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    A friend on the thyroid board I'm a member of posted this type question the other day, we take so many supps, I do and have, but which ones have made a "significant" difference in our health....

    By far for ME...

    1. Grape Seed Extract, coming up on 18 yrs on it....NEVER had the brain fog stuff....NEVER, always
    have looked for it, but never have found any fog....

    2.. Vit D3 absolutely, in 2006 had a mild depression and found how deficient I was and got on D3
    and in a few months depression was GONE....never to return...

    3. Armour, not a supp, but it's been my salvation also...

    4. Antabloc now on it 2+ months and getting rid of so much pain from a long battle I've been having
    with OA, FM and complications from hip's inflammation bottom line....this supp reduces and
    modulates inflammation....

    5. Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, DGL and Milk Thistle (liver labs are always good)

    I take MORE, but these are my major lifechanging supps......jam

    Add yours....
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  2. IanH

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    4 with FM (no MECFS or other major pathology):

    Magnesium (400-600mg), Methyl-Folate, Ribose (2-4gm), B12 (1-2mg), Curcumin (50-200mg), EPA (1-2gm), CoQ10 (200-400mg), Creatine (2-3gm) (often with Taurine 500-1500mg).

    7 with ME/CFS:

    B12 (1-2mg), B6 (50-150mg), CoQ10 (200-400mg), Methyl-Folate (or MTHF), Magnesium (400-600mg), Vitamin P (10-50mcg), Acetyl-Carnitine (200mg-400mg), NAC (200-400mg) or Glutathione-sub (100mg) (this is very recent for all). A few take alpha-lipoic acid, Creatine, Theanine, EPA/DHA. All take vitamin D (2000-10,000IU)

    There are others who take similar supplements but are also on Duloxetine as well. Other minor additions are: vitamin C, vitamin E,
    iodine, potassium, some herbals, vitamin D cofactors=vitamin K, molybdenum and zinc.

    MCS - a whole other ball-game with so many differences due to reactions.

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  3. LadyCarol

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    Many people with ME/CFS would not be able to tolerate the doses you suggest Ian. In fact many would become significantly worse as a result.

    A supplement that works - Cranberry Extract (5,000 to 10,000 mg) twice a day, one with breakfast and one with early evening meal. It works wonders for many with bladder issues, male and female.[This Message was Edited on 03/23/2013]
  4. IanH

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    These are the typical range of dose we use. While there are sometimes reactions to the items and lower doses are then tried, generally these doses are well tolerated and mostly seem effective.

    These doses are also the typical doses used by Dr. Myhill in the UK.

    On what do base your statement that they would become worse?
  5. mbofov

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    I take everything Ian recommends for ME/CFS except for vitamin P, with no problems. I take a smaller dose of B6 (in the form of P-5-P) as more gave me insomnia. I also take d-ribose. Lecithin too, very important for brain health.

    I've recently discovered glycine, which is helping with sleep. I also take melatonin and l-theanine for sleep.

    I do start new supps one at a time to see how I will react. My energy has improved markedly, especially since starting the methylfolate and potassium, although I still crash.

    Other things that have helped are adrenal glandulars for my adrenals (I think I would have been bedridden without these) and thyroid med in the form of Armour thyroid or westhroid.

    Good thread Jam! And thanks for your excellent input, Ian -

  6. jaminhealth

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    who is 71 today, he's in FL for the winter and back to MA to do his golf work soon....

    He sounded better than ever, more energetic and said he has had no colds....he's been taking grape seed ex now for about 4 months.....granted no health issues like those here, but he has more energy overall.
  7. mbofov

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    You're absolutely right about cranberry extract, I take that also --

  8. IanH

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    Mary, how long have you been taking the glycine and what form is it and what dose. I like the idea of the combination of glycine, melatonin and theanine.
  9. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I take 2,000 mg. about 2 hours before I go to sleep. I have both capsule form (1,000 mg. caps from Now Foods) and also just bought some in bulk, it's cheaper, and have been taking 2 scoops of that, 1,000 mg. each scoop. It dissolves very easily in water, is slightly sweet. The bulk form is called Swanson brand AjiPure Glycine (pharmaceutical grade)

    I always wake up in the middle of the night and take more glycine then, 1,000 or 2,000 mg., depending, and more l-theanine too.

    I do like the glycine, have only been taking it for a month or so. The very first time I used gelatin for sleep (which is high in glycine), I had a very strong detox reaction, and was afraid to take it again. I then read that glycine is useful for detoxing. But something has shifted in my body and I'm now able to tolerate it just fine, as well as several other things that I used to react very strongly too and no longer do.

  10. Saoirse3

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    Grape seed extract

    Pain RX

    Immune RX

    Liver RX


    Whole Foods Alive! 55+


    I also have to take Lantus and 75mg of Lyrica for neuropathy (will NEVER go up on that). I have yet to find a pain med that I was not allergic to or spaced me out, I have tried them all, they just don't work for me. And yes, I take 10mg Ambien. It's the only thing that lets me sleep. I've tried natural everything and nothing else works. It's my combo and I'm sticking to it!

    Soft hugs,
  11. IanH

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    My post had the vitamin P (PQQ) wrong it should have read 10mcg-50mcg. However it is safe to take in any dose.

    Where there is a clear mitochondrial dysfunction in ME/CFS vitamin P ensures maximum mitochondrial (bio-genesis) ie. re-generation and multiplication, particularly in neurons which can have many mitochondria because of their high energy needs/production. Vitamin P also plays a role in faulty mitochondrial destruction which is also important for energetics. Cells which keep on using damaged mitochondria are a problem in many diseases. In theory, having plenty of PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) available ensures optimal mitochondrial biogenesis and health.

    PQQ is also important in DNA synthesis and epigenetics.

    Key Food sources are:

    Fermented Soybeans (Natto) (51 ng/gm)
    Green Pepper
    Green Tea
    Kiwi Fruit

    other good sources:

    note: the term vitamin P has been used in the past for all sorts of nutrient mixes, eg the bioflavonoids. More recently it is reserved for PQQ which is a true vitamin. (however a debate is still continuing whether gut bacteria may make some PQQ for us, even if they do, the amount in our blood can be accounted for from dietary intake).
  12. deepak

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    What is the RDA for b6 do you know ? and is it ok to have B6 above the RDA

  13. IanH

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    An interesting question.
    Officially 1.5 to 2 mg
    The official maximum is 100mg.
    Big difference eh!

    Well many studies have used B6 medicinally with doses upto 600mg for PMS.

    Generally a dose between 50mg and 100mg is common.

    There are no reliable studies showing that these doses are harmful but some sources such as WebMD do not recommend these doses long term.
  14. ameilie73

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    Does anyone know if vitamin B6 aggravates inflammation?
  15. mbofov

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    I realized there is no major one thing that helped. I had so many things which needed support. Some more things which were very helpful to me:

    hydrochloric acid with meals - before I discovered I was low in HCL, my digestion was all screwed up - low HCL hurt my gallbladder, liver, everything, plus was not absorbing food or supplements properly, so this was crucial for everything else to work. Many people with CFS are low in HCL. Also, low HCL can cause symptoms of acid reflux so people are given proton pump inhibitors or antacids, which only exacerbate the problem, when the real problem is low stomach acid.

    5-htp - helped a lot with sleep, raises serotonin naturally without nasty side effects of the prescription AD's

    Amelie73 - I don't think B6 aggravates inflammation. It did increase my energy. The best B6 is in the form of P-5-P.

    Okay - that's all for now!