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    (Forwarded from Co-Cure)

    Many of you have been fortunate enough to view the XMRV lecture* by Nancy
    Klimas, M.D., which was videotaped and edited by Dan Moricoli of CFS
    Knowledge Center, and some of you have inquired about how to donate
    directly to Dr. Klimas to support her research. Donations in any amount
    are always welcome! All donations are tax deductible and can be made
    online with a credit card or by check to the address listed below.

    1. For online gifts by credit card:
    Go to the link at . In the Gift Designation
    section of the online form, in the "Other" designation box, type in
    "*Morton Fund for CFS Research*". Complete the rest of the form as

    2. For gifts by check:
    Make your check payable to the University of Miami Miller School of
    Medicine, _AND_ include in the memo section of your check "*Morton Fund
    for CFS Research*". Mail to the following address:

    University of Miami
    Office of Medical Development
    Attn: Elizabeth Goldberg
    1500 NW 12 Avenue, JMT Suite 1020E
    Miami, FL 33136

    3. If further information is needed, contact Elizabeth Goldberg at
    305-243-3492 or email to

    Pat Sonnett
    Miami CFIDS Support & Advocacy Group
    * The video can be seen at:

    ** Apologies about all the messages about money at the same time.
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    Thanks for keeping us posted on the donation information, also the links to talks on XMRV. We all get appeals from multiple charities at the end of the year...but we really have to make sure that this year, and next year, CFS research gets our priority.

    When I got to the later part of the Klimas lecture, she explained how long it takes to get research going with government funding - over a year just to start the project, assuming you get your application funded - and we all know how hard it's been to get funding for CFS research. XMRV may be the best chance of getting more serious research money into CFS from the government, but that will take a while. Not to mention, that we don't want to rely on whatever the U.S. CDC comes up with.

    My resolutions for 2010 will be to do something every month for CFS research. It may be pocket money, birthday gifts, etc. on the money side, but also writing to government, to try to get dedicated funding.

    It would be great if there were a CFS "calendar" we could all use to keep us focused....Idea for another day.

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    Thanks for posting this!

    By the way, it would be really cool if all of the doctors whom I have seen in the last 12 years pitched in since I am unable to. This film should be mandatory for all doctors to see, from all divisions of practice.

    Fight4acure! :)
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    ditto to what I said on your "Discussion on XMRV" by
    Lucinda Bateman (of the Univ. of Utah).

    Starting the first of Jan., I'm setting up regular donations
    to the WPI, OFFER at Univ. of Utah, and the Morton
    Fund (Dr. Nancy Klimas) in Miami. Even if it's $10 each,
    that's $360 a year until the FDA approves an XMRV test
    for patients diagnosed with CFS, FM, Autism, Atypical MS,
    etc., as the WPI studies show is needed.

    Thanks again for the reminder posts!
    p.s... maybe you could post a "DONATIONS Addresses" Post?

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    Brilliant skeptik2.
    That'd be great.

    As I mentioned in the other thread, we've found encouraging people to give monthly is the way to go. It's quite easy with bank accounts, etc, over here - you just fill in a form called a "standing order" with the details of the bank account it is to be transferred to and the amount and the frequency. This shouldn't be confused with a direct debit where a company/whatever can vary the amount you are debitted. With a standing order, the person paying is in charge.

    We are raising reasonable sums this way from a relatively small group of patients and also family members who they have persuaded to give.

    Might do as you say and start a donations thread but if somebody else has done it when I come back later, I won't be sorry.
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