really due to my Mitochondria Malfunctioning & failing!
    My testing showed that I have very poor Mitochodria functioning, very poor suppy of ATP, very inefficient ability to build the used ADP back up to usable ATP again! The test that they do to also see how much cell death & destruction has happened because of the condition [check for free-cell DNA] had shown that I'd had just about as much cell death & destruction as someone who has been on chemotherapy for cancer! They also noticed that my ATP's are used up faster than I can produce or reproduce them; which caused my Mitochondria to develop a faulty switch-over of their metabolism from aerobic metabolism for production of energy to nonaerobic metabolism or glycolysis as we know it for my bodies energy needs; which happens to be totally inefficient & causes my body to say it's time to hibernate until your ATP supplies are built back up abit! Since my testing was done, I have found out that my condition was even closer to the heart failure side of the condition than all of the individuals that England had used in the initial case studies!
    First of all as it says, people with this condition usually have low blood pressure; I've found out that it's because of my mitochondria developing the faulty switch-over to glycolysis that its made my body to have low organ- low tissue oxygen [ABG values] because I'd kept on trying to push myself to do more & more than I really could do--to get more energy! But I've found that the pain isn't just from lactic acid's being excreted into the muscles, but because when I'm too low on ATP my Mitochondria feeling that oxygen isn't needed for glycolysis energy production somehow keeps the oxygen from entering my tissues & organs; so in an effort to force it in to them, if I keep going my body makes my breathing hyperventilation and I blow off too much CO2! I felt pain in my chest whenever I'd feel my Mitochondria metabolism switch-over to glycolysis for energy; & I felt it was because I wasn't getting the oxygen into my heart because my pO2 & pO2 [tc] are really low and went lower with just a little effort upon my part! So recently when I'd felt my Mitochondria do the faulty switch-over to glycolysis, they scanned my heart; the scan revealed that whenever the switch-over happens, the oxygen does NOT get to the right side of my heart! But after taking some more d-Ribose, Magnesium, & calcium and laying down for 30 -40 minutes to build my ATP supply back up enough so that I'd felt my Mitochondria Metabolism switch back over again to using ATP for energy, they ran me through the machine again, & it revealed that my heart was once again getting an adequate supply of oxygen!

    I've also through testing of my own found out that anyone with a Horse-shoe Kidney, CAN get too much Magnesium through their injections of it; it had made my blood pressure go up & blood pressure medications weren't bringing my blood pressure down but were only making me to get way more dizzy! So because the documents from England had said that they'd only found that those individuals who were in Kidney Failure could get toxic doses of Magnesium, I thought perhaps their initial case studies hadn't included anyone with a horseshoe kidney like myself! So I didn't take it the next morning, & my blood pressure dropped down to a good one!
    Also I have found that if you have had this faulty switch-over of Mitochondria Metabolism to glycolysis happen over & over again throughout the day that eventually it carries on into your nighttime metabolism that goes on when you dream; & it causes what looks like Sleep apnea to occur because the Mitochondria won't let the oxygen into the tissues & organs so it just is floating around in my bloodstream unused; so occasionally I'd take another breath, but doing so also cause my CO2 levels to go higher & higher until I'd feel like I was convulsing awake! But this was happening every hour throughout the night, the feeling of convulsions was really the severe throbbing convulsive orgasms of my womb that too high CO2 causes too occur to wake me up; then I wake up, cough, cough, cough, cough, before taking one breath in & going back to sleep again! This is what had been happening every hour, they tried me on a sleep apnea machine but every time the machine felt I needed more oxygen as soon as the pressure rose up to 6-7; I was told something then occurs in my body that would make me wake back up, & I'd wake up feeling nauseous about to throw up! So I found out that it was the switching over of my Mitochondria energy Metabolism to glycolysis that caused its occurance; & by waking up & taking my d-Ribose, Magnesium powder, Calcium powder several times throughout the night to make my ATP's, I'm sleeping wonderfully well once again!!!

    If anyone needs information about my case, my phone number may be given them; or my email address because right now, I give permission to give it to anyone who wants to ask interested questions or form a support group for patients with Mitochondria Malfunctioning!



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